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  1. Plagiarism?

    You smile and remind yourself that imitation or plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. Take it as a sign that you are doing something.
  2. Places to Eat Downtown Denver???

    Since you are from Miami I recommend Cuba Cuba. The food is quality and they have the best mojitos.
  3. Legit massage / fake pics

    Ok. What am I missing?
  4. Nooner?

    I recently went to Unser Karting. Definitely fun!
  5. Don't sell my dildo!

    Seems like the Goodwill does not accept sex toys. Check out this information video I found on the topic.
  6. For you Mozart fans

    Why do we have to restrict our enjoy to Mozart. has been performed in interesting arrangements as well
  7. Hello To All

    Welcome to the board and have fun!
  8. Late Night or Early Morning?

    Late night or early morning? hmmm...yes please
  9. Daily sex topics?

    anything mind blowing would be appreciated
  10. Brand New to TOB!

    Welcome to the board. Enjoy your visit
  11. Music Preference

    Going back to my lost youth, I have always thought it would be fun to follow Mike Demone's advice and have the B Side of Led Zeppelin IV planning during a session
  12. Lingerie Preference ?

    Note to self: Hurry up and set the first session because the second one sounds like it starts up well.
  13. Lingerie Preference ?

    +1. I likey this look the best. As for the lingerie leave it in a ball by the corner of the bed because that were it would end up anyway.
  14. Introduction ( :

    Welcome to the board. Most don't bite unless you ask nicely.