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  1. Best BBBJ?

    kaseygfe is the best oral giver I have ever had. She might be retiring soon so I would see her before she does. She's a mid40s milf that is in great shape and is the housewife next door look. She cums so hard it's amazing. She's got lots of reviews on another site.
  2. I'd look at the girls on p411 or 100 proof. Ashley Marie is no 8 imho unless she lost a lot of weight and looks much prettier than the last time I saw her.
  3. Desert Rose Info

    She's real but you have a 30 minute limit. If you don't bust it in that time limit that's it.
  4. going to vegas

    I've been lucky lately with CL girls. The ones I've seen are non pros doing it for some extra holiday cash. I always ask them if they are ok with the menu items I'm looking for and if not I move on. A lot are cheap too. From 100 to 150 and some are very good looking. I also tell them that if they aren't the girl in the pic then I will leave and that if it is ok to check out the house before starting because I have heard stories about guys getting robbed. If they are cool with that then they are usually safe.
  5. Mother Daughter Teams?

    Why are all mother daughter teams have a bbw mom? yuck
  6. Bbbjcim

    In addition to Kasey, Marie Dupree is an excellent bbbjcim girl.
  7. i met her years ago. I'd pass. Not attractive at all to me. Service was very average too. All she wanted to do was talk about the chicago bears.
  8. syncytisfynest

    Sounds like a no go for me if no kissing and mechanical.
  9. Bbbjcim

    No one does it better than kasey.
  10. Mature Provider

    Kasey gets my vote. Best bbbjcim ever!
  11. If it's not a self shot smartphone pic, I always wonder who is taking the pics. Is it a boyfriend, pimp, or client? No girl has ever asked me to take a pic for them. Then again I've never asked if I can take a pic because I figure they would say no.
  12. Whoops. She's out of town for a month. And I was going through some bad health problems. I should be in the game soon. I am eyeing nico. Her rates seem very low and her reviews are great.
  13. CJ Thomas is probably the most beautiful escort I've ever seen. She has a lot of rules (CBJ and no kissing) which is a big bummer for me or I'd see her all the time.
  14. I would see kasey if you don't mind a milf.
  15. Lots of pretty cali girls use humaniplex when visiting vegas, and a lot offer incall but many are not gfe girls which is a total bummer.