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  1. Hey everyone! I've been gone for awhile. Life! Just dropping in to say Hello!
  2. Where the Mojo girls are

    I also advertise there from time to time!
  3. Ashley. Any feedback?

    Here's a link that was posted about her early this morning. Proceed with Caution.
  4. 411 - mikayla

    And as I said I don't have to give you a list, to satisfy you. If you wanted to prove me wring then search all the ads YOURSELF! You still keep proving how foolish you are and how you truly like the way your foot tastes in your mouth! You also don't comprehend very well either. Because I told you that you could kindly inbox me any of your rebuttals. Btw, for Mojo to be so awful it seems to keep getting your attention. If you don't like what goes on with some of the questionable ads there, why don't you make suggestions to them to make changes. Getting on here bashing another site that you think is crappy does not effect change. Closed mouths don't get fed. If you want all the bad to disappear or the site to stop allowing things you don't like complain to them! Oh I forgot that's to hard, its easier to whine and complain here where nothing can be done about it! Smh
  5. 411 - mikayla

    I'm not an owner, and I've been in the biz long enough to know a ^snip^ when I hear and see one. I can accept anything that's thrown my way, but sounds like you can't because your so full of yourself that you can't accept when your wrong. I took offense because of your statement where you basically called girls that posted on Mojo worthless, and yes I was offended and I came at you head on. I don't have to list dozens of girls who are up to your standards to prove my point. I can agree to disagree, but when you keep asking for proof and when its supplied you don't want to accept it that's you. I don't disrespect people, but if I feel disrespected or someone calls me a dumbass I will give you what you try and dish out to me. Oh and btw, if I received a bad review I wouldn't cry, moan or justify, if it was a legitimate bad review where I provided bad service and not a review by a guy who's mad that I wouldn't do something he wanted and I'm not comfortable with, then I would take the criticism and improve on it. Why? Because I'm a woman, who can take whatever someone dishes out. If I'm wrong I can admit that and I also believe in treating others how I want to be treated, and since I like to be treated well that's why I do it. I'm an optimist but I'm no ones pushover. I am the sweetest person you will ever meet, but if you cross me or try and hurt me I can be your worst nightmare. So I hope we have concluded this dispute and I hope your learned a lesson in not making assumptions. Because you have only made an ^snip^ out of yourself not me. There is enough negativity and disdain in the World, if this forum is supposed to be about Intel and having the best sensual fun we can have let's do more of that and less throwing daggers and distasteful comments around. Give your opinions, but keep the bad mouthing to yourself. No need to reply, if you feel you need to inbox it to me so this subject can DIE once and for all. Thanks
  6. That ended Aug. 20th, but I do agree about being careful. That's something we should always do no matter what.
  7. 411 - mikayla

    You just don't give up and admit when your wrong. The point wasn't to state how many highly or well-reviewed providers are there, but to prove that your derogatory statement about ladies posting there are worthless is not TRUE. There are good, excellent and even horrible providers who advertise on P411, TER, BP, Mojo and Tnaboard and the list goes on, but for you to talk down on sites or ladies, because you can't find whatever you are looking for is just flat out Ignorant and disrespectful. So although you haven't changed my point of view about you, (which I highly doubt you care, and I can careless either), you have stayed true to your pessimistic views. You don't know how much business anyone gets from any sites they use, but staying true to yourself you ASSume and we all know what happens when people make ASSumptions.
  8. 411 - mikayla

    Probably because your negative and demeaning and isn't fact based. "The girls who post on Mojo are worthless". That was your comment and its was offensive. It's more based on your own biased opinions, and I didn't attack you I just let you know that you should think before you speak and if you choose to make so-called fact based statements, don't use the example of a trade or barter situation for drugs to prove your point. I mean really?? Why use that debauchery as an example to try and prove your point. I considered your statement to be a slap in the face to many good providers and to guys who use it. Many guys here use Mojo and obviously do their research before they select a lady to spend time with, so I found your comments to be negative towards them as well as the providers. Like I said before there is good and bad everywhere, but if you do your research you don't have to experience the bad as much! Btw, I apologize for hijacking the thread, but I just couldn't let the negativity ride. I graciously apologize and it won't happen again.
  9. 411 - mikayla

    Here you go, Avs since you don't like to do your own research I did it for you and proved my point that there are highly reviewed ladies who post on Mojo! Angella Masters posted again today!
  10. 411 - mikayla

    Do your own homework, no one is here to do it for you, and who inquires about barter or trade. Really??? Who does that and you got the scary response that anyone should expect from that. Katrina Kovell, Mya Love, Iry, Savannah Cyn, Kelly Dymon(when she was here) and even Rani has posted an ad on Mojo, now do they delete their ads after a certain amount of time I don't know, but have I seen an ad by these ladies I have, just because you don't take the time to go through the ads doesn't mean its not true. But if all you want is a girl who looks young enough to be your granddaughter or wants to barter or trade for services then you get just what you expect. There are ladies like myself who post there have great reviews, am not pimped on, drugged out, ghetto or in a ghetto area and there are others but if you look for nothing but bad, that's what your bound to come up with, but if you DO YOUR RESEARCH, then maybe just maybe you will find what your looking for. END OF STORY!!! Learn how to choose your words wisely as not to offend or belittle others. That is a very disgusting trait. Avs
  11. 411 - mikayla

    Just like I said, you can have your likes or dislikes and that's fine. But I will not apologize for my statement about you because its true. I would never want to see you, so there is no need for me to give you my Incall location. You are very insulting. I advertise in the places you hold in disregard, and that is why I am offended by your statement. For the record, I don't and won't ask or beg for reviews. I used to specifically tell the gentlemen I see not to review me, or else I'm pretty sure I would have pages and pages of reviews. Personally I could careless, but I do care about the gentlemen who visit with me and seeing as I still have the same regulars that I have since I started doing this, I would say that's great and I add new ones weekly. I am a great provider and I am an even better individual, Materialistic bullshit doesn't float my boat, but to each his own. I have and will always treat everyone with respect, so just because I post on Mojo or BP among the tons of other places where I advertise does not make me low class and I am the real deal and worth anyone's time and money. Your not blunt you just like the way your foot tastes in your mouth. There have been many well reviewed ladies who have advertised on Mojo, I don't need to go down a list for you to approve or disapprove. Some ladies leave their ads up and some remove them after a certain timeframe. But my earlier comments still stand about you and I now have even a worse view of you. Conversation over!
  12. 411 - mikayla

    I didn't say that his comments here were demeaning, but some comments that avs has made have been.2nd of all, a lot of times guys don't always have a review history and might have just enjoyed himself that much that he decided to share his wonderful experience, that doesn't mean that a guy who reviewed a lady's review is any less creditable than a guy who reviews all the time. I won't say that there aren't fake reviews, there are from ladies coercing guys into writing reviews to self reviews to Manager reviews. but just because you don't have pages and pages of reviews doesn't make you not well reviewed, 7 or more reviews should suffice. 3rd of all if you do your own research you will see that a few well reviewed providers that seem to be up to your standards do post occasionally on mojo. Such ad Angela Masters and Dariel Dukes, just to name a few. But if you don't do your OWN homework you would never know. I'm not telling anyone to go to unsafe areas for Incall, thats not what I'm saying at all, but I for one will say I like to be as safe as you gentlemen, and if I thought my Incall wasn't safe for myself and my clients I wouldn't do it there. I see guys with very nice cars, from custom Benz's to Range Rovers and they have never complained or felt unsafe or uncomfortable. I myself have a very nice vehicle but since I have a good alarm, I'm not to worried about it. If something is going to happen it can happen anywhere from the nicest neighborhoods to the raunchiest so what does that have to do with anything. Just as I stated before and I will say it again, if you "DO YOUR RESEARCH", you never know what you'll find whether on BP or MOJO. I am a woman and I can apologize when I'm wrong, but I'm not convinced that I am, as of yet. I just feel when someone states opinions as facts, they should have concrete evidence to support them, not just personal feelings. Oh and btw, those well-reviewed ladies you speak of started off with no reviews and advertised on CL (when it was around), BP and other sites. So just because someone doesn't charge high rates or uses Mojo or BP for advertising doesn't make them low class, a scammer or a ROB, and just because some of us can't always rent a room at a High end hotel or provide Incall in an upscale neighborhood doesn't mean any of that either. Everyone has to start somewhere, and some of us have other responsibilities that dictate where our money would be better spent.
  13. 411 - mikayla

    I agree this is an open forum and everyone might not agree, and as I stated before if I misjudged avs, I would gladly apologize. But I do feel that most of his comments that I have read are not blunt and knowledgeable, but more negative and somewhat demeaning. I am a straight to the point person myself and very outspoken but I don't make backhanded comments and I try to respect everyone's point of view, not just my own. It's called being open-minded.
  14. 411 - mikayla

    Why do you always come across so negative? If you have 7 or more excellent reviews on more than just TER, then I would say your well reviewed, especially If you are consistent in providing great service. Don't forget that every guy who sees a provider doesn't always leave a review, and every provider that sees a guy doesn't request or instruct them to leave a review. I personally could care less if I get reviews. I enjoy what I Do and as long as the Gentlemen I see enjoy me that's all that really matters. I am perfect for some and not what others seek and I can accept that. But what disgusts me is people who think that they are better than others. No one is better than ANYONE, we all have our good points and bad, but your "My Sh*t don't stink" attitude, really ticks me off. Everytime I see you post, you come across as some guy who thinks he's a King looking down on the peasants. If I'm wrong prove it, and I will surely apologize. But as of yet I haven't seen it. Your always acting like your to good for this or that. You are entitled to feel anyway you want, but you are not entitled to look down your nose on others. Sometimes if you don't have anything good to say then don't say it. If someone is asking for intel and you have pertinent info to contribute then do so, but save your Holier Than Thou attitude for forums where its more appreciated.
  15. 411 - mikayla

    I'm a trusted and well reviewed provider and I advertise on mojo, as well as other places. It's just called "Do your HOMEWORK!!" You can find a decent provider if you do a little research. There are good and bad everywhere, if you don't take the time to research the girl who interests you, then you will have a not so pleasant time. But if you put some effort into what you seek, you will find it and that's with anything. There are a lot of reviewed and well reviewed providers that post on mojo and BP. But if all your worried about is how your Johnson reacts to the picture you view, then you aren't guaranteed to always get what you seek.
  16. Veronica

    She does doubles with a black girl named Lovely who advertises on Mojo. Both are pimped on by the same creepy guy, who constantly texts my phone. He's a real piece of trash. Doesn't take NO foe an answer very well. Lovely is reviewed on TER, none of her reviews appear to be bad, but it appears Veronica is new in town.
  17. Tall Jennifer on mojo

    What I took personal about your statements is how you somehow believe if you charge less than it makes you less of a person or not socially classy. I personally don't care if you what you think, but I do believe in people thinking before they speak, especially if they have no facts to support what they say so that it doesn't come across as an insult. I'm pretty sure that you are a nice person, and I do believe in freedom to say what you want, but I also believe in choosing my words wisely as not to offend those who you say your speaking up for. Just my thoughts, no hard feelings have a wonderful day.
  18. Tall Jennifer on mojo

    I am really pissed by some of the comments made here. 1st of all, it doesn't cost that much to provide ambience to your clients despite what some people think. I do so and I'm still able to charge a fair and decent price, so those who feel you need to be charging $300 and up do provide that type of experience are sadly mistaken. 2nd of all I wouldn't provide Incall anywhere that isn't safe for me, because if I don't feel safe then anyone coming to visit me won't feel safe and safety is my TOP priority. 3rd of all I will keep charging whatever I feel comfortable with for My time and effort, and those who appreciate what I provide and how I provide and where I provide will reap the benefits and those who think that they are better than me or don't like what I charge, or where I choose to host can keep doing who they are doing, because I wouldn't want to see anyone who is close-minded in the 1st place. Oh and btw, I was taught etiquette as a child and I never forgot that, so just because all my prices stent astronomical I can and always do carry myself well and no one has to pay me $300 an hour for me to display good manners, thats just my personality. Sorry I was naive.
  19. Tall Jennifer on mojo

    Your statement is not true of all Gfe providers. I am not pimped, not ugly, not fat, provide safe and clean Incall and for Incall hour Gfe I don't charge $300 but I don't charge $100 or $125 for an hour either, and don't provide bad service and have great reviews and I'm not trashy or uncouth. So I find your statement to be quite close-minded. If you do your homework you will find there are quite a few diamonds in the rough. I'm not advocating try any and every girl under $300, but if you do a little research you never know what you will find. Just my opinion!
  20. Any info on Layla????

    She has tons of great reviews what more do you need to know. She's obviously legit and from her reviews seems like a ton of fun.
  21. FS Buffet?

    Agency B.S., those numbers are to a scam agency. Proceed at your own risk!
  22. Any intel on Mohogany

    She has one positive review on TER and one recent negative review. Google her number it should bring up a link to the review.
  23. providers and jail

    Nothing about what you described throws up any flags. 1st of all just because you get arrested does not mean you will all of a sudden turn into an informant, and you won't be watched either. Second of all stuff happens, she could have been working the casino and got busted by vice. There is no way to avoid arrest when you work outdoors verses on the internet, and since there is NO ENTRAPMENT LAWS here in Vegas, it could happen more than you think and not to just providers. Sounds like she cares about her reputation as a provider, because she thought enough to let you know why she didnt show up to your scheduled appointment and wants to make it up to you. The other stuff I wouldn't read to much in it. Sometimes life gets in the way of plans. But I disagree that you should be leery of her.
  24. do you have p411?

    Well said and so true. It has definitely made it that much easier to meet great guys.
  25. Intel on IVY?

    Hey fellas, you can clearly tell that both the review for Ivy and the review for Bella are self reviews. The handle is generic and right after Dude69 said it was his 1st time ever doing something like this, he just happens to go see another girl with almost the same number and gives her an almost identical review. Yeah right! Sounds like an agency giving self reviews or a pimp trying to help his girls get more clientele. Either way its not legit.