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  1. Thats rights its back with a new look.
  2. Don't waste your time, she is a lame lay.
  3. Same can I get that lost as well
  4. is mojo down ?

    Sweet. Who should I bang first?
  5. sexyse7en

    maybe next week i'll hit her up
  6. just posted a review for you're welcome
  7. any info on monica mojo....

    finally had time to do a review it should be up in a few days
  8. Any feedback on Miyah?

    You know if you check the reviews you will come up with answers to you questions.
  9. Charlotte on Mojo

    LMAO at the marshmellow body, that's a good one
  10. any info on Marie...mojo

    she dont like black men so i cant see her.....
  11. any info on monica mojo....

    proceed. yes. yes but not much. not a problem, still havent did the review ive been busy with things
  12. any info on monica mojo....

    Boom TOFTT I'll do a review later. And that is heron the pics. Your welcome fellas.
  13. fake pics. some black chick on mlk i was told
  14. Audrina

    She is kind of lame, she just lays there. I wouldn't recommend at all.