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  1. Questions from Newbies about the Ladies

    I have been doing some like this for quite some time now, even with long-time members, as you don't know who they really are, are they a jerk to the ladies, some stalker-like situation, are they LE and building a case, and so on.
  2. Is it Time yet??

    This. I thought that the white rule has pretty much been thrown out the window. Only old fuddy-duddies still abide by the rule.
  3. 1

    One? One!Singular sensationEvery little step he takesOne!Thrilling combinationEvery move that he makesOne smile and suddenly nobody else, will, doYou know you'll never be lonely withYou know whoRead more: A Chorus Line - One Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  4. On a different note

    Might be fromunda cheese?? (Found this explanation about what they really are)
  5. It’s time

    On this tangent, Twitter has changed something within last couple of weeks where it occasionally will throw a "stopped due to page loading too slow" message from time to time. Some pages will just spin. Just hit refresh and content should appear.
  6. 411 AshlyGal

    Might help to provide a link.
  7. BP owner cost us all and makes a deal in court

    I'm not going to be too hard on this guy. And going to say something that will be really unpopular... This is all very centipede-y in that EVERYONE is complicit in this, if only in a small way. Backpage was making big money for these guys, so they tried to come up with ways to give them some level of deniability for the illicit activities and the really illegal underbelly activities occurring as well. Guys were using it for booking, so ladies would advertise there to boost their income, generating revenue for BP, and back to the owners doing everything they can to keep it running, getting more money. And round and round it goes.
  8. Nothing to see here

    As others mentioned, can't write this off with just one provider. Need to add into the equation that lots of new faces on the Listings, fair number that came over from Backpage. And some of those Backpage ladies are of the mindset of "only call me when you are ready to meet" and are not interested in playing phone tag. Or text tag. Or PM tag.
  9. Mojovillage went from having an "Escorts" section, to a "Companions/Guides" section, and now that is gone sometime this morning. They have a "VIP" invitation only section for providers, and the rest have moved on to "Activity Partners", but, guessing that will be going away ala Craigslist personals section. (Yes, Mojo does not have a real CO presence, but big in Vegas [scarier than Backpage at times] and has some reach in Los Angeles, HI)
  10. Nothing to see here

    Geez! Can we get this post setup as something similar to an emoji, for easy access? (And get a popcorn eating and the beating a dead horse memes on easy access )
  11. 411 on Anadoe69720

    Well, if Anadoe, appears her pics are stolen, so do not expect to see the girl in the pics behind the door. 720-773-7339
  12. 411 on Anadoe69720

    Link? 'Cause your info is all over the place. The phone number is for a different person who is already discussed in this thread and different name.
  13. Prices dropping and shoes are hard too find

    Ignore List is one's friend. Not only for new trolls but some of the old local d-bags. Your handle/avatar upper-right > Dropdown arrow > Ignored Users Type in the user's handle and click on all the check boxes. Won't hide any replies that quote the troll, but, at least it filters out a fair amount of their noise and they won't harass you via PMs.
  14. RubMaps No More

    Well, it's only sorta down. Call still get to it via an alternate URL (hint hint), but, unsure if one can sign-in to actually see content as I've never subscribed to that site.
  15. Why even review now

    IMO, not a big deal with the new review format. To me, the reviews have been trending toward having less and less useable info. Many reviews along the lines of "I won't go into details, but will say I had a great time". And guys that are blind and cannot tell that pictures are stolen, the lady has tattoos, etc., the quality of the information provided in the reviews has become somewhat irrelevant.