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  1. A True Blue Local Agency???

    I was a big fan of agencies back in the day, and do see the upside with them, for all parties. When I first started to play, and internet escorts were pretty much non-existent, I dealt primarily with three agencies. Two had a regular changing lineup of hotties, and pretty much all of them provided excellent service. These agencies knew what my type was, so, always sent over a lady that did not disappoint in the looks department. The third agency, to this day, pretty much my ATFs came from there. Unfortunately, one moved out of state and eventually the agency got shut down half a year after meeting #2. And Denver Players/Sugar also got shut down a couple of months after my last visit with them (LE probably saw me going in there during my last visit). After that, decided not to go with agencies again, what with the visibilty of their black book, after that.
  2. Fuckin Broncos...

    Had to down vote this. Signed, Still Pissed Could Not Beat Rogers-less Scum and Blew it Against Lions Bears Fan.
  3. I agreed to pick her up

    Re: Chicago pizza: grew up there, and frankly, not that big a deal, imo. In Denver, supposedly Patxi's is good for that (have not tried). Is (was?) a place on Colorado that did a good Chicago style. Re: Chicago dogs: always liked Mustard's Last Stand. Location in DU and Boulder. There's a place on Santa Fe and one LoDo, Mile High something or other. Chicago on Colfax and Wasdworth(? Sheridan? They do a good job as well, with the bonus of other Chicago delicacies like Jays potato chips, Fannie Mae candies, Salerno butter cookies). Re: picking up a lady: I'll pile on... not a good move, imo. It's one thing if you and the lady are on good terms, otherwise, run into situation of OP. Could have been worse: car jacked, busted. And not a great move to ask for more (basically asking for a discount). Once she said could not make, I would have politely called it off and called a different lady. Heck, if making the drive, probably could have worked out an incall with someone.
  4. Multiple Providers Associated with One Numbers?

    That's about it. 99% of the time, some type of "management" situation, be it an agency or other. Yes, occassionally ladies share a number, but pretty rare and usually not more than two different ladies. Search the board for "Denver Ladies": an agency with lousy rep and lots of different and shared numbers. In that case, most likely the lady in the pic will be the one thatt shows, just won't get any action. $200-250 blue ball situation.
  5. 411- Nuru Backpage Amber

    Looks like stolen photos, 'cause the earlier photos used under this number are different.
  6. 411- Nuru Backpage Ava

    Did you Google search the number?
  7. Ivy Doore 411

    Was thinking the same: that other thread/ad has a very similar ring to it (and stolen photos).
  8. Traveling the world, where to next?

    In the past, seem to recall providers posting to avoid ABQ: at time slow, and active LE.
  9. Glenwood Springs

    Don't know what messages you got, but, there are providers that work ski country. And guessing Aspen has a provider or two, just guessing will be real pricey. Can maybe get (or go to) an ASP from Grand Junction, but she might want a multi-hour price to make the drive worthwhile.
  10. Eros Call Center Raided

    Wouldn't count on just high revenue sites getting shut down. Locally, this guy was only getting up to $2400/month and wound up with 15-mos in federal lockup. Wire fraud and Mann act charges.
  11. Ivy Doore 411

    Looking over the profile... says she's blonde. That should have been the biggest red flag. Cached ad of what she MIGHT look like:
  12. Ivy Doore 411

    They did not find a way around as TinEye found it on the second photo. Just tap the top cloud on the thumbnail in her profile. Don't think the ad board mods (if there is such a thing) check photos before being posted: ad board has had its share of stolen pics. ADD: was Google Image, however, it is now not finding the images. Odd. ADD2: the buildings in the background alone would have red flagged the pics for me.
  13. Ivy Doore 411

    Stolen pics: And judging by the photographer's other pics, pics are from Europe. Can also tell that by looking at the building across the street: very European architecture. The line " I give reviews on all rude clients." in her ad is a bit of a yellow flag: high maintenance, PIA, she's too good for this attitude, etc?
  14. Eros Call Center Raided

    Not necessarily. DHS covers several organizations, including Customs, FEMA, Coast Guard, to name a few. Who knows what the warrant is for, but, could be for something as simple as money laundering, wire fraud (credit card transactions and other EFTs fall under this since banks are in different states and the transaction now becomes across state lines [or countries when dealing with adult-friendly payment processors]). Or Mann Act. Rent Boy fell on these two charges,. And other ASP sites have been hit with similar charges. It's a playbook that works, even at local level: Denver Players/Sugar owner, in addition to tax evasion, also got the wire fraud charges (moving money electronically between banks, taking credit cards) thrown at them (with usual plea it all down, but still getting conviction and shut down).
  15. Rendevu App for Providers

    Believe Apple's App Store would not accept it for distribution: believe they have various rules re: apps to facilitate illegal activity (yeah, yeah, it for time and companionship only, whatever else happens...). Google probably has similar terms and conditions for those developers.