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  1. Denver Ladies Agency

    TLDR summary: run away! Avoid! Ripoff!
  2. Tonight at around 10:30ish? Coming into DIA!

    Not surprised. The ish part is a deal breaker, imo, if I were a provider. 10:30 is already getting late, especially if been working all day already. And made good coin that day. Assuming plane leaves on time, lands on time, the eternal time to taxi from runway to gate takes at DIA, the time to deplane, time to get to main terminal, retrieve luggage if checked, time to walk to car (if in garage, otherwise, more waiting for shuttle), get out of lot, down the road to lady's. Now we are really getting late. Always surprised how long it takes to actually get out of DIA, even with just carry-on. Worse case "Hi Bambi. Just wanted to let you know my flight is delayed a half hour", "Hello Bambi, me again, flight just got pushed back more", third message is going to vm and she's risking the NCNS because she went to bed. Or the real d-bag move (not saying you would do it), string the lady along if she is not quite one's type, in hopes of getting better deal or more one's type to nibble. These net casting appointments probably work best if one does the "I've got free time at ##:##pm tomorrow at my hotel in (area), any ladies interested" type thing.
  3. 411 BP - Brighton

    One review on Erotic Monkey, so, take with a grain of salt: Seem to recall a thread somewhere re: not good. Just too lazy to try and dig it out again.
  4. anyone ?

    Would help if a link of phone was provided. To narrow down to which Kasi it might be.
  5. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    Link? Phone?
  6. when was the last time you used a payphone?

    Think I saw a pay phone at the King Soopers gas station I was at today. Last pay phone I used must have been around the '95-98 timeframe, Vegas casino, Rio if I recall correctly. And not for the reason you all are thinking... Perverts. Which comes around to: what are the calling rates to/from hotel room phones these days. Have not looked at that pricing sheet in years. And in this day and age, seems like every motel has free wifi, yet the fanciest hotels still charge a boat load for wifi <seinfeldvoice>what's the deal with that?!</seinfeldvoice> (I know, paying those rates, what's another $20/day to blindly pay).
  7. Provider diatribe against this site

    Add: to be fair, could have possibly elicited same response if mentioning any other board. For example, providers on here have mentioned their disdain for TER.
  8. Provider diatribe against this site

    That was probably enough, and most likely reinforced her opinions. We see providers that advertise/post on this board say that they run into guys that pull the "I'm MrBigshot on TOB. Kinda big deal. Do as I say and you'll get a great review". Throw in the sometime preception that some folks on here, provider and or client, come off as or do think their shot don't stink, yeah, there are people out there that have a distaste for folks from here. Personally, I do not use board handles unless provider requests a pm from the account. Comes off as douche-y throwing one's handle around, imo.
  9. Not enough African-American providers

    Not too off. According to Census Bureau, CO is 87% white, 4.5% African-American. Yeah, not going to be many AA providers. That said, seem like quite a few do pass through the area and advertise on Backpage.
  10. Your penis shrinks in space

    From the link: "Because a penis becomes erect with blood flow, getting an erection in space is a lot harder than it is on Earth." Was going to add, with space not having an up or down, how can you tell if you got it up?
  11. Dare I dabble with Eros?

    You are correct, Eros is not as popular in CO as other states/cities. Ditto ECCIE. Eros for the longest time was filled with scam ads (ie. Fake picks, poor/no service). Just took a look and those ads seem to be gone... But replaced with DenverLadies ads (real pics, no service). But, do see plenty of legit providers as well. For business purposes, probably best to advertise there as well. And ECCIE. And what other boards are popular in other areas. Basically, there is no one board to advertise on that covers most of the US.
  12. Scenic Drives & Historical Sites?

    Not to be that guy, but, the re-make/made-for-tv version of "The Shining" was shot at The Stanley. The Stanley was the influence for King. The movie version of "The Shining" used the lodge on Mt. Hood for exteriors.
  13. 411 on Maria (BP)

    Speaking of Ariana Marie, she was briefly featured in an article about webcamming:
  14. 411 on Maria (BP)

    Ditto re: Google Image search. For mobile users, download Chrome browser for iOS/Android. Press-hold on a oucture and you will get the "Search Google for this image". Easy-peasy.
  15. Heads Up Boys!

    Browsing should not pick up somebody's phone. Browsing and replying to an ad, definitely. Especially if one replies to an ad with a too-good-to-be-true photo, no review history, etc. Been seeing some ads of this ilk of late. Some have not had any phone, just e-mail replies. Others, do have number, but request "text only". I did reply to one of the e-mail response ads, where I got back a really steep rate for a massage and some TGTBT pics. Was not going to pull the trigger on that, and got a nasty little note later on along the lines of "if I don't hear back from you, I guess you are just a cheap so and so, and assume you don't want to see me". That'll really seal the deal and get me to come over. Imagining there is some boiler room operation sending random girls to suckers, ala Vegas agencies, and will keep spamming your number at every hour asking "want me, Bambi, to come over"? Or boiler room looking to pull the pre-paid card scam. If replying by mail, I have my burner e-mail and won't have a phone in it unless I get an OK feeling and ready to book. Definitely only use burner numbers for appointments. To minimize impact in the OP scenario.