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  1. Look up Brooklyn Briggs / Gabby Marie and when you do see her let her know who recommended
  2. Wife's 1st Time This Weekend

    Look up brooklyn/gabby marie, don't forget to mention me for some brownie points
  3. Photos are real and she's real, I had her come over for a BBBJCIM. Good enough.
  4. I'm still here fellas, been posting on other sites. Hi Kat.
  5. They are both real although I've only seen Ashley. She's thick and always smells good.
  6. Any Intel on Honey (Filipina)?

    She's real but not GFE. Body is amazing though and kitty is tight. I saw her a couple of times already, I guess I should post a review.
  7. sexyse7en

    And I came... again
  8. She is FS but never got back to me when I asked about the menu.
  9. Any thoughts on Deanna?

    I called her a few days back but never went. She does everything covered.
  10. Just posted 1. Got a few more to post when I get a chance again.
  11. Any feedback on Miyah?

    i'll give her a call one of this days, yuo can't go wrong with 50
  12. sexyse7en

    they're nice but the kitty is way better
  13. I wanted to try her too but when I searched the number I got this... http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:dlSlNLeYsDYJ:mojovillage.com/%3Faction%3Dvp%26lid%3D247779+7025832857&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  14. sexyse7en

    She's great fellas, I actually just got back from her place
  15. Maria on mojo

    Maria (xxx-7885) is real. Not GFE but still great and would see her again.