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  1. Where are all the Las Vegas Men at?

    Hope you enjoy yourself in our city
  2. Google Phone

    Yep, all the time Just cant send or receive picture messages
  3. Chat's so quiet these days...

    Ah, silly me, never scrolled down that far
  4. Chat's so quiet these days...

    Chat? Am I missing something
  5. I see tag over on usa, I never worked out the review section login when we made the switch over here. I post in the forums here but review over on usa.
  6. Educate me please re directions

    Nikki has great points, I will do the 2 call system but even that gets me sometimes. If I am coming to you, then just give me the address. This is not a treasure hunt with blues clues
  7. Women's Butt Types

    Bumper, bubble, heart
  8. Bbbjcim

    All this talk about bbbj's is going to make me go to the bar and pick up a woman that wants to repeatedly head butt my crotch
  9. If you were a whore...

    With rich black athletes and rappers?
  10. man-scape

    My bad, I thought generating several different answers on a public question was what a discussion forum was for. Learn something new everyday....
  11. man-scape

    I agree partially That magic acronym YMMV is the answer to your question. If she prefers a groomed man, and that could be the difference between an average and great visit. Do you get a nice blow b4 the show, or just a sub standard visit
  12. Bbbjcim

    Wish I could get a bbbj right now! Sometimes I want to move closer to mid town. I hate driving 30 minutes for a bng and all the way back up here. Ladies move closer to the northwest
  13. man-scape

    Ladies is it preferred for you guests to be clean and smooth, a little fuzz or man bush. I used to shave everything neck down, but recently let my chest hair grow, keep in mind I only have about 30 individual chest hairs, but a regular said she liked it better than tje chocolate silk I used to keep. But I keep everywhere else clean looking like a Hershey bar glistening in the sun
  14. Sticking up for providers?

    I wrote a review on the old lvfever. It was an above average rating stating I would repeat. Well, someone posted a negative review a week or so later. The asp started a thread in the forum that was polite at first, disputing the negative report and using mine as a defense. She shortly turned rude pretty much crazy. If I "defended" her b4 her crazy started showing, I would have looked like an idiot. Bottom line. We are all adults and understand YMMV. A provider can give one guy great service, no clock watching, tickling your taint and blowing your mind. I can come the next day and get crap because of a multitude of reasons. She may not like guys over 6 feet tall, maybe it was my shoes, who knows. All I know is I will report my personal experience.
  15. Bbbjcim

    OK I just re-read this. I would like to clarify. I would daty when she would orgasm. So it was a cim for her. Not sucking my juice out of her. That is crossing my personal line.