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  1. Deciding to walk.

    Sorry this has happened. It can difficult to finds a good match. I recently encountered a well known provider that is using very misleading pictures. At BP price point you can expect suspect ads. P411 is supposed to be reliable but recent experience does not bear that out. Taking a walk is the best bet. Is that the phase to include in reviews so we can all benefit from the rash of misleading ads?
  2. dream house co

    Looks like a former crack house without the charm. Don’t be fooled by the web presence.
  3. From the hoses mouth

    So sorry you have to go through this. Having been involved in a similar situation a doctor you trust is important. Advanced technology can help but a skilled surgeon is essential.
  4. Never left a bad review

    Sorry this happened Just because it can be the nature of the business you don’t have to accept it. Remember the scorpion dies when it stings the frog as they travel across the water. Consider an honest review.
  5. RIP: August Ames

    A beautiful person is no longer able to contribute to our world. Sad and pointless pain. Rest In Peace
  6. "Embellishing" Providers?

    I’m sure there are a lot of opinions about how to avoid your miss adventures. Simple fact is you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find a princess😀 a few things to note 1)people will often post a lower age. If they have a long review history you might be able to spot this 2)poses in the pictures can say a lot. Laying down on her back with a corset is a red flag for me. Also the picture that takes you a few moments to figure out what the hell going on is also suspect 3)Research, research, research. Yeah it is a pain but less than the pain you described. When you find someone who checks all your boxes you’ll be happy for the research I’ve declined more than one instance of questionable advertising. Never go into the why. Always leave something to account for their time. Never be a jerk.
  7. Outcall Fails

    Both options have their own challenges. Have you considered a hybrid solution? E.g. if/when you find someone you connect with maybe ask them over but until then keep to the incall. If I remember correctly you’re up north making incall more problematic. You’ve demonstrated creativity but maybe for the wrong application. Apply that to how you can meet providers initial expectations. After you’re both more comfortable maybe creative arrangements will be more pailiable?
  8. Second chance?

    1) Move on to another provider 2) Shit happens maybe leave your feelings out of it? 3) Sounds like you're getting way to in your head about this. Maybe it's not for you?
  9. I agreed to pick her up

    This is a $hitshow from start to end. It was destined to end in wasted time and annoyance for everyone. Here's why 1) plan was constantly changing. Creating uncertainty and anxiety for everyone 2) undisclosed expectations. If you are not clear from the beginning don't be surprised when things don't turn out the way you expected 3) picking her up? Such a bad idea especially given the description. Your spider sense should have gone off. You must be willing to walk away. Instead you did everything you could to keep moving towards failure.
  10. Traveling the world, where to next?

    Singapore but don't get sideways with local laws..they are very liberal but don't tolerate rule breakers. For example they have posting all over the airport that they execute drug traffickers.
  11. Should I leave a bad review?

    I'll let readers determine where honest reviews are suggested as not ideal as well as where specific parmeters are dictated. It's a short post and shouldn't be difficult 😀 As for the information and disinformation on statistics above disproportionate means out of balance and was chosen because a statistical analysis is not easily performed given the dataset. Just put down the slide ruler and step away.
  12. Should I leave a bad review?

    Perfect example of why a disproportionate number of reviews are positive. Now there are established members telling new people not to post honest reviews. if you met a provider that warrants a negative review why would you not post it? Additionally, why are established members telling not to?
  13. New Bootsy Collins

    Hey all you all Bootsy Collins has a new release. He'll also dispense some tips for achieving your funk potential 😀 Happy Halloween you all
  14. Cause every good drama has one
  15. New Game of the Week

    Donald Hump