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  1. Any info?

    Here is her reviews on TER doesn't look like she has any in some time. http://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=104396
  2. If I ran P411

    I agree the P411 ad board is a good place to start.While it is not chat since you cannot chat via the ad board.But,if you see a provider post an ad on the P411 ad board she might just be online and you could send her a message via P411 inbox.
  3. going to vegas

    You might want to try as someone already mentioned escortboards.net or for more of a selection TER.There are many independent providers in Las Vegas and just because a provider post a selfie pic does not mean she is independent. Many of us have professional pics too.
  4. Kelli Luv?

    She is reviewed on TER here is the link: http://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=115014
  5. Mature Provider

    Try KaseyGFE she is a mature well-reviewed provider:)
  6. LasVegas Candy Shop

    There is some info regarding them on TER here is the link: http://www.theeroticreview.com/discussion_boards/viewall.asp?MessageID=145210&boardID=3&page=2#145210
  7. any info on annabelle?

    If you are looking at myredbook for vegas go to the forums and then select las vegas discussion board.At the top of the las vegas board there is a link to las vegas verified reviewed vixens all of those ladies are highly reviewed in vegas on myredbook. I hope this helps you guys out:)
  8. any info on annabelle?

    Anytime a provider mentions a rate plus tip know you will be getting an upsell. Indy providers do not upsell and ask for tips.
  9. La Rue McCay

    That is the wonderful thing about the hobby there are providers at different rates.I don't think anyone should say a provider is not worth her rates when she has the reviews and a great reputation to back it up! If a providers rates are too much move on to the next provider that fits in your budget.Many gents obviously have no issue with her rates or providers whose rates are even higher than that.
  10. La Rue McCay

    LaRue is a highly reviewed provider here in vegas with a great reputation. She is a very kind and nice person I have had the pleasure of meeting. Can't go wrong with her and she has hot friends too! Have fun!
  11. Thanks Rani I agree.MPG is just another site that providers use for advertising but you have to do research on the provider no matter what site she is on. There are reputable ladies that advertise there but I must say that a lot of those ads are from agencies posing as indy.Research is key!
  12. EROS GUIDE?? Is this site Legit??

    I agree whatever site you find a provider you need to cross reference and see if she has reviews on any site.I used to advertise on Eros here in vegas but eros is over run by bait and switch ads.There are legit highly reviewed providers there but one has to do their research.In vegas there is a provider that has been advertising on there for years has no reviews and has 5 or 6 different ads all with different names and different pics with her wearing different wigs.lol
  13. I don't know about local versus visiting gents. In my hometown I rarely see a local gent mostly everyone I see is visiting but my rates are the same regardless of where a gent is located.
  14. No Shows

    It always sucks when that happens for either party. It shows no sense of respect for another person's time. The one time I did have someone no call no show and they contacted me later to see me advised I will never see him.I understand things come up but is a person needs to cancel send a text,phone call,or email it is just the courteous thing to do. I certainly can understand why some providers ask for deposits. Just my .02
  15. Lol!I did not think women even use lee press on nails anymore. I used to wear them when I was a kid messing around. But,I don't know any women in this day and age who wear those you breathe on those nails and they come off.lol Lee press-on nail in the back.Ouch!