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  1. On same page with others re: "elite" is subjective and no guarantee that that experience will be different/better. This is a variation on the scheduling with a porn actress threads on here: floats your boat, great, but as others have learned, not always getting the over-the-top action seen in the vids (ie. Not offering an experience any different from local talent).
  2. Anyone worried about

    I'm with Laci: we have been spied on, be it corporate or gubmint groups, for a long time now. Not happy with Congress's move, and writing letters to my reps, but I would be more concerned re: a different move by Verizon: they will be installing spyware to track your every app move.
  3. Harmony (BP MASSAGE AD)

    Old review:
  4. Suicide Girls burlesque show coming to CO

    Agree with JRWolfe: a number a troupes in the area. Heck, about ten years ago, there was a group of former Bronco cheerleaders that had a burlesque act, that included ESPN's Michelle Beisner. I believe Wade Phillips's daughter was involved as well (she's the belly dancer in the film "Charlie Wilson's War"). "Lannie's Clocktower" has regular burlesque shows.
  5. Suicide Girls burlesque show coming to CO

    Taking it briefly sorta off topic: a Suicide Girls burlesque show would be a very meh show for me due to above. Not much novelty in Suicide Girls these days imo. Tattoos never were a turn-on for me, and as pointed out, so many women have ink, and at times, so much, I'm more amazed and turned on when I see no ink on a dancer at a strip-club or a provider.

    Some of the reviews on that site are scraped off of The Erotic Review. So, don't doubt other sources are being used as well. As Camper said, they might be sloppy re: tying reviews to correct fake names. For example, there is a white FBSM lady on that site, good reviews here on TOB, but one (only?) review for her there is tied to an AA woman and full service. Basically, need to take any site/review, including here, with a grain of salt. Gather as much info you can and weight them all.
  7. 411 on bombshell brunette, 26, 720-323-1514

    These websites that seem to show personal info, not really reliable, so, not really showing anything. Remember, phone numbers get recycled, and in this case, looks like the number once belonged to a 65yo woman.
  8. just some imput

    Buying the card is not proof of solicitation since those cards are basically untraceable. Since untraceable, no recource when things go wrong, and makes for easy scam. Showing up, no matter what payment, or even meeting, is more proof for LE (see: FoCo busts guys showing to motels, even with no money exchanged). Since you are onto the scam, and call them out on it, yeah, no surprise they have ignored OP. This is not different re: ladies asking you to do a cam session to prove legit: get some bucks, never hear back. Ditto hookup websites: sign up and start text/IM sessions (now the credit card is there to bleed).
  9. How long to wait/did I handle this wrong?

    I'm with others: write a review. Even the best providers NC/NS, and if others also write reviews, at least that gives the guys out there that yes, she may be great, but might also be a flake and want to add that into the equation, when slotting 3-5hrs of one's time (drive + fun). I've had it happen to me with a well reviewed provider (she called to let me know we were on before I left the house, hour later, radio silence), and had no qualms putting the review out there. As for what you did, nothing wrong. Hell, had more patience than I would have had: 15-20min tops for me. You might consider yourself lucky, in that you might have dodged a poor session. ASP might have been double booking and 3G-ing everyone? Too tight a window between appointments, so, rushing you out before the next guy? Guy before you is a regular and she's allowing him some extra time, eating into your time ("sorry hun running a little late today, we'll have to cut your appointment a little short")? Or, to be fair, maybe the other guy was running late, but even in the last two events, I've had the ASP let me know what was going on, and I've chosen to bail and see if I can get an appointment with someone else on short notice.
  10. just some imput

    As others have posted, and just to emphasize, it's a scam. Before the "session", they will ask for your Green Dot card's number, so they can "verify" the correct amount is on it and that you are for real. And then you will never hear from them again because they have transferred the money off the card into their account. add: like LE can't get a Green Dot card etc at the Walgreens?
  11. U guys are good and i need help, please?

    "Asian", "Backpage", and "Legit" do not add up, imo. That said, one of two things, per Juanmotal's post, my guess might have been a legit massage provider (in both RL and hobby world) that does not know of such things as Googling phone numbers, and accidentally outed themselves. Or, name for an AMP-like service in an office park, where the women will not look anything like the pictures in the ads.
  12. 411 on stunning BP Jade (832)970-8008, Boulder, Co

    Kaylee, 502-398-0092
  13. 411 on Candace

    Did you do a Google Image Search? Pic Search
  14. Sexi Lexi

    Re: meetandgreet's efforts to alert the lady re: PII tied to her escorting persona: I have run into this on numerous occassions. And I usually let it be. Over the years, you see others posting that they tried to alert a lady to the issue, only to have blowback: lady gets freaked out because it is creepy. Yes, some ladies on here might welcome being alerted to the problem, but again, on here, the level of provider is a more professional professional, but even then, can see getting blowback. Downside for the gents: possible blacklisting as a weirdo/creep/stalker?
  15. Favorite gambling town hotel for hobbying

    I'm not surprised re: what Adriana said right above. I've been to Vegas many a time, and even in those behemoth hotels, security knows who is escort or not. Now there, true, they do turn a blind eye most of the time, but I have seen security trail escorts through the hotel, as she gets frustrated as she says she's going to the club, but never goes and never shakes security. Or security discreetly walks up to a couple of women and ask them to leave. And in some cases, seen providers walked out in cuffs. CO casinos, so small in comparison, an escort is going to stick out like a sore thumb. With all the cameras in a casino, just asking for trouble.