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  1. Best BBBJ?

    Is this Bass Lake?
  2. Independent Asian providers

    Dont rule out the agencies, I had good luck with the kumi agency, they are well reviewed as is hobbyshoplv. As far as anal, ymmv but you will be paying a premium for it. Asian Alice is the best bargain in Vegas for independent providers. I am not a fan of boob jobs so her large naturals are quite incredible on that slender little frame of hers. You have to check out TER (review site). You'll find all the inf you need on there.
  3. midget/dwarf koorean

    She wasn't in town when I went a few weeks ago. So I did the next best thing. Although I should probably say better thing. I saw Layla Sweet. Not a midget but a perfectly proportioned very petite at 4'9" beautiful philipino woman. Quite hot, indeed. She was not cheap and plays very safely which you kind of have to respect.
  4. sexyse7en

    [snip] Don't wear her out before the Assmaster has a go at that. Just another couple of months. She does look nice.
  5. Hello vegas

    Do you mean besides gambling, drinking, shows, and fine dining? Some like to go to the nightclubs for dancing and eye candy. I could spend days walking around in the desert at Red Rock. Quite a nice park. Do you know they have Wild Asses running around out there? I've yet to see one but have heard them out there. Take lots of water especially from May to October.
  6. midget/dwarf koorean

    Rani, you're probably right. I have to start looking at these ads under the light of sobriety. 6 of 20 versus 9 of 30. Let me get the calculator. Hmmm, it looks like my odds are about the same. Still, how many hot asian midgets are out there? I guess you you can treat your customers anyway you like when you have a monopoly. Despite that, I have to say I still like my odds considering that I am the assmaster. I could probably even forego the gfe for this one and then follow up with a gfe to have someone pretend that they like me and are my girlfriend. Assmaster out. Oh, and thanks Mzoom, I think.
  7. I am not so sure. Asian people naturally have eyes like that. The pics look real, obviously not photo shop stuff. Mzoom if you try it let me know. She looks like she could be my asian mommy and I've been really bad.
  8. Manscaping?

    I go for the back and ass crack waxing. Not so sure I want the manscaping to look like Justin Bieber. Anyway, I am not sure where fort Collins is but I am refering to Vegas, off of West Flamingo. Waxing, naughty massage, and release. Pain followed by pleasure. It's everything it's cracked up to be. Assmaster out.
  9. midget/dwarf koorean

    Suffice it to say the little lady gets around a lot. If she's in Vegas a few months from now and I can contact her, I'm in. If so, I'll report back good or bad. Only 6 of 20 reviews were bad on red book. I have to say I like those odds, especially considering I am the Assmaster and the asian chicks dig me. On a separate note, to the dudes who have pm'd for info on here and some other forums: You ask me for advice, I give and give and without so much as even a "Thanks Assmaster for taking the time to reply to me." I think more than half of the people who've pm'd me for info over the years never respond back with so much as a thanks. Unless you are a respected senior member don't PM because you'll get no reply. Assmaster out!
  10. Manscaping?

    Savinelli I sent you a pm. The Assmaster
  11. midget/dwarf koorean

    Well I am happy to say that I have contacted her and she sounded very cordial. But what can I say but the Asian chicks dig me. I assumed she was located in Vegas but unfortunately that is not the case. It looks as if she is based out of Denver (why post her on the Vegas forum)???? She is better at replying via phone/texting then email. If I am able to connect with this little hottie in the futrue, I will be sure to post a review because I am sure I will be one out of the 66.7% or so that has a good experience. Because I am the Assmaster!
  12. Manscaping?

    try Nicole. Look for her on backpage or crais list under Services search fo waxing and I think you will find what you are lloking for. she is very reasonable and personable. If you need more help Pm me. She was my first stop in Vegas. Very cool chick. Assmaster
  13. midget/dwarf koorean

    Wow this may be right down my alley. I love the asian women , always had a fetish for a hot midget (not that there's too many of them), and sometimes in the mood for a real crazy biotch. It's funny there is quite a few reviews of her on Redbook. About 1 in 3 are similiar to the Denver review posted on here. If she's still in Vegas when I visit next, I think I'll roll the dice and take my chances that I get lucky and meet with her on one of her friendly days. Possibly she needs a mood stabilzer or something. Assmaster
  14. Kumi runs the agency. Of course that is not her real name. She will provide if you are a trusted regular. From what I've been told, she's an excellent provider but looks and body are about average. She can rock your world and does doubles with her workers (talk about sexual harrassment in the workplace!). This agency uses at least two different phone numbers and two different add types. Google their phone number and you will see that they have their own website. Take good care of Rene she's good peeps.
  15. Natural. All day, every day because I am the Assmaster. I'll take mine over easy. As a matter of fact fake boobs are a deal breaker for me.