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  1. Since some ladies still can’t access TOB

    Another thing to try, point your DNS servers from ISP's to known, fast, big name ones. All kinds of ways of doing that through settings on your computers, phones, routers, so, can't spell it out. But if technically savvy, here are the IP addresses of quality DNS servers (just enter the four-digit number strings as is, skip the commentary names): (Cloudflare, fastest) (IBM, darn fast with extra security) (Google, fast, but, it's Google and their baggage, but good if other two are down [doubtful]) (Google backup server)
  2. Since some ladies still can’t access TOB

    If still having issues, on an iPhone, try turning on the off Airplane Mode. That should clear DNS cache (aka map/translation of website name to internet address). Nuclear option is to do a reset of Network Settings (will wipe out wifi passwords as well, unfortunately): Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings Macs, gets a little more complex. Will leave Windows and Android to others.
  3. 411 DenverBabeNicole BANNED

    Or not. There is a thread on the board re: the software ala Photoshop that allows you to add hand holding the pieces of paper with a lady's phone/name on it, today's date, etc. And part of that is adding in hands. Unless she's holding the latest copy of "Denver Post" or "Westword", not going to trust the "hold up x fingers". In this case, she could not use the selfie camera on the phone and hold three fingers under her chin etc? But back to first part of paragraph, still not real "proof".
  4. 411 Jades Pretty

    Already a thread on this
  5. The Dark Side of Stolen Photos Part 1

    Yikes! Pretty much a worst case scenario with this. And not unusual. Recall a story some years back where a young woman (read: could not vote) was posting pictures of herself on Instagram in bikinis, lingerie. Soon, her pictures were in about every other Backpage ad. And soon started getting creepers coming up to her. Luckily, she was not harmed, but, scared the hell out of her, and pretty much branded a hooker for years. Unfortunately, the ladies that are stealing pics are not going to stop: craven attitude of better her than me.
  6. 411 Jades Pretty

    Did you Google Image search the pics in the profile? Would see Angela in ATL is using the pics.
  7. Why the reluctance to take credit and debit cards?

    Apple Pay or Apple Pay Cash? Just curious, because from what I recall, Apple Pay is really not much different than a "standard" CC transaction. My understanding, everything goes through a credit card processor, so, their liability rules/process apply. Ditto card issuer re: disputes. And because of this, you do see where processors like Square might pull the plug on an account when they figure out what the charges are really for and are violating their T&Cs. Apple Pay Cash on the other hand does seem like it is tougher to reverse a transaction as need to send to a valid Apple ID account, provide finger print or face id. And it's a direct transfer from one Apple account to another, so, not waiting for stuff to clear with a processor. But, in the end, everyone needs to be in the Apple ecosphere for this to work.
  8. Why the reluctance to take credit and debit cards?

    This. The big banks are everywhere. 7-11s have ATMs. If have a credit union, and looking for a Co-op affiliated ATM, can see that being an issue (my CU is affiliated with them, so, no ATM fee at those), but even then can be found online via the Co-op website, and can make a note of where some of these are on the way to usual visit locales (I pass by 4 of 6 CUs that have Co-op ATMs on my route(s) to visit ladies, and 7-11 ATMs are Co-op friendly as well). ATMs will allow, depending on your bank, up to $400-500/day. Some banks are higher. So not an issue to get the proper donation. And if don't want to pay an ATM fee, why not? Some ladies that do take CC charge an extra $10-20 to use CC, to cover the processor's transaction fee (3-5%/swipe). $2.50-5.00 ATM fee will save a couple of bucks.
  9. First World Problems...

    That's normal. I have relatives with Keurigs and they all sound like about to die. That said, they do seem like they don't have a long life (mom is on her 2nd or 3rd machine in about 5yrs). Personally, not a fan of Keurig other than in say an office environment: almost every brand of cup tastes the same to me, and not great (Kirkland Pacific Bold is not bad, Whole Foods brand as well). At home, French press and relatively freshly ground coffee (I burr grind a few days worth of coffee at a time and store it in an air resistant container). Drip, Mr. Coffee gets good reviews for the quality of the coffee brewed and would agree: basket (so not working to death the grounds in the point of cone machines [eg. Krups]), good job of getting water to proper temperatures. Can get one for cheap. Add in using a reusable filter to get extra flavor (paper filters also filter out the flavor nuggets), get a good cup of joe in just about same time it takes for Keurig to warm up and brew a cup.
  10. The one thing I've learned....

    My favorite training plan:
  11. Making Love vs. Sex

    I'll echo the "it's sex" crowd. Money being exchanged, it's sex. But does not negate possibility of having sex in the style of making love.
  12. Well there goes my secret life....

    And using free wifi might be adding to the situation as well. To echo AdmiralC, unless totally off the grid, tough to be anonymous, but unless involved in bigger matters, LE really does not care. Get a hobby phone, don't sign in with real world credentials, don't do anything real world on it. Use Privacy Mode in browsers, look up address ahead of time (in the case of Denver, not tough to get to the hotels/motels once know what corner it's on, so no need for the map apps being on). And even then, one accidental "ok" by you or others to something like "SocialMediaSite would like access to your contacts" provides a treasure trove of info that can be linked. Example: LinkedIn keeps sending to my hobby email "do you know these people" notes with real world info on providers I contacted years ago, or, the election year text messages I'm getting (I don't put my cell number out there, only my Google Voice, yet the political groups tied them together and send texts with my name in them).
  13. 411 on Snow Bunny

    Good catch. On a related note, saw a different provider's ad where she linked to PornHub and had her explicit pics there. Guess this is maybe becoming a thing re: not having to deal with sites getting their panties in a bunch over too explicit for their liking pics.
  14. skinnyblackchick/Angelicastjames - Banned

    Link? Phone number?
  15. 411: Audrianna Rosr

    Already a thread for her.