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  1. Hose and Heels?

    Yeah, love heels and hose, but, not going to get picky about it: it'll usually wind up on the floor anyway. Pumps/FM heels alone work for me. Not a fan of most chunky stripper heels. But as others have mentioned, it's summer, and willing to be flexible. For example, swung by a Twin Peaks today, and it is one of their bikini weeks. My server had some long, gorgeous legs, and cute little plain white gym shoes: oof!
  2. 411 on SamanthaSex

    As others have mentioned, Lakewood is not an immediate no-go: seen plenty of ladies there with no ill LE effect. But... lady with no reviews, no track record, out of state, unwilling to send a selfie, pics appear to be from Instagram (unfortunately, many of those pics are not searchable by Google), pics are relatively chaste for an ASP... and Lakewood is similar to FoCo in that lots of the scammer traveling ladies setup shop there... Avoid, imo. Or look at it this way: all these out of state ladies have blessed Denver with their start in the ASP world? Really?
  3. Stood up too many times

    Who cares if they are "reputable". If they truly ghosted you, they deserve a bad review. I have had no issue writing a bad review in the past for a well reviewed lady when she pulled that on me. So, write a review if not afraid of rebuttal. That said, since we are getting only half the story, maybe they slotted you pending references and you never came through? Or back channel traffic said stay away (and maybe info came in late)? And "reputable" is pretty vague: how many reviews, months/years in business (ie. Two reviews from one review wonders do not constitute "well reviewed").
  4. Just Wrong!

    Yeah, you handled it just fine. No ifs, ands, or buts.
  5. Just Wrong!

    Nah, nothing wrong. Yes, stuff happens, and maybe had a good reason to cancel, but to call next day and ask for the special and treat that as a make good? Nope. Now, to be fair, you could have nicely informed him you would be willing to see him, but at regular rate, and then let him be a d-bag and get in a snit about why isn't he getting a deal, blah, blah, blah.
  6. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    This. Have met ladies and or seen ads where required week out, two days out, same day only, or only meet if ready to go in 20 minutes or less. That said, I tend to be a same day guy as my schedule does change from time to time, so, don't want to cancel and get dinged as a time waster. And I won't hound the lady with text messages, phone calls as they have lives, other clients, things come up, and are not sitting by the phone waiting for me to call.
  7. AshleeLove1

    Yeah, look familiar, but not ringing any bells. Aside from most likely fakes, there are two different names associated with the phone (Ashley/Ash, Stephanie). And the Erotic Monkey review blurb under San Jose implies bait and switch.
  8. What happened to beautiful touch?

    ADD: due to SESTA/FOSTA, might also be legally really risky to run an agency/service. Risk/reward might be too risky to carry on for low return?
  9. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    Yeah, maybe a good idea to be prepared when visiting, as yes, seen over the years where ladies will not carry needed favors as they believe those can be used as evidence against them by LE. As to asking before meeting, maybe not a great idea. See: ladies vent about "dumb questions" that could be used against them. This, imo, crosses that line, and some ladies might get in a snit about it. As to keeping a travel kit in the car, also probably not a great idea, as the temperatures in there might be akin to keeping favors in the wallet: not ideal storage conditions.
  10. What happened to beautiful touch?

    There is a thread out there where someone mentioned that there has been drama with new ownership there: seems like there always has been, imo, over the years. So, least dramatic guess, due to all the ladies quitting, probably tough to hire new women due to difficulty in advertising job openings due to SESTA/FOSTA, tough to advertise to gents these days as well, might have got to the point where became a losing proposition (eg. rent on the space was maybe really high). Yes, maybe something else could be going on, but not going to put out any conspiracy theories, privately or publicly. Either way, they had a very long run: can't think of any service in Boulder that ran that many years.
  11. Beware Sextortion Scam

    Heads up! There is a blackmail scam going around where they claim that they have you on webcam stealing/watching porn and demand payment, lest they tell your friends/family/employer. Basically, if you've ever been caught up in a website breach, they have enough info to make it sound legit. Expect these type of emails to keep coming, just turning into other "embarrassing" topics over time. For example, on a different board, person said that they got a phone call from a burner number threatening them for torrenting files using breached data as "proof" that they know who this is and what they did. Usual warnings: don't use same password everywhere, use a password manager so that you can use random passwords and not have to remember them, and be savvy when getting these.
  12. New Again!?!

    Number 2 response here. Yeah, how hard is this? Look at the listings, see someone, call. Or, look at reviews. Or use the search box to track down someone. And, how would someone know what you are looking for? And to be fair, someone that has not been on the board for a decade, not going to put a lady out there. Hell, people that have been around longer and more prolific are probably not going to get a name from me. Sorry, but in the new climate, getting too many messages and seeing too many posts from way too many "noones" want very specific info. And Laci's reply was not cunty: simple facts/steps.
  13. I think that was rude

    Ugh. Reviews, in the past, talking about donation gets a ding. Using lady's computer or submitting review from same location she is in (ie. reviews and posts coming from same IP address). Mentioning specific location. Outing level info. In new environment, getting too graphic might get a ding. R-E-L-A-X. If not, ask Boink for a refund on the membership fee.
  14. 411 on CaseyCutee-FAKE

    Go ahead and take one for the team, let us know.