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  1. Any info on this 40 year old lady

    Any info info, other than every photo is stolen, including a picture of Priyanka Chopra? Nope.
  2. 411 on Micah, Eros (Denver)

    She used to work for Beautiful Touch of Boulder: no longer on the roster. Has TER reviews, two of which are won't repeats. She has been affiliated with Denver Ladies (read: run Forrest!). Still listed on their site. And both numbers might be DL numbers. DL has a habit of using lots of different numbers, including out-of-state ones. They did have a lady for a while that they advertised with MN area-code, ala the 612 in this ad. I'd probably avoid, due to too many ifs, unless someone with a solid track record re: reviews chimes in.
  3. The Nice Guy

    Plug for the 411 sub-board. A post there might have steered you away. In this particular case, this provider used to be on the do not review list. And for a reason: similar experiences as OP's. Have never seen her, but would have mentioned that the pictures are at least 10 years old.
  4. Rack or Stacks?

    I'm with Admiral: shapely gams attached to a shapely tush will get me every time. Don't get me wrong, a great rack will get my attention, just might not keep it. It usually happens at the extremes. For example, there was a great provider a number of years ago. Attractive, great skills, but could never get past her barely A-cup (almost just puffy nipples). Or "National Geographic" boobs, or badly done/too huge fakes. Briefly saw a woman that, with clothes on, what a chest! Filled out a sweater. But when the top came off, these two plate sized, rock hard, jammed against each other man-mades (looked like butt cleavage). Too big for her frame. Oh, voted stacks.
  5. What terms can be considered sex for sale?

    Late to this one: don't even have to use words/terms to get pinched, just show up. Ft. Collins example: As post just previous said, just do it.
  6. 411 on Alicia in Vegas

    The Denver link is dead. But the Vegas one still is live, and "Alicia" is in Vegas today, so, one or both using stolen photos? The number for Melissa turns up a "Marie" back in April Research, research, research to help minimize chances of a bad time. Especially in Vegas, where just about every ad on Backpage has stolen photos, is an agency, upsell ("oh, no. The $300 is for me to show up, anything else is extra"): if they are in Vegas and no reviews, stay away! (To be fair, there are plenty of great, honest providers in Vegas and advertise on Backpage, it's just too much work to slog though it all to get to the gems; save the play money for home: plenty of beautiful women here, great providers, and, let's be honest, does the Vegas provider have anything extra that other providers don't have [other than you just won some money, buzzed, horny, and can get a lady 24x7]?)
  7. Net Neutrality - This effects us all

    I'll need to view the Jon Oliver piece in the coming days (it's on my DVR), but guessing the Title I and II referenced by Johnny Divinity probably references the regulations that are in place re: weird regulated vs unregulated rules of cable, telecoms in place. Lots of stories out there where depending on what is going on, the companies can plead being a public utility, so exempt from some thing and getting government money/beaks, but at same time, say they are not a public utility, so should not be bound to other regs. For example, I recall some recent stories where Verizon got government money/breaks in NY (city, state, both?) to get broadband in place in underserved areas: basically, did not get anything in place for the underserved areas, put in good service to people with money and already had service. For cable, you get the additional bugaboo where some states/municipalities have enacted laws where the incumbent provider is the only only allowed. Condos/apartments that have an incumbent, not allowed to have anyone else. Against state law for municipalities to implement their own internet services. And so on and so on. I can see the argument people will make re: "that's the rules, and the companies are using the rules as can stipulated as best for their business". But as someone that is on the getting pooped on end of things and no real viable options other than Comcast, count me in on regulating internet more like a utility. Make it an even playing field, no issue with removing net neutrality, but get rid of rules where I am stuck with the incumbent, truly open competition in towns.
  8. Dominika in COS on TOB

    Link? Number?
  9. Asking an FBSM provider for "legit" massage work

    OP handled this all wrong. Yes, a person can get ticketed for practicing/adverting "massage" without certification/license in CO, so, he could be LE trying to get her. And then we get to the whole talking about services over the phone angle: by broaching non-sensual services, now kind of implying that there is a naughty component to this all. Just more ammo that DAs can bring to a case, if the lady gets caught in one or the other side of things (or both). Kinda like an escort being busted for not having the license: she might not have done anything to get a prostitution charge, but damnit, they know what REALLY is going on, so, will get them with some other charge. Basically, if one needs a legit massage (not saying a body rubber does not have the touch to work the non-naughty kinks out), go see a LMT/CMT. If going for the fun side of things, if the lady asks about any trouble spots, then bring up the knotted up areas. Otherwise, keep the phone call to how much and what time.
  10. Anyone familiar with the "sukebe chair"?

    Along with the Japanese hemmaroid chair, there are step stools that could fit the bill: But as Adriana said, just need to find a lady that can multitask.
  11. 411 on Nhala denver

    Follow-up: previously mentioned previous thread: Nhala is no longer on the DL website, so, she might truly be independent now.
  12. 411 on Nhala denver

    She used to be with Denver Ladies (for those just jumping on-board, short answer, avoid that agency). Might still be with them: we have a thread on this sub-board re: another DL lady that appeared to go indie, but that soon seemed to prove false. This lady does have a review on Erotic Monkey, but 99.9% sure fake: b-cup provider but review talks about her massive chest.
  13. Schedules!

    I'm a morning person, so would work for me. Tying back to other thread, wouldn't morning hours be, at times, difficult re: hotel checkout times?
  14. I Am Jane Doe

    Actually, you do hear them bitching about it from time to time. And at times at the state legislature level as well, and usually reps from the Reno and Vegas areas. What usually happens is that people move into these areas for cheap land, cheap construction costs, from other states. Then they get in a huff how the brothels are anti-family, a danger, etc. Kinda like people complaining about the noise from the airport they move next to. But the brothel issue usually gets stomped down pretty quick: it gets pointed out how the taxes collected pay for public services, they donate to community drives, they are at the edges of town. And any resident that has been in the area for a while will speak up as well re: the good the brothel ultimately provides to the community and how they are not a problem crime etc wise. The NV local newspapers have these stories/occurrences every couple of year.
  15. Condoms - Yes or No?

    "Its something everyone should be worried about" Fair enough. But who in their right mind would cop to raw dogging it? Puts a big red flag on you. From a client standpoint, good luck trying to book a session. From a provider angle will drive clients away, might get some new ones (those looking for it), but will be a pariah here. One must basically assume that either party could possibly been playing unsafe, be it with a significant other, provider providing a little extra for a special client, or client trolling for bareback. Suit up, but if still worried, take up some other less risky endeavor.