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  1. Donation

    Or waste time online seeing who the latest pro is in town??? And if you are going to throw around a highly inappropriate word as "Gestapo" for the situation, at least learn to spell the word correctly.
  2. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Didn't Wazee Supper Club just close? Seem to recall reading a story in the "Post" about that (changing up the concept). Zanmai, meh. Sushi Leo in Longmont is better, especially when ordering their more unique fish (ie. Fish from Tokyo, not your standard rolls).
  3. Low Volume Girls

    When this happens, for sure not low volume. I don't think about it. Seems like a marketing term since can't be defined or proved by either party. I'm a simple man: me like what see, me book. And try to get an early appointment so hopefully lady not burned out after seeing too many guys earlier in day (be it 1-N).
  4. The Tip up front

    ^^^This. Making an ASSumption here re: funtimes50's latest review: not surprised that the tip thing happened. It appears that the agency involved has had several reviews/threads here for a different location (believe DTC/Englewood) where hot girls but no joy. So, girl knows will not be getting a tip after providing nothing, so, upsell from the start (these "managed" body rubbers generally give 40-60% of fee to the house, and are looking to maximize their intake).
  5. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Seasonal is a little tough this time of year. That said, Black Cat/Bramble & Hare in Boulder has their own farm (veggies, meats), really nice food. Once summer hits, many Denver restaurants start to feature locally grown vegetables and fruits. There are a couple of other restaurants out there that have their own farms as well, just can't recall right now. Along those lines, the Oskar Blues brewing chain of restaurants also have their own farm where they raise cattle for burgers (Chubb Burger), they have their own taco joint/tasting room in Longmont. Old Major in Denver makes their own charcuterie and butchering. The Kitchen locations (Denver, Boulder, Glendale) and Oak @ 14th restaurants (Oak in Boulder, Acorn at The Source) are farm to table. Hedgerow in Cherry Creek is part of the Kitchen empire, but have not had chance to try. These locations will source local as well as out-of-state. Lots of restaurants in Denver area that do farm to table. No real "Colorado" cuisine, imo, as that can be pigeon holed into game meat, trout, beef (Buckhorn would be good for that or The Fort in Golden). ADD: get a paper copy of "Westword" weekly newspaper and or scan their online copy to check out restaurant reviews. Generally pretty spot-on for where to go.
  6. Strange Thing at the AMP

    Smart move re: circling back. But as pointed out, they might already have your info. Then again, if have not been back... Number of threads over the years on the board re: cops pulling people over after leaving AMP/highly-trafficed-static-incall asking what you were doing there. Recall a thread re: news story where guy admitted to getting some, so, busted him then went into incall and busted the provider. I remember a story from years ago where DA somehow talked a john to roll on the AMP: DA had lots of high $$ credit card transactions from the guy at the AMP. I guess with this angle, 1) pay cash, B: don't be a fixture at one place where they have your plate, financials, etc. ADD: ALL AMPS are under scrutiny, imo. Makes for an easy bust for LE, can wrap it into the trafficking reason. Like other static incalls, bigger issue vs. "sketchy" neighborhood is what the neighbors are complaining about. If a neighbor of the AMP is upset and calls LE, they will come out watch. Plenty of stories on the board re: someone rats on the business with lots of middle-aged men only going in/out at 30-60min intervals.
  7. Pornhub: Pay or not to pay?

    Bravo for supporting Wikipedia. Eh, for Pornhub. JRWolfe can correct if he sees this, but I get the impression that Pornhub is not putting stuff up with copyright owner's ok. So paying for pirated video? If they disappear, will be a ton of others filling in the void.
  8. Bar flirt game

    Well, some of us don't have a wife/SO, so, that point is a bit moot. As others have mentioned, it's not that anyone has issue with two adults having fun/fantasy, it's their dragging in an innocent by-stander which is the fuckery in all this.
  9. BS

    This I will call BS on. More respect for people, yet less tolerant at what you perceive to be BS??? I will take this thread to be a call to arms re: "my worldview is the correct one and anyone that goes against it is full of it" disguised as deep, philosophical "wisdom".
  10. 411 Queen9

    "Youth has its drawbacks"? Bah! You commited the cardinal sin of asking what services she provides. Which in turn probably crossed the line in her ad of "be respectful".
  11. A little Help in the Highlands

    Don't see a too big an issue: let lady know you are leaving for the appointment so she can give you location for first call, tell driver that is where you are going. Walk the rest of the way. That said, that all falls apart if her actual incall is a mile or more away (had that happen to me on a number of occasions). Maybe an understanding provider to give you first call location somewhere close?
  12. Bar flirt game

    Good luck to OP: the plan does not seem wise and or easily doable, imo. First, hope management does not toss the wife out thinking she's a working girl and they don't want that kind of thing in their lounge. Then above. Then need to get whatever tired business guys there to nibble. Mix in alcohol and possibly a macho territorial a-hole, might be getting into a fight.
  13. Location information

    And "Ad Description" when searching ad board.
  14. 411 on Heavenly Scarlet

    REALLY?!?!?! She might be a blonde that kinda looks like that, but, no way in hell it's the girl in the pictures. Judging from the pics, appears like they are from Spain, Portugal, Italy (the non-tropics pics). So, girl has money or family that can send her to these locales, get some sexy pics taken, yet escorting just out of high school to pay for nursing school and or living expenses? Searching on the phone number, turns up this ad from a couple of days ago with different names and pics. And the cached copy of the ad has yet more different pics. At best, smells of agency and god knows who will show.
  15. 411 on Michelle Vera

    No info. I'd be a little leery in that there does not even seem to be any chatter about her on any of the boards out there for Vegas. Add in a $1,400/2hr rate, deposit, wanting work info, I sure as hell would not indulge as Vegas is full of women that look like that, for a lower rate. And might as well save that kind of hobby scratch for a local favorite. Or four.