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  1. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    Well, it might be a place to go to just to have been in once. Cheap beer, live music on some nights. Food nothing to write home about, but, Burger Madness (cheap burgers) on Tue, Thu, Sun. College dive bar, basically, with all that kitchy stuff hanging from the ceilings. Nothing dangerous.
  2. Ivy 411

    Nice catch! I suspected I had seen this crew popup on TOB's radar in the past, just was not sure and know how to go about tracking it down.
  3. Ivy 411

    Number was tied to an "Ariel" as well earlier in the summer. So, obviously, an agency. Do not see an Ivy tied to Denver Ladies.
  4. Review clichés that make you roll your eyes.

    And the similar when DATY: "she had her O, now it was time for mine". Or, "think she had multiples, now it was my turn". Preach!
  5. Ivy 411

    Helps to provide a link to the ad and phone number.
  6. Thoughts on using CC?

    Recent thread on same topic:
  7. The plutonium was a bit of a concern. Anytime you launch a probe with plutonium, lots of concern should the rocket explode on launch. Cassini was an even bigger concern due to one of the slingshots it was using to get to Saturn would cause it to pass REAL close to Earth. Should the probe veer off course and smack into Earth's atmosphere (and burn up), pretty much the entire world's population would be exposed to plutonium. That was the bad news, but, calculations were that only (tell that to the poor souls) 5000-10000 extra cancer deaths. And odds of probe failing this way was 1 in 1,000,000.
  8. I am such a Pussy!!

    And probably tough for ASPs. I liken it to the fracking industry in the Dakotas. So many people ran there with $$$ visions in their heads, but reality smacked them hard re: no place to live. People in tents, RVs. ASPs probably can make money, but won't be easy. Guessing will be tough for a provider to find a place to bunk down, even if not doing incalls. And guessing hotel rates will be going up to capitalize on the influx of contractors to work the construction jobs.
  9. 411 on Avalon BP

    Guessing that Avalon provided OP with previous identity when he took one for the team? Re: not looking same: hard to tell. Last time she was on P411 was July, say 2-3mo preggers the , by now, things would be filling out around the chesticle region.
  10. Better get all you can For the youngins.
  11. Better get all you can

    A hoax?! So this was not a documentary I watched?!
  12. Speaking of Screening…I got a Text...

    Be like a provider: ask for copy of id, she can cover up her address. Or, john method, selfie with her holding sign with her phone number and today's date to prove who she is. Phone numbers can be, obviously, spoofed (see: all the telemarketer calls one gets with same first six numbers as yours), and hearing the back story, would be real leery of responding and getting into something.
  13. Will that be Cash or Credit Sir?

    Amen! Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are ok if, from a provider angle, wants to treat that as an investment (i.e. has liquid assets for day-to-day, emergencies, etc), but due to its fluctuating value and still not many places to easily convert to real cash (and without transaction fees), tough to use and or your $XXX dollars is no longer $XXX in value. Would not be my choice for services rendered. Credit cards, provider on the hook for fees (percentage) of all transactions. And she might get their CC service cutoff if servicer finds out what the money is for (pretty much stock clause in the contracts with servicer regarding that). Paypal, Patreon, et al. are similar: stories on this board by providers re: their Paypal account getting shutdown and funds frozen. If using CC, would use those Visa/MC/AMEX gift cards: not directly tied to you (assuming not paying with CC for it), and if the number gets compromised, not hitting real CC.
  14. Anyone seen Trixie Thomas?

    Guessing she has moved on. Last time she was on the board was July 21. The link in her profile to her "Personal Webpage" is invalid: just a plain old "by" [sic].
  15. Darn Acronyms !

    FS massage therapy? Full body Sensual Massage Therapy?