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  1. Au Naturale is the new Brazilian! Love this article:)

    Luv bald. Trimmed OK. Fur burger not so much....
  2. The bush is back! yaayy!!

    Normally I'm into natural and organic. But not this time. Trimmed, shaved or waxed is preferred!
  3. 411 Riley

    google the phone # and several threads from TER and TOB show up.
  4. 411 on Missy D

    She's legit but scheduling can be somewhat of a challenge because of her day job & school. She has two reviews on the Review board.
  5. Hi Guys Newbie TOB

    Welcome aboard Mea!
  6. +1 Boink. A chromer and a hot chick. Need to go lubricate my drag...
  7. Would you kill for me?

    Kill 'em all. Sort them out after they are dead. I have no pre conceived intentions. Bugs gone, I'm out, realizing this is a late post....
  8. Best PSE in Denver?

    Your question is difficult to answer accurately since the chemistry between two people and greatly influence the experience.
  9. ???

    I agree with Freewheel, but you should define some parameters, i.e. distance - State? Front Range? Denver? etc? And then give an idea of what you enjoy doing? Shopping, dinning, fishing, hiking, biking, shooting, arts, music, people watching, dancing, rafting, brewery tours, distillery tours, gardens, hang gliding, yoga, debauchery, dive bars, artifacts, history, sports, etc... Hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. +1 on the open table suggestion, that way you can also search by location. Several good Italian and Mexican spots around Denver, but Stuben's rocks it on the homestyle cookin'. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. Best utf/cock worship in your opinion

    For the specific activity you mentioned you could always search CIF, COF or Facial in the reviews. If you are a 411 member, 62 ladies have that box checked in Denver. Best of luck,
  12. Manscaping

    +1 Melissa!
  13. National Western Stock Show

    That's very hot! She can ride my pony anytime.
  14. 411 Michelle Chance

    There is a Michelle Chance on P411.... Her listing is massage only, not sure if it's the same lady?
  15. Aspen Affair

    I've noticed that a couple of the ladies are currently using EB and P411. There names have changed though.