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  1. I am like that too. I like to see if the girl has the sexiness or persona that I like. The way I see it, I'm there for a little entertainment, so a little chit chat and maybe even a drink if the convo is good, is required before I even think about getting a dance. IMPO, I would tell anyone going to a vegas strip club, to not jump into spending too much right away. Just because she is hot, does not mean that she will be nice to you or give you a nice dance. You are paying for a nice experience. There are a lot of other girls working if you don't like the one in front of you. I would rather have a nice time with a 7 that has personality, than a "bleh" time with a 10 that is a b*tch.
  2. Bbbjcim

    That must have been awesome.
  3. Bbbjcim

    This is an interesting thread, intend to follow...
  4. Tried MYA anyone?

    CL is short for Craigslist
  5. Incall Outfits

    Been going to HS for a few years, they are my default AAMP. Once in a while, they have lapses in looks or service, but okay for the most part. I haven't tried DW yet, but have been meaning to since I started to see reviews. There are a couple others, but not worth mentioning due to spotty reviews. Good luck.
  6. DITTO! With so many fakes, frauds, and b&s, one can't depends on just 1 or 2 reviews.
  7. Any Intel on Malory Lane?

    Thats what it sounds like to me.
  8. It is supposed to be really her, though I don't know first hand. I followed that agency for a bit, and you are correct when you say that she used to be $500. Her rate dropped a little while ago, don't know why.
  9. Where are the other reviewers?

    I have to admit, I've been slacking on posting reviews. I had a few on LVF, but haven't taken to post one here yet. I'm in a slump right now, but I'll try to be better about reviews when I'm back in action.
  10. anyone recommend a spinner?

    So will I...