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  1. Blurred Lines Video

    That song moves move in all the right directions!! So Hot!
  2. Happy Birthday Wendyluvsfun!

    Happy Birthday Chickadee!!! Muah!
  3. Back up plan?

    EB is booming on Sundays with lots of ladies. Just go down the list darlin and IMO you will get for sure get someone!
  4. It is really not difficult to become established.. As a provider Why would she waste her time going to a location without doing some simple research.. Google is a wonderful tool...With ones address it is quite simple to check when the house was last sold and on the market..I guess it just depends on how much you want the Call.. P411 is the best way in!! JMO
  6. Dating

    Wow, so even in the "Normal" so to speak world you are asking a lot.. Do you give out applications to your candidates.. Just wondering!!
  7. Website!

    LMAO - Wow!!
  8. LMAO.. The anticipation is killing me!
  9. Why not just get some ice and ...............!!
  10. Happy thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
  11. Happy Birthday Gina!

    Happy Birthday Gina. Thank you for all that you do!
  12. I miss the lvfever format

    Ignore the ungrateful Negative Nellies folks.. You rock!! Thank you for all you do for us grateful ladies..