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  1. Banned companions

    Without new blood, the site will continue to shrink…maybe that’s what the owners want..just milk it to the end…like the Denver Post owners.
  2. TOB Pet Peeves

    Maybe it’s me with a stick..met my last new gal 3 years ago…when ownership changed, got tired of seeing the same ads over and over again…so moved on…some of us need spice, others sex…no disrespect to those keeping the site alive, but I was a long time member of another site, and it died when it got so restrictive. 😞
  3. TOB Pet Peeves

    I think this used to be the site where gals got started… met many of them and posted. Now you see no new gals, even those when visiting. We find them on other sites now. Wish the owners would wake up!
  4. Members you miss

    JR Wolfe when both of us were going to EXXotica in Denver. My gal at the time was all over the porn stars! He tried to recruit her for porn movies….lol
  5. Members you miss

    I miss her too!!!
  6. Seeking

    So I’ve been with 3 gals the last 10 years, all originally from TOB. None still active here, guess they liked a steady guy. Trying to continue my streak, so been looking at dating sites as I get older. Found Seeking and it looks promising. Anyone have success with this or other dating sites? Women on Tinder are too young for me, I need more sexual experience and maturity.
  7. Seeking

    Thanks Alex and OTG, I’ll give it a try. If you have any Denver gals to avoid, would appreciate a PM…😇
  8. Seeking

    Thanks for your thoughts Jessica. You make a lot of good points.
  9. When you see a provider/client out in the public?

    We’ll first your are egotistical…I’m not surprised or embarrassed…I walk up to them and give them a big hug, then “cousin, it’s been too long!”
  10. Bye Colorado HELLO WORLD💕

    Great step in your future! With a gal now who made the same decision!
  11. Flurry of providers disappearing last month

    They’re not allowing any new providers on the board….eventually it will die…😭
  12. Milking table?

    Formally Sydney Cox…banned on this board..☹️
  13. Anyone have luck with the sugar daddy sites?

    I tried that once but it was so hit and miss I gave up. Over the last 10 years I met 4 fabulous gals here...all turned into SB relationships...dating, vacations, dinners, etc. One lasted 4 years, the others a couple, other than the one I’m currently in. All good except the one who wanted marriage (😌). I only wish TOB would relax their requirements and let newcomers in...
  14. Members you miss

    Sydney Cox was (and is) the best, still around but doing something different now, saw her a while back...🤫
  15. TOB Blocking New Members?

    Just wondering, an old time friend told me her gal was blocked from joining TOB. If you tell a gal to join this website is it OK or is it closed?
  16. Littleton - Grant Ranch - CO470, area

    Bunch of smart asses on this Board. Ignore them. I know a gal, get her a room for 3-4 nights, compensate her for anytime spent. Lotsa fun for meals, drinks, etc.. But hope you like dogs, she has one. Loves anything near the ranch. You’ll have to pass her screening. PM me if you’re interested in contacting her.
  17. Local long term provider: pro and cons.

    A couple years ago while my reg was unavailable, saw a traveler from Miami. From that time on would see her every month when she returned, til COVID last year. Still perfect for me, but as always YMMV.
  18. TOB Blocking New Members?

    Hope TOB doesn’t go the way of other sites that limited participation. All of them are extinct now. They die on the vine. Hope the owners keep it open and vibrant!
  19. Flying a provider to you

    Fully agree...don’t travel with anyone you don’t know well, and even then it’s iffy.
  20. I've missed this hobby!

    I’m never disappointed when they drop me. I’ve been fortunate to have been with 3 different gals over 7+ years. Did almost everything with them: dinners, the Ranch, vacations, spas, most every sexual experience! Given our age difference, knew it would end someday, and that’s was the end for the first two....but no regrets, just happy to spend part of our lives together....suspect as old women I will be remembered fondly..😊
  21. When to hang it up...

    Me too!
  22. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    So in the heat of the moment ...”Am I deep enough? She looked up at me, smiled, and said Oh Yeah!” At first I thought she was kidding, but then realized she was telling me “are you kidding?” Not everyone is like that, but I’ve been lucky..
  23. Quiet during BCD activities

    I had the same problem at first. Too focused on the visuals. But if she is reacting in a positive way, try telling her how you feel...like “god this is good, how you doing?” Or some sincere thoughts about her. Practice speaking out, it takes an effort, but if you’re genuine about how much you appreciate her, it will become easy. 😇
  24. Out of Action

    Both my gal friend and I will miss you at Exotica, hope to see you again in Denver. Get well, you’ve been through a lot.
  25. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    In the elevator at the Venetian. We were going up to our suite, both drunk. Couldn’t wait, sure we were caught on camera. LOL.