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    A Unique Courtesan for Upscale Discriminating Gentlemen that know how to treat a woman
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  1. Mojovillage is back

    The most RESPECTED MOJO is back! Many of the ladies from the site are already posting on it! On behalf of all of us posting there we are sure you will be PLEASED with what you see. The owners of the site have taken much care to see that Independents and Agencies are separated and have very stringent rules. HOBBYISTS PLEASE ENJOY!! http://www.mojovillagepost.com
  2. I need an ASP's point of view on this

    I almost feel bad for you....then again I am very much like you. A big giver, huge heart, well you know. Many times burned indeed, however never looking to anyone or anywhere for a handout! It is my belief that this person was truly out of line! That a provider should remain discreet and respectful. It is obvious on its face that this person was taking advantage of your good nature which of course I know all to well. Good luck to you!
  3. Vegas Recommendations?

    I agree with RaniLane, there are many places to look as long as you do your homework..... Have a safe trip in!
  4. Real breat or enhanced?

    I've been thinking about this discussion a lot and have to say I really lovve my breasts. For a mature woman they are soft, subtle, natural, they still hold there shape and they respnd Perfectly! I went back and forth for a long time, however many of my regulars told me that if I had a boob job they would stop seeing me. It really is prefeence and how one feels about their own body. Seriously I am very happy with mine, they fit who I am. I am not 16 like my daughter who has the most amazing breasts in the world, but I am not expected to...I have my own and I think they are beautiful and as long as they respond like they are supposed to well then I see nothing wrong.
  5. Your Method of LE Check

    I'm not sure how they do it in Denver, but for sure here in Vegas they can party with you, get naked, have sex whatever all night and when you thought it was great your going to jail its just the way they run it out here. I was talking to one of my clients that just happened to be an off duty LEO didn't know it till half way through turned white as a ghost! Said sometimes he gets a hair up his ass and just does this...Ok so we are all just human.