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  1. Vegas trip whats the best board for Vegas provider listings

    Forgot to add the following in my original post. This one, pics are real, reviews are legit. Fun provider (saw her about a year ago). But, she also stops in Denver from time to time, so, can hold off on her until then (late October; might be easier to catch her in Denver due to she's always on the road doing road races in between playtime).
  2. GABF

    ^^^^This. First time I went, back when it was at the Elvis Hotel (the round tower off I-25, now student housing for CU Denver), overwhelmed and tried to hit as many breweries I could with no plan on what to try. Once it moved to Merchandise Mart, and it becoming an even bigger zoo, narrowed to styles. And once to Convention Center, stopped going, alas. Too nutty for me.
  3. Texas TOB

    To cop from a different thread, I have noticed that MassageRepublic has started to get some legit ladies showing up there across the country. Also lots of scams/fakes, but if thinking with the big head, could find someone there, and with some Google-fu, find reviews and presence other places.
  4. The Trials of a Newbie - Chapter 2

    Yeah, need to do your research. Deep dive those reviews. And look for reviews other places. But if hoping an Instagram model just suddenly showed up in CO, be really leery. Lots of legit, pretty ladies on here.
  5. Sigh, I miss BP

    Did not read closely the newest replies on this resurrected thread, so, apologies for following. FBSM is a really odd category. Personally, when I go in for a FBSM, that's all I'm expecting. But as has been mentioned, some ladies do have an extra menu, be it secret (maybe after several visits) or more overt. Some have no menu re: any happiness. If having a great time, sure, I might ask if anything else, doesn't have to be FS. Heck, might be looking for some kink, Russian or Italian finish. With all that, even if ad says "no extras", "no FS", we guys hope at times. The questions/requests are pretty much inevitable, and imo, a strictly FBSM lady needs to develop a thick skin and stick to her guns. Yeah, not pleasant, but nature of the beast.
  6. Vegas trip whats the best board for Vegas provider listings

    No matter the site/source, if you cannot find reviews for the lady, avoid. Too many agencies, scammers, stolen photos in Vegas. Running the risk of getting the old "the $xxx is just for me to show up, everything else is extra". I normally recommend to save the money and use it for playtime in CO or just about anywhere else.
  7. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    Though the guy is a dbag, OP could have handled a bit better. Should pick up the habit of asking the guy to send a text when on the way, or send a message an hour out that still on. Satisfies the need to know still on, and makes it easy for the guy, because... Though I would not go off the handle, would not be happy to get a text message from the lady that I need to respond to while barreling down the highway. Need to get to next exit, exit, stop somewhere, send note, back onto highway, just lost some time, might now be late. And if I was not able to pull that off in a timely manner, now I maybe lost the appointment. Yes, in this case, OP still might get a no-show, like she was trying to avoid in first place, but is a less volatile way to go about it.
  8. 411 on Nikki_Nichole

    ^^^This. The pro photos in the bed have been used before. It's the "manager" and the crew that have been rolling through town. Said unpteem times, if no real reviews out there, ignore the "new in town" ads.
  9. Musings of an old man

    My $0.02, pretty much what others have said. Too far out a date, and unknown quantity, ladies might go silent due to good chance of client being a no show, as they might be trawling many women and will whittle the list down or two. If the lady is a day of type provider, best to contact back, apologize, and say will try to contact when in town. What has worked for me in these type of situations is setup something day or two before: you know what your schedule is, when free, and comes off as being a bit more serious about meeting. That all said, still might run into a fair share of no responses. Someone will most likely respond, just need to relax a bit. Worst comes to worse, enjoy other activities while visiting. Personally, wouldn't plan a trip just for extra curricular activities.
  10. Real men of the forum...

    I'll take the cynical ahole angle on this. There is a difference between ATF and a true friend. I can quantify true friend for me, others, might be different. But guess good gut check would be would the lady help you out in a jam? Hang out off the clock? If neither of these, it's business imo and you should not be propping up probable poor choices (eg. Getting an expensive tat vs paying phone bill, rent; going to Coachella vs taking care of expenses).
  11. Favorite Hiking trails

    I recently tried out an app called Hiking Project. Also has a website. Crowd sourced, with REI backing. Seems pretty good at first glance. Will be trying other trails in their database. Boulder, always liked Gregory Canyon trailhead to the top of Green Mountain. Been a few years, but, past Chataqua(sp) so a little less traffic if early. Short-ish with decent elevation gain to get some good cardio. Continental Divide trail: been on stretches of it, but have not done long dedicated Divide hikes/backpacks. There is a cool stretch of it outside of Leadville where you have old mining charcoal ovens. Heck, just about any town backing to or in the mountains has some great day hikes.
  12. It all spends the same!

    Finally! A meaningful rate thread! Guessing as long as green, or shiny pennies, all good. But would also venture that $100s are a little tough to spend as many places don't take them, the hassle of the person taking them going over the bills in minute detail. But then again, a multi-hour appointment, the pile of $20s does get burdensome (but then again, if doing that, probably not hitting the ATM right before the appointment, so not getting those).
  13. Reference

    Why two threads about same thing? Age old "problem". If not comfortable giving out information, don't. See a lady that does not request that info. Pretty easy. Want to see a certain lady that asks for that, well, gonna have to play by her rules, no matter how thick the wallet or how much of a catch you are. Your money is no good vs guy that is willing to play along, so no sense in getting into the no win argument about a lady seeing you with no info: no matter how sound an argument, you're going to lose.
  14. Where has Reese Reynolds gone off to?

    Oops! Thought they said "had found". Yes! Hope greener pastures.
  15. 411 on Hanna

    Add in, if one had actually did an image search, would find she's an Instagram model. And would have turned up ads Mountainrider33 found via phone.