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  1. Just wondering if the "verified providers" on eccie are hit/miss. I see many of the same ladies here that are also there. For example Leana 702-505-1166, looks real cute but something seems off.
  2. If american women were so wonderful, you ladys would have real jobs
  3. Situation Question- Fair Opinions Please

    Looks to me like lots of double standards here is a review that generated some forum chatter a year ago on LVFEVER
  4. It used to seem like many of the asian asp's used the names kiki, mimi, or apple
  5. 411 - mikayla

    I don't think so, avs is blunt and gives criticism a lot, but he does also give praise. I agree with him sometimes, and other times I don't. Its an open forum opinions are bound to conflict.
  6. Tall Jennifer on mojo

    All of the quality/quantity bull shit aside one thing remains true to all here. If your client/BOSS came to you and said something like I am going to hire someone fresh out of college because they work more hours for less money, that you would take offence to it. That is how I see it when people are complaining about the ASP's prices, and why I find it offensive.
  7. Almost every foreign born asian massage girl uses fake picts, both the incall spas and the outcall girls. Both incall and outcall have the same luck of the draw type risk, but at a spa you can sometimes swap fairly easy. The outcall girls I have seen are pretty and offer everything but it is usually big upsell, so when you call you think you will be paying the 60-100 posted but then they try to up it to 500 for fs. Almost all massage have a tip/upsell system the outcall is just more pricy, but sometimes after a long day, I really don't want to drive. I like Rio and the one that is kind of kiddy corner of it, in henderson.
  8. quality vs quantity

    quality. I have seen some of the budget girls and have never been impressed. I also think how to people connect also changes things also. Some asp's give me special items that are only on the YMMV menu. Sometimes I see an ASP that is reviewed good and it's not the best for me; off day, don't click, bad karma or w/e. Despite the good reviews I wont see her again. In the other thread guys were saying they would rather pick a girl that they afford to see 3-5 times vs the the asp that they could see once. I have to say... if you need to see a girl 5 times a week, look into getting a gf. Some of us can only handle doing a longer session every other week, things to balance work, SO, obligations. It is to hard to have an every other day appointment.
  9. Please be respectful of our time

    If he gets upset about the x-tend, just politely ask if he does overtime for free.
  10. I tried to see her a few times, and kept getting "I am busy, but my friend is free." although that was 18ish months ago.
  11. That is the point of the open forum to notify distribute info about experiences. If you liked her then write a review as it sits you are a poster that has posted only 2 times (both in this thread) and have no reviews so your comments like kinda like self review.
  12. Nice, it has been hard to find tiny fs latin asp's. For advertising edit your profile and put in a web address to your p411/redbook/website. You look really cute. Entiendes espanol? Si es asi usted tienes acento al habla Ingles?
  13. Walgreens, Frys, Walmart its pretty easy to find but they tend to stick it in the ethnic section. It is intended to be used for african men to shave their head/face.