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  1. Why can't people make it easy

    And maybe a phone number. If not putting the location in the subject, put it in the text.
  2. P411 question for the gents

    Devil's advocate: what's to prevent an ASP from doing a screen grab of your profile or download the image that you upload? And to not plaster it all over the internet, send it to your employer, wife? Not a member of P411 (for multiple reasons, one being concern re: an Ashley Madison type situation), so, not sure what's going on on the profile page, but assuming pretty easy to do a simple screen grab and probably easy to do a "Save As..." of the profile picture. I know, double standard in guys wanting accurate pics of a provider, but, the situation is what it is imo.
  3. 411 Chanel on BP?

    Ad is from Aug. 2016. And nothing since for the number or picture search. Guessing no longer in the biz and the phone is probably disconnected.
  4. 411 BustyTiffany303 anything?

    Saw her a number of years ago: stolen photos, but, representative. Rushed FBSM was what I got. BTW: helps to provide others a link: not like "busty" and "Tiffany" are unique ASP terms.
  5. Can someone please help me verify

    No info on the lady. Re: the bust/vice/sting websites: fakes. See the thread at the top of this sub-board.
  6. 411 on Cyndee?

    Used to go by Cindy Cassina
  7. Vice texting

    I say BS. Sounds similar to the IRS phone call scams that spike this time of year ("IRS here, we are on the way to arrest you unless you wire us $xxx immediately"). Some guy wanting to get a freebie ("I won't run you in if you agree to meet me")? Or some jerk looking for you to turn over your location ("I need to see you now to clear up some things, otherwise, we will need to run you in")? In the case of IRS, they don't call, they send registered letters. PD, probably would call and not text, and leave name, badge number, contact number for whichever jurisdiction. And even then, probably not leave a vm since if truly in trouble, PD does not want to tip off a perp.
  8. Providers charging deposits ???

    I know on Apple devices, the information is encrypted and stored in encrypted storage. Android, there was a push by Google to mandate encryption be turned on by the manufacturers by default, but there was push back by the manufacturers on that. But might be coming back, iirc, after some security related headlines that had occured (notably the FBI wanting Apple to hack the CA shooter's phone) after the fact made Google go back to their original stance. Believe I've seen apps, not neccesarily contact apps, that have a duress mode for data (eg. Note pad like apps): keep non-hobby contacts in normal app, hobby info in duress app. Can probably simulate something similar: eg. Encrypted Excel spreadsheet stored on Dropbox with an innocuous name, can swipe to delete from the phone and Dropbox within Excel mobile app. Bigger thing to do: disable notifications on your lock screens, or, be vigilant on keeping that clean. Po-po just needs to look at your lock screen and potentially see incriminating evidence. Would be a real bummer if "Bambi" sends an IM when Officer Krupke is looking at the phone.
  9. Puzzled about a massage I had tonight

    What Bit said. Maybe touch her arm/hand instead, so as to be bit more visible with the reach, and not scare her that you’re reaching for the cookie jar. And maybe even better, ask if you can touch her. A variation: if sporting a major hard-on, ask if she minds if you touch yourself: might offer to help out with that. It happens. Google "prostitution sting naked" to start, and you will get plenty of articles where PD get naked, get a handy, bj, etc. before calling in backup (aside, I always get a chuckle when I see a review and the guy mentions lady performing an "LE check": yeah, that'll hold up in court, along with the disclaimer in the ad "agree you are not LE"). Recall a story where one jurisdiction's chief and mayor were all in on letting officers go all the way to make a bust. Now, many times, the cases from this get thrown out due to PD took it too far. Then again, it does stick at times. Massaged/pulled the balls??? Pulling suggests BDSM session? Massaged, never had a non-HE massage where the twins were rubbed and coddled. Could be very well dropping signals re: take the massages to the next level.
  10. Providers charging deposits ???

    I might pay a deposit if I could use something like a Green Dot card, but would need to be a VERY special provider. Big issue I've seen with providers asking for deposit is that the payment systems do not allow anonymous accounts. So, now my stuff is out there, and my name is now tied to potential Federal wire fraud charges (agencies and spas have had that charge tacked onto the laundry list of counts for using credit cards).
  11. 411 on jasmine

    Take with a grain of salt (the source: some reviews look to be lifted from TER, others, who knows, and they are sloppy when providers have same fake name [get combined]), but, has a review: There are many providers out there that do strap-on: just search for "toys", "toys for boys", fetish. Of course, the femdom ads are worth a look.
  12. stings tonight in northern colorado

    Just as it goes for clients, so goes it for provider: stay the eff out of Lakewood.
  13. Looking for redhead FBSM

    Ginger has been mentioned over the years as doing a great job.
  14. 411 on August

    Re: webcam session and a fee to prove one is legit: we had a previous thread with similar requirement. And the referenced ad is similar to the one in this thread (text only, big list of cities willing to visit, tgtbt pictures). Scams.
  15. Info on mary ryan

    I think I tracked down a website for her and her legit massage services. From the picture of the massage therapist, not a young thing, and might be packing some extra pounds. That, and lack of any information out there or coming from her, have not pulled the trigger on setting something up. Re: phone number 970-658-6011: yeah, that number is being used, I believe, by one woman, changing up her identity to get suckers to bite. Seem to recall a couple of years ago a review for her under the name of "Sammy" or "Samantha" (she went through a stage of "Sam" like names and spellings). Pretty mediocre, from what I recall. And pictures not close.