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  1. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    Thigh highs over pantyhose is a really great look! Have you ever worn two pair of pantyhose?
  2. What do you like to wear in a session?

    I'm just curious how many providers like to wear stockings and garters, thigh high's or pantyhose in a session?
  3. Late Night or Early Morning?

    I like early in the morning, best time to have some LOL
  4. I'm in Vegas for a couple of days looking for a provider who likes wearing hosiery if this you please reply back to me. Thanks
  5. Whats your fetish?

    My fetish is pantyhose sex
  6. Pantyhose

    Hello, I will be come to Vegas soon and I am looking for a provider who like to wear hosiery? If this is you please contact me because I would love to see you. Thank you WF
  7. Looking for a provider who likes hosiery"s

    Looking for a providers who likes hosiery"s?