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  1. Cause every good drama has one
  2. New Game of the Week

    Donald Hump
  3. This week's game

    Carla Gugino
  4. What about: I'll be back soon fresh and clean never ending comment about the reviewers sexual prowess...(seriously?) Dear Penthouse....(oh wait) And don't forget..I never thought it would happen to me but..
  5. Why don't providers work out?

    It's hard enough for some to pick up the phone and you want a work out too? You might be out of touch😂
  6. There was one entity caught self reviewing that I frequented for 3-4 years. Still rank as a quality operation in my memory. With this in mind please remember we all do silly things and what we do on balance is the important thing. Being caught self reviewing is a snapshot in time. As for the how do they determine self reviewing I'll bet it has to do with 1) serious hacker stuff 2) same email for more than account 3) mac addresses 4) IP address
  7. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    Agreed! Brave woman.
  8. Advice on visiting DC are

    Tyson corner is good. Prefer Du pont circle. Cost of business is higher in du pont circle. View is better too
  9. Going rate quattro large +

    I've started to leverage the block function in p411. If a provider is above my limit I block/exclude them. It has the advantage of showing only those who are reasonably attainable. Only wish there was a preference that would auto sort so I didn't have to cycle trough their ads. A few A listers have gotten a pass for one or more reasons 😀 Seems better than the the search function as some providers have a discount.
  10. What to do in Boulder?

    Anyone in have suggestions about fun things to do in Boulder tonight? PM me with suggestions cheers
  11. I think I can say this ...

    Definition of multiple. : consisting of, including, or involving more than one
  12. Boy Girl Boy

    I can think of a lady I'd like see put through her paces😀
  13. any Swallowers?

    Wow you got responses in tune with your original post. Don't back down now! I for one want you to dig so I can watch what happens😀
  14. GREEK: GFE or PSE? you drive one of those silly cars with big tires and a lift kit too😂
  15. NCNS in denver

    So 1 hour drive, 1 hour wasted in South Denver and 1 hour drive back. Seems like a 10 min review is in order. As for seeing her again/for the first time. Is there any president for getting the blow off but still following her around like a lost puppy? Do the needful thing