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  1. 5 star companions

    Thanks for the information! Glad you have an eye for the borrowed pics.
  2. 5 star companions

    Does anyone have any experience with 5 Star companions. WWW.5STARCOMPANIONS.COM I seen the ads in Skip the games. Lots of models on the homepage.
  3. 411 on Chelzie Skyy on STG

    There was a big tattoo across her chest to the neck line that was not in the ad pictures. She said she just got the tattoo which could have been true but to me that was enough to cancel. There were too many things that gave me red flags. That's why I'm asking whether someone has met her?
  4. 411 on Chelzie Skyy on STG

    Has anyone met Chelzie Skyy on STG? She wanted a picture of me for verification, but I asked for hers first and she sent me a pic that did not match pics on her ad, so i cancelled. Just want to know if she is legit or not.
  5. Texted with this ad and wanted gift card as payment after I was leaving and on me way. She gave me an address which was not hers and said I needed to take a picture of the gift card before she can come to the door. I of course did not do that. I don't mind paying with gift card but I'm not stupid enough to give her the code before meeting her. Then she told me to fuck off. Wasted my time. Don't waste yours with her.
  6. Deposits

    That's good that you have the integrity to keep your appointments and to return money if you cannot make the appt. However, I think as people keep getting ripped off, that scam will continue. Seems like easy money without having to face anyone. I don't think too many clients will report this to the police if they are scammed. LOL.
  7. Deposits

    As I look at ads in STG and other non TOB sites, I notice a pattern of out of state area codes or TGTBT pictures usually want a deposit to meet. The pictures are usually borrowed. Does anyone really put a deposit down for these unknown providers?
  8. Any luck on KIK

    General 999-999-9999 Colorado Companion I'm just curious if anyone has met anyone on KIK. Just about every girl that responded wanted a deposit to meet. I don't do deposits.
  9. Skip the games site?

    I would suggest you do not prepay for any site. I've noticed the really good looking ads usually ask to prepay and usually do not have a local area code. TGTBT probably. Some may be legit but most of the ads that ask to prepay seem to be scams. Check the pictures or phone number on google. JMO
  10. Selina Rose

    Yes, she use to be in Colorado Springs. She was legit and a very nice provider. Looks like she has a p411 link.
  11. 411 on Abby

    Yes, it does but she does not take cash. So I passed.
  12. 411 on Abby

    Abby 720-617-7254 Colorado Companion Anyone attempted to see Abby, I've seen her ads for a while now. When I contacted her she said I have to use a cash app for the date. I declined for that reason, seems like a scam to me. I've notice now there are quite a few that ask to prepay for the date. Seems fake ads are more prevalent out there now. Has anyone used a cash app or paypal to pay for a date?
  13. Human Trafficking text

    It's my hobby number! I'm pretty careful with what I text about. The number it came from though is not listed. So I think it is some scare tactic maybe.
  14. Human Trafficking text

    Has anyone received an Human Trafficking text from COS PD? is this Legit?
  15. 411 on Baby Mew

    Baby Mew 719-373-4173 Colorado Companion Has anyone tried to meet Baby Mew? She replies to text but never follows through. I seen her pics as an instagram account, but not sure if she if for real. Her ads are on skipthegames.