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  1. How or why does a So-So review get removed?

    Does the provider still show other reviews? Could be that the provider asked to be put on the Do Not Review list. Could be for many reasons why, but sometimes, they are a so-so provider (eg. 3g, non-GFE) in the eyes of the clients, and probably not great for business to have a trail of reviews that say "money best spent", "more bang for the buck" elsewhere.
  2. AirBnB vs Motels

    Topnotch has a point, though maybe not stated well, or PC-like. You do hear stories on the board and from providers directly re: the brain-dead clients. The ones that show up knocking on the door, looking for an appointment NOW! It's these types that are problematic. Imagine you are an owner, and some random dude shows up late night/early morning asking if "Bambi" is available. Is this a regular occurrence, probably not. But it is a risk for the owner. And if they rent out the space multiple times to a provider, and she gets busted in the location, MAYBE have to deal with public nuisance case and or promoting (probably would get off, did not know what was really going on, but still a pain, lawyer bills).
  3. Weekly place and location advice/

    That is a dilemma. I've seen posts and reviews where guys get scared off or down review when locations is sketch. Then again, as mentioned, anything not in DTC will deter a big chunck of guys. Personally, since I'm well north, the 225/6th location: a little closer, and nicer locale. Either location is a hump for me, so, almost a wash: would make it work if booking (about the lady, not so much the locale; hell, went to Idaho Springs to see a provider [was worth it]).
  4. Etiquette rant

    But when you factor in that the "good stuff" will most likely be an overnighter, hopefully multiple pops, still might be a deal.
  5. No Honor or Integrity???? You be the judge

    What Stevie said. And this just goes to show that the "don't give out your personal information" camp's advice needs to apply to ASP to ASP interactions as well: never know when an ASP might save the information in their phone and forward the wrong number, name, etc. Stick with the burner number.
  6. 411 on Lola (Fitness Model)

    Denverladies might be upping their scams. Never put it together until today, but, on Backpage, there used to always be ads on the body rubs section with really attractive/TGTBT pictures. Out-of-state numbers. I avoided them for logical reasons. Wee hours this morning, couldn't sleep, started to troll the other sections of BP, to see where the refugees are landing (one upside, lots of the ladies have finally updated their ads with new pictures). And a particular ad I pull up (since deleted it looks like), "pictures are familiar... It's Lola!". Ad has a link to a website, where services and prices listed imply she might have gone indie and could be worth a chance. But, big head quickly took over: the number in the BP ad (317-678-7866) turned up lots of hits from other parts of the country, and some of the same pictures I saw in the aforementioned old BP rub ads. For example: And here is an old ad for Lola and Denverladies with one of the Jackie pictures: So, either DL has taken their scam nationwide and upping the illusion of more than you'll get to new heights, or, some sort of hooker karma biting them in that their photos are getting stolen and used to scam others and not fill their pockets.
  7. Overflowed with bullshit

    This. For us old timers that were on the internet before Al Gore invented it, this all brings back memories of when AOL opened the doors to the internet for their subscribers. The howling on places like USENET: the end of the world, idiots posting all in CAPS, the uncouth things they post, women complaining about the creeps and the creepy e-mails they are getting, etc. Rep points to everyone calling out the clique-y elitist attitude of some. Been lurking a long time here, and this board has always had this general vibe going on: (then again what board doesn't behave like this).
  8. Question for all you BDSM People

    Re: pro-subs, Pavlovia has one on staff. This lady offers services as a sub, when in town: Occasionally, there is a woman that advertises on BP "women seeking men" section. The jack shack on north Washington says they have submissives, but, guessing ymmv. Along the ymmv angle, there are providers on P411 that list "submission", but that might just mean "tell me what to do, order me around".
  9. Question for all you BDSM People

    Several ladies on the board do from Bondassage to full BDSM sessions, so, can start easy and work into more serious play. Have not seen myself, so, can't say yes/no: Alexa XXX Kat Sensual Violet Rose Thorne Kittybabe Rebecca Big thing about BDSM, imo, is stimulating the biggest sex organ we have, the brain. Been to Pavlovia once. The lady was nice, and skilled, but did not provide the mind f**k. Kinda going through the motions. Domina Elle and Mistress Victoria have teamed up and have a HUGE space with every type of contraption and toy you can think of. Every fetish under the sun is pretty much on the table. Seen Elle in the past a few times. Victoria, have seen many times over the years: would be great for a first timer. Victoria Elle Karin Sin shares the same space, but have not seen (seems really into foot fetish, which does not float my boat): Someone I have seen a couple of times lately is Ariah. Interesting in that not a traditional dungeon-like space, but has pretty much all the toys, capable, can be easy to sadistic, elements of tantra mixed in with BDSM. Read her website completely, since she is a bit "non-traditional", there might be an element or two around her personal/lifestyle choices that one might not get over, but well worth it.
  10. Backpage escort section gone

    Re: who in DC to blame: both sides of the aisle. What with deadlock in DC, if anything gets done, both sides need to cooperate. Re: lots of ladies signing up for accounts: mods are going to be busy with warning about no advertising on the discussion board. Re: ladies moving to massage and women seeking men sections of BP: guessing the massage section and the more general services categories will be back into war mode. Back in the day, the massage section was full of "ads" by massage therapists telling everyone to flag the body rub ads as they don't belong on there, not legit, etc.
  11. AirBnB vs Motels

    It's a wash, imo. Hotels have cameras all over the place. Nanny cam would be creepy, but, it all boils down to the lady, she's the one on the hook if owner or hotel staff call her out: odds are I don't have to deal with fallout/being called out since I'll be long gone. Motel/hotel has always been uncomfortable for me in that hotel might already have an eye on a lady, key access to floors/doors. True, some hotels might turn a blind eye, still... Then again, I don't visit visiting providers often, I'm interested in locals that if I really enjoy my time with, I want to book again and again and again and...
  12. 411 on Lola (Fitness Model)

    I'm on the same page re: replies to legitimacy of Lola (she's a ripoff, scam, etc, it's Denver Ladies). But for some, they are looking for the "safe" lapdance/stripper encounter. So, the defender of Lola might have got what he was looking for. Everyone has there own comfort zones and level of ideals: one's great session might not be some other's.
  13. Requesting 411 / Info on...

    Re: ECCIE
  14. Backpage executives beat pimping charges

    Prosecutors trying to bring the case back: