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  1. Long reach of Mark Zuckerberg

    Add LinkedIn to the list. There too I've seen providers real world profiles show-up on my burner LinkedIn. Like Facebook, also using person's contact lists, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. to cross-reference.
  2. I've got rheumatoid arthritis, and can generally deal with the aches as not too bothersome. But when really flares up, will just use aspirin or generic Aleve. Once feeling better, I stop taking them. Been contemplating some sort of CBD product, as hearing (first hand) more people saying it's helped them with their pains/aches. Not a big fan of popping pills for every little thing.
  3. Romi Rain

    Not necessarily: threads on the board re: software where can photoshop in these "verification" notepads/papers etc. And even if not... Imo, no track record for current or old number, so, not willing to pull the trigger on her as might be typical 3G passing through lady.
  4. Romi Rain

    She was Melanie in May. And Romi Rain is the name of a real porn actress that looks nothing like this one.
  5. Greeley??

    Back in the Backpage days, there were a couple of ladies that advertised up there. But mostly saw traveling ladies there for a day or two. Greeley is an odd location for providers to work out of, imo, as it's basically in the middle of nowhere, you have Loveland, Ft. Collins, and Longmont nearby and on the interstate, so, easier to get to/from those places. Add in median income in the $45-50k range, might not be the discretionary spending required for extra curricular activities.
  6. What do you think?

    AirBnB does allow cameras in "common areas", but not bed rooms, bathrooms. And owner is supposed to disclose that. However, plenty of stories out there where people are finding cameras and not being disclosed to them. Owner might be noticing lots of traffic via the Ring doorbell and pinging them re: "what's going on"? A neighbor might be keeping an eye on the place, so, seeing lots of middle aged/old men showing up and going at a half-hour/hour rate. And/or thinking someone is renting to use as a party house, which brings it's own separate set of issues.
  7. Outdoor dining recommendation

    Re: Chophouse: if back room is open, then have outdoor, but otherwise, inside. Travernetta by Union Station has outdoor. From the Frasca folks, so, will be top notch dining. Matter of fact many places by Union Station have outdoor. If want uber casual, Wynkoop has outdoor. Or along same lines, Amato's Ale House in Highlands. Bunch of places in Highlands have outdoor. if I recall, Jax Fishhouse at Blake and 17th has outdoor. Kitchen Lodo as well (16th & Wazee: been a big fan of their original Boulder location; have had fine meals at Lodo). Rioja on Larimer is mighty fine. On Larimer, have a couple of Frank Bonano restaurants: pizza place for sure has outdoors, can't recall if Green Door has.
  8. 411 on Amanda Sorrento

    No ads or reviews otherwise. Eros link: Her website says been retired for 7 years, so, if legit, can understand why no reviews: TOB has gone through some turnover re: reviews in that time (new formats, system crashes losing data, etc). Pictures from her site do not ring any bells, but a couple of them, have look of photographer that has done other ladies's pics in the area.
  9. Denver ladies?

    Think I saw them on adultlook and adultsearch as well.
  10. Cutting The Cord!!!

    Sister's family is looking to cut the cord on satellite, however, not going smoothly. They have some Firesticks around the house, and in general works well for Netflix, Amazon. Hulu on the other hand, lots of buffering. Because of that, they are thinking of ditching the satellite for local cable company, one of those "get two years at a low price of $xx" new customer deals and then figure out who to move to next when that is up.
  11. Looking for “Au Naturale”

    Search function in the listings section. Third from last under "General" section is the grooming section. Other sites like adultlook and adultsearch have a grooming section: can try searching for that on those sites. Probably more sites as well.
  12. Topless Haircut

    Back in the Backpage days, there used to be a few ladies that advertised this. Current days, might need to search some other sites to see if on other sites now. For example, "topless haircut denver" turned up this on search engines. Think I've seen this pic on TOB. That said, not been something I look for, as don't want to chance getting a crappy haircut in the name of seeing boobs and a little extra. Get the nice haircut and then visit a lady for the extracurriculars.
  13. Coffee, tea or energy drink?

    Depends on workout of the day. If jogging, Gatorade, then coffee once showered. If gym, coffee as soon as up.
  14. Tan Lines

    Been fortunate in that none of the ladies I've seen of late during play time or in more civilian environments are rocking deep tans, if any. Lots of sunscreen being applied out there or doing all over spray tans. Or naturally darker skinned (eg. Latina, Italian, etc). That said, slap that ass a bit to get some color there at least, to balance things out.
  15. 411 missmya

    I'm skeptical. Aside from the TGTBT photos, account was created back in 2016, no activity or reviews on TOB, CO phone number in ad turns up nothing, 619 area code number in profile turns up nothing as well. You'd figure if even just OK, there'd be some review and or ad out there in the last three years.