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  1. Do BJ's cure colds?

    Is that before or after the bj? Pretty solid guess most guys will heed the advice post game.
  2. Caught Self-Reviewing Multiple Times

    Now, to be fair, some ladies in the past got flagged for self review, but there was actual activities/real clients. How the ladies went about getting the reviews caused suspicion for the mods, hence the flagging.
  3. Valentine’s Day

    I'm having a threesome: me, myself, and I.
  4. Pussy Juice - on or off

    Side track, accidentally left it on my leg once. Was giving a lady an over the lap spanking, notice some moisture on my leg, chalked it up to sweat (was summer and dungeon was steamy). Got in the car and "what is that scent??". But otherwise, can't recall a time I washed the face after some dining.
  5. Manscaping

    Add me to the list of doing it. Particularly good for BDSM play: some of those toys can snag on the hairs and, oddly, is not painful in a not play/fun way.
  6. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    Re: single ladies at bars: also been going on for a while now (provider from years ago complained about a purely Vegas vacation where bartender shooed her away thinking she was working). Saw an article a few weeks ago where some NYC bars are telling ladies they cannot be in the bar area alone, gave lame excuses about no food served there, yet old fat dude can get a meal at the bar. Popular place in Lodo, saw the bartender shoo some ladies away some years ago (sure, maybe knew what she was up to). Just saw this re: MGM in Vegas. Guessing all their other hotels will be getting same soon. And probably other hotels on the Strip and other chains across the country as well (eg. Marriotts[?] already have key access to elevators on some of their properties, especially upper floors, so ot a stretch for the rest of the property).
  7. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    Not particularly new. Marriott has been doing this for a number of years now. Some towns have been proactive as well. Could not find an old thread re:Superior has been proactive on this for years. Were some old threads with news stories where front desk called PD when they saw a young lady check in with lots of luggage and some sketchy dudes. Also once a lady checking in that seemed too "unusual" from normal customers (nabbed her and she ratted out other ladies working in apartment down the road). Add in folks checking in and brringing in boxes of chemicals for manufacturing stuff (see: Boulder Broker had a room explosion), Vegas shooting, motels/hotels are probably on hightened awareness for odd comings and goings.
  8. Should I stick to one provider?

    Sorry, didn't go through all the post, so apologies if a "me too". Voted repeat once or twice as that has always been my thing. Find a lady or two that really enjoy my time with, hit them up once or twice a month. But also meet up with a different lady fromtime to time. Like any relationship, nice to have the "comfortable" lady to hang with, it's comfortable and has it's moments as everyone gets more comfortable. But even then, sometimes goes a bit routine, so to have that new lady that maybe can slide into the top spots... and even if not sliding into the top spots, nice to have some strange on top of it all. And works better for scheduling when your go-tos were not available. Example: many years ago, used to book through three agencies. One, always sent me some really fun ladies that became the regulars once the previous ladies moved on. One agency, only one girl worked for me, and limited menu, but, damn! Other agency, always a new lady, but knew what I liked, so was a nice change of pace between the others. I've also dwelled in the BDSM world as well, so, I've always has a couple of ladies on top of that, since that is more of a niche and imo a tougher spot to get a comfort level (be it sub or dom position for both parties; more of a mind f**k thing vs more physical [brain being biggest sex organ]).
  9. Hangover Cures??

    Hair of the dog for me: a Bloody Mary does a great job for me. If not too bad off, a beer generally gets me better. Greasy foods have also helped for me: fries, fried chicken. Maybe a burger. Chicago hotdogs. Basically the fatty protein food group. Gatorade or some other energy drink before going to bed. Bananas, as Laci said. Pedialyte and the ilk also does wonders for Tequila Flu and the viral types.
  10. possible new scam, or is it paranoia

    As mentioned, watch the card. MIGHT sell the information on the dark web. Or as mentioned, might be a drop shipper or newb etailer that could not fullfill the order. Will ditto BH and Adorama and their rep. Luckily, been decades since bought from them and never had to try and get a refund. Last camera and lenses came off Amazon: maybe not as cheap as the NYC guys, but definitely much cheaper than brick and mortar shops in town. Something I have not seen in a while, and wish were offered more: single use credit card numbers. Your CC provider would generate a CC number that was only good for the transaction. Say it's $95, you'd punch in maybe $100 limit, just in case shipping is more, for example, that way can't milk the card dry is something odd going on. Got caught up in something like that about a decade ago. Scammer had a website selling some specialized electronics connectors. Wanted to get two to start. Was only $30, so no big loss if a scam. After a week, nothing re product shipped, communications. Could not reach anyone. After some searching, previous incarnations of the scam website had lots of negatives. Once word got out, this outfit would build a new website, new name, and start over. Since I had a one time use number, only on the hook, at worse, $35 (limit I put on the "card"). With chip credit cards, every transaction where inserted is in essence a single use number. Swipes and online is still old school and potential for hacks, stealing.
  11. All these fucking guys playing games. Ya. On tob go figure

    Ugh. Millennials. Signed, Proud no dick dirty ass Geezer.
  12. Vice activity

    Many times, this seems to be the case. Denver Players/Sugar, neighbors complained. In Boulder, you had Wildflowers getting complaints due to setting up in a cul-de-sac. Massage provider with an office space and neighboring units noticing only middle aged dudes going in. Ditto AMPs. Desk manager at hotel does at times call it in. And sometimes it's idiocy by warring factions: back to Boulder, where Sensations and Cherries got neighbor complaints and they each ratted the other out to police in hopes of driving the other out of business (believe PD took both down on same day).
  13. Single, so, not a problem for me. Will say: DO NOT use something like office/buddies happy hour, or anything else where the other half can start making calls. I once got a call from an irate wife asking if I have seen her husband. Said no, last I saw him was at work. Huh, she says, he said he was going out for drinks with you. Oops. He was using the "out with the guys/coworkers" excuse to have an affair with a woman from work. Needless to say, that was the end of that marriage.
  14. FaceTime bug on iPhones

    Forgot the snippet from the system status page:
  15. FaceTime bug on iPhones

    Apple has pulled the Group function offline. Want to be extra careful, can totally turn off Facetime on your device. Appears any device that can run iOS 12.1 is affected by the audio part of the problem. ADD: demo video of bug with X-family devices, so, they are not immune.