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  1. Where did Teal Tecata go?

    You wont find angela at the gym...
  2. What was your inspiration to start this hobby?

    A friend of mine confided in me that she escorted. I didnt even know this culture exsisted. I debated it for a year or so. Was afraid I would turn into some sort of sex addict. Curiosity finally got to me. Never married, nor long relationships. Just a hobby in its purest sense.
  3. hair removal

    Just an fyi and don't know if its been covered. I've always wanted to try nair on my junk. So I read some horror stories then came across their "sensitive bikini" cream. It works. Had to do it twice, but no pain and completely hairless. Also used it on my ear and nose hair. Only con is that it comes in a much smaller bottle then their other lines. P.s. why do the escorts in tonights girlfriends allow no condom usage. I know its porn, but still, it kind of creeps me out and sends a wrong message. Happy hobbying with hairless junk.
  4. Two Irish Jokes

    An irish guy always orders two beers at a time to imitate drinking a beer with his brother out at see. One day he starts to order just one berate a time. So the bar tender asks if everythingbis alright and if his brother is fine. He replies "my brother is fine, I simply gave ip drinking for lent"...
  5. $50,000

    Ouch.. .. Odd with your head, dance till you're dead.
  6. $50,000

    What they would do for $300? I doubt much would do anything different.
  7. what do you guys wear to a session

    A condom...
  8. whew - looks like we dodged a bullet here

    One right click and guys are screwed
  9. Ass play

    Search dato on tob reviews. I've never asked and never have been told to stop. I always start every session by asking about rules/likes/don'ts. Pretty much I get three answers. 1. No 2. No kissing 3. No greek Pending the response and the mood I love me some dato. Search the reviews.
  10. Vanessa Ray 411

    Cant wait for reviews. She looks tgtbt.
  11. Got Fake Money! :/

    I was in the Ukraine exchanging 100's and one happened to be a fake. I nearly got the police called. Luckily I was at a hotel and the lady realized it was honest as I had about a grand to exchange and not one. She kept it. She did call over some staff and it was an ordeal. It was an honest mistake. People get fake coin more then we know. Holla
  12. Genital Piercings

    It depends how hot the person is. A flat stomached tan girl with a nice set of bolt ons and a belly piercing with a matching genital piercing is hot. My favorite is one nipple pierced. Some average or hefty girls with the genital piercing is a tad novelty and I find it gross.. One of the hottest females I've been with had her belly, 1 tit and vajajay done. Didn't hurt she had some nice bolt ons and bearly spoke english. I was in Ukraine. Odessa, her stage name was niaomi...
  13. Best of 2012

    Pirate's falling for a provider essays... Poor guy.