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  1. Best BBBJ?

    I tried three times to write a review of Cassidy and it would not go through. I sent a PM to TOB however never received an answer.
  2. Best BBBJ?

    Katrina and Jenna Juggs are great however my favorite is Cassidy. Ex porn star and knows every trick in the book. I would not recommend Robyn as her health is sketchy.
  3. ASP hittin' you up for money

    At the risk of being called the biggest dummie in Vegas, I will provide my story. A couple years ago I started seeing a provider who I really fell for. And (might be hard to believe) she really liked me!! Was seeing her on a regular basis and got to know her very well. She told me her life story and her current trials and tribulations. To make a long story short, I GAVE her 2,500 so she could buy a car. She got a deal partly because she provided some services also. She PROMISED to pay me back through cash and services. Saw her a couple times after that however due to my job having me travel all over the states, I fell out of touch for about 6 months. Recently texted her to get together, I got a return test, "who is this"? After clearing that up she said just give her a call. I called, she would not answer. A life lesson learned the hard way.
  4. Trip to Vegas

    Search the Review Database for Nevada. There are many fine ladies there with Fantastic reviews.
  5. 411 on Anna

    Just an opinion. Looks to good to be true. Maybe (probably) an agency. You could take a chance and TOFTT
  6. Happy New Year Katrina. You are leaving Las Vegas? You have been a fixture here and have enjoyed our time together. Where are you going and will you be returning??
  7. Review of Shelly

    I suspected that the reviewer had the review removed. No Biggie. Thanks for the info from Robert387
  8. A few days ago I read a review of Shelly. Now I go back to get her contact information and the review is no longer there. She request a no review? Or someone have information for her? thx
  9. New .. Here in vegas :)

    Thanks for the infor Christina
  10. New .. Here in vegas :)

    Welcome Honey. Where may we find some pictures of you?
  11. Kelli Luv?

    She also has good reviews on RB. Look under Kelli_luv.
  12. I posted a review for Lisa last week however the lady you have referenced is not correct. I emailed you a couple days ago with the correct information.
  13. There are a few of us still here however I also wish more would participate and post. rick
  14. Eating Cum

    Been there done that. The first time during a hot fuck session she whispered to me that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. To a guy, those are magic words. So, after a bit more stroking, off with cover and she says " I want to kiss you when through". At this point she could have asked me to jump out the window and I would have been at the ledge. So after draining me she slides up for a wet kiss and, walla, everything came along with it. I was surprised at first however she would not let go and rolled over on her back and said to give it back to her to swallow. After that virgin session I have found a FEW ladies willing to indulge.
  15. Where is Allison??

    Thats very possible. I know Heidi was going into the "Acting" business so maybe she convinced Allison also.