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    An all natural redhead, sweet, spunky and I'm a bit of a nerd, but somehow got the social gene
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    In the best state I've lived in, in a little place called DTC
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    Writing, reading, camping and the occassional karoake night
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    Too many! But I refuse to let any of my positions go :)
  1. "Ava" has gots to go!

    So, I've realized I really don't like being called Ava. Lol. Keeping the Rayne. So, a few questions, when I do change it, can I keep my account info on eb, tob, 411, etc. and just do a half name change, and how do I go about changing it? Also, for those who think its fun to be creative, please shoot some dorky sexy readhead names my direction? . Scarlett and Pippi are a no go , much obliged!
  2. Question for the ladies.

    I simply would find a way to touch it, piss with it and get it touched for the entire 24 hours I had it. Obviously, catch a couple misdemeanors by showing it to anyone and everyone who would choose to look at my magic. Penis envy much?
  3. Best Provider for newbie

    Well, shucks, Thank you!
  4. Hello Boys and girls!

    Hey Jos! I know your ass reads the boards so I'm glad you joined Though, my suggestion, don't pipe in too much, DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA
  5. grand junction

    Thanks for the tips! So i70 and Herizon or Main st? Also, is Grand Junction more of a weekend town, or weekday? I know DTC where we usually play out of is a weekday kinda place, most of the weirdos pop out on weekends:) Not all of you.... before someone gets crazy on me, though I better say that! Also, is bp the best place to advertise for Grand Junction? Cause, a far as I know, no one on EB is a regular of GJ.
  6. grand junction

    We def will always stay away from Motel 6!
  7. grand junction

    Yes! I would love to know where on the Western Slope would be a good area to stay and good areas to avoid! Great Question Girl!
  8. Help with clearing out the computer...

    I will defitnetly fall back on this in a couple months when I need it again <3
  9. Help with clearing out the computer...

    Thanks for all the great advice. Turns out another provider friend saw this post and is a whiz with computers, awesome! So, she will physically help my illiterate ass! Thank you so much for gathering info for me <3
  10. Help with clearing out the computer...

    I was reading another post and it got me to thinking... I have a friend staying at my house in June when I leave town which means I need to clear out my computer of all pics, downloaded info, log in's past information that could possibly be saved. . .just in case. Now, since I am computer illiterate I am hoping someone will be able to explain step by step how to do a defrag or how to get all the info out on my computer and laptop! Much appreciated
  11. Specific provider request

    Joselyn smith and her gal pal
  12. For the ladies!!!

    Did any of youd guys get anything back? I need the info too, lol
  13. I have to ask...

    Lol, some of you are severely pessimistic. I love my very good reviews, shit I love any session that goes well, just along the same lines as Scorpio. Also, they dont say it, its something thats goes without saying . Thanks for the feedback, awesome .
  14. I have to ask...

    So, a few of my regulars call me thier atf, see em alot. Yet, when I see thier reviews of me its very good as opposed to fantastic.... Now, if I was your Atf wouldn't fantastic be more accurate? Is it that its to time consuming to write another review 6 months later? Or is it you find that someone is your atf greatness a couple visits in and you've already written a review? On a side note, not complaining or looking to be belittled by tob'ers, just curious. As your mom says, if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it ... You know, something like that
  15. Would you bang her?

    Lmao @ Banger. Well, hello Ted, my name is Ava.... QUOTE=Bit Banger;345765]Ladies, would you bang this guy? For those who have to guess, he's Ted Bundy.