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  1. $300 Massage

    Old thread on these:
  2. Lo T/ Hi T

    Not according to Mayo Clinic, but, plenty of other possible side-effects: This! As stated by Mayo, side effects of supplements/OTC "cures" can cause some adverse results. Additionally, god knows where the supplement is coming from, purity, actual dosage, efficacy, etc. Since these products are not FDA tested and approved, good chance will get something that does not work (wasted money) and if does work, can make other situations worse. Also, root cause might be some other issue, which a doctor probably needs to address.
  3. What to do in Boulder?

    Add re: Salvaggio's, seem to recall seeing a location on The Hill, same strip mall as Santiago's and Dot's Diner.
  4. What to do in Boulder?

    Re: Farmer's Market. If you go early, it's OK, but does get overwhelmed with strollers and dogs clogging things up (ie. Can't move easily). Some joke that it's nothing but kale stands. Big fan of the Ella's Farm stand in late summer: apple varieties you do not see in any stores (eg. Arlet aka Swiss Gourmet is a favorite) and Black Cat as they have different/unique greens vs other stands. Re: Salvaggio's, the Mall location is there (14th & Pearl) as well as the Pearl & 27th. It's ok since their meats are Boar's Head, bread is top notch, but still just a sandwich shop, imo. Nothing special. Have not been in their since the following event:
  5. Earning in the sex industry

    Along the Deuce Bigalow comment in OP, not doing anything for the ladies?
  6. Too dang sensitive? You help me judge, please.

    From a client angle, yes, excessive: no way a provider is getting all that from me, no matter how good her rep. Might exclude me from specific providers, but does not stop my ability to see other equally good providers. Re: the quote, never got this. Like a cop can't get a fake identity, including a driver's license? Right up there with putting "you are not LE" in an ad, like that will stop them.
  7. Sad day in Geek-land

    When I saw the thread title, was expecting a rant re: Doctor Who.
  8. ID Rant

    Not that it will make things easier re: guys who don't read and follow complete ad, but, probably should change the P411 or references section in your ads to also mention that you will need to see id. Don't think that line of reasoning will win clients over. And clients might think the opposite for various reasons. Tons of threads on the board, a dead horse topic in that it will not win one side or other over. As Keyser said, just move on, downside of the scheduling process for providers.
  9. 411 on bp Camille.

    This. Even with real pictures, those can lie (i.e. real old, flattering poses). For me, it's a bit of sixth sense when I read the ad: they just smell of "management", fly-by-night, etc. No reason to visit in that nothing in the ad to draw me aside from assumed stolen photos.
  10. And the following thread is related to them: Drama. In the past, they have been specializing in BBW/big-butt MILF providers. Per above, seems like at least two guys have had a favorable time with the agency's providers.
  11. 411 on bp Camille.

    Doubt real. Woman named Cree Ikuko aka Cree Johnson. Great example of needing to really dig deep, not a simple pass of search on phone numbers and pictures in the ads. In this case, hit the following link: Then start Google Image searching on the pictures on that site. Those pictures turn up the hits back to Cree Ikuko. site is great for finding pics a provider used in the past. Can see if pics have swung wildly for a given number and or used patently false pics in the past. Or turn up photos that do get hits.
  12. Last Day, Leaving Town Soon Ads?

    I guess for the guys that are into variety, yeah, could be a draw. Me, always on the look out for a regular, so, not of interest to me. Also wonder re: commitment to service level if punching out. The "leaving soon" is also a bit of a "scam" at times. Providers that takes months. Or some use the leaving when they mean "going on vacation".
  13. The demise of porno theaters.

    Re: Bustop: Nope, not demolished, just gone through several guttings over the years. The original single stage was replaced with multiple smaller stages. Pool and poker tables removed. Smoking room put in, then removed with state smoking ban. Nude side added. And now back to one stage and a bigger bar on the booze side of the biz. Now, Bellas(?) in Longmont is gone. Same owner of current Nitro on Pearl St mall. Same guy that tried to sneak past city council a strip club at the current Harpo's location in Boulder (former Hooters locale, and Big Boy before that if recalling correctly).
  14. Don't think reviews are important?

    There have been providers of the years with good reps and worked out of trailers. Personally, saw a nice fbsm provider many moons ago that was in a trailer.
  15. Don't think reviews are important?

    Hell, if guys would read the 411 board, might have spared the grief: she popped up there a month ago.