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  1. 411 on karen eva

    I also contacted her. Wanted a 50$ deposit...smell ya later
  2. I've seen her. PM me for details
  3. 411 on Lovely Lily

    Yes that's the one. Thank you
  4. 411 on Lovely Lily

    Phone number is 7209906659
  5. 411 on Lovely Lily

    Phone number is 720-990-6659
  6. Lily Colorado Companion Any info on Lily? She makes an appointment with you then when you show up she blocks your number
  7. On the lighter side of things ....lol

    I guy walks into a bar with a,monkey and sits him on a stool next to another guy. The guy asks .."what's with the monkey""?. Other guy says I'll show you and takes out a stick and beats the monkey till the monkey stats to give him head. He looks at the other guy and says..."You want some of this action"? The other guy says...ok just don't beat me as hard
  8. Does psycho mean a little crazy? She threatened to ruin my life...!
  9. Best Cougar Providers?

  10. Colorado Divorce Lawyer Recommendation

    Kordell. And kordell
  11. Location?

    Yes another vote for the northern corridor
  12. music about the hobby

    Money money ...sugaree....the Grateful dead
  13. Reliable north side provider

    ive been seeing a cute and sexy 21 year old for two years now.{she was 19 when we met}used to live in Longmont but recently moved to greely
  14. best cummers?

    how do you make a woman orgasm??? who cares!