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  1. Anyone try this?

    Go for it toftt and let us know
  2. Any info on Gabby

    I saw that goes all the way back to Jan. Just kinda strange for an incall location in Henderson -- Thanks for the referral to PreciousOne -- that was a great meet Thanks again Tailbug
  3. Has anyone have any info on a provider named Gabby on Mojo doing an incall on warmsprings in Henderson... Phone 702-608-7173
  4. Mojo

    Hey mongers beware -- there is a provider on Mojo offering bbfs and bbgreek. Phone is 702-551-5672 named Mikayla . This is some scary shit -- almost like a holloween thing .. Peace Luv Out
  5. I miss the lvfever format

    It is what it is
  6. 411 - mikayla

    I have also found alot of good or great providers on Mojo -- I think avs2001 is a way bit uppity for this board -- we just need good info not being critical of what is posted by mongers and providers -- just food for thought
  7. 411 - mikayla

    There are good better and best providers out there. Some post on every site some just post on a few. That's why the reviews are so needed to help find the good on up and to warn against the bad and very bad ( like barter for guns and ammo -- really). So can we put this to bed and move on to hobbing ? Peace Luv Out
  8. 411 - mikayla

    Just put it in the reviews -- not every detail but once we trust the handle then we can do the PM thing -- besides this a forum not a review area -- Peace Luv Out
  9. 411 - mikayla

    Please explain something to us all. I looked back to the beginning of the other board reviews and I see you have not made any contributions. So decided to check the archives and again NO reviews by AVS2001. I have a Bentley I am retired and I enjoy the company of 100 to 200 per hr ladies by choice. I also have another car that I use to monger in. You seem to be tooting your horn alot but would sure like to see some good intel come out of your post in the review section. I think the Mongers are trying to compete with each other rather than give good info and praise the ladies that do good and drop the bomb on the shady ladies -- Just a thought . Human nature does not allow us all to get along but we all have one goal. Getting good booty at a price we can afford or just willing to pay. Hobbiest should work together to create a network of good information.. Peace Luv Out
  10. I post and verified by email one this morning and its still not up
  11. Mojo Village has gone Greek

    Let me re-address the question -- Ladies do you enjoy greek -- any lady that would like to post an answer -- would do it dont enjoy it .... survey for all ladies not providers
  12. Salvidorian in Henderson

    One more time has any hobbiest see this lady -- please share -- gut says something wrong but hopping someone has toftt
  13. Mojo Village has gone Greek

    You just don't get it -- there are providers on this site as well -- you have made your view know -- looking now for other points of view -- thanks again for the response and to simplify it for you .. Question to providers on The Other Board how do you feel about this service (greek) yes, no, possible -- Thanks for the input ... no pun intended lmao
  14. Mojo Village has gone Greek

    It was an observation I made-- seems to be more prevalent of an ad as opposed to the past. In other words becoming a norm rather than a specialty.. Glad you enjoy it Squirt away.. And since this a forum why would this be the wrong place to ask about Mojo Village girls ????
  15. Alla spa is closed -- sunbright and spa rio are still good