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  1. JillBean23 Colorado Companion Any info on this cosplay girl on tryst? My spidey sense is tingling just a little...
  2. hobby computer security question

    Number 1: Never click on links or download files unless you trust the source 100% Depending on how old the computer is you could upgrade it to Windows 10. Use a secure browser and maybe a VPN. I use Brave as my browser and have it set to delete all browsing history on exit.
  3. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Gauge - damn that ass
  4. Alia 720-815-6005 Colorado Companion Nothing sets of my spidy sense, but no hits on any of the pictures or phone number. Any thoughts on her guys?
  5. New to Denver

    Welcome to Denver!
  6. Who would you bring back?

    MJ - she was a gem!
  7. Not been a problem for me yet, will be 55 in August. One YL even managed 3 in an hour - I wouldn't have bet on that!
  8. Ladies we have to do better

    Thanks - not the most obvious design feature.
  9. Ladies we have to do better

    Strange - at first I didn't see ad text, and then I noticed it for a split second and then it disappears.
  10. Length of Time to wait

    I have this happen a couple of times also. I've decided 30 minutes is my max.
  11. Let's Talk About Switter

    Another shout out for switter on Engadget Article Link it seems to be gaining a lot of traction.
  12. Let's Talk About Switter

    Looks like this could be very promising - new user here too: @kevhead63
  13. Really, how long?

    My answer is it really depends on the chemistry and the position. Cowgirl a long time, doggy is in the middle and missionary usually only a few minutes. No idea why, just the way it is for me.
  14. Hot Springs

    Never to muggy to go to hot springs here If you go to Conundrum do yourself a favor and avoid weekends.
  15. Hot Springs

    If you stop by the Enterprise Bar & Grill in Rico they might tell you where the secret hot springs are, there are also some pools right on the CO River. I'll make it adventure, now that you know a little I'm sure you can find them!
  16. Deal killers and the opposite

    Raquel Welch!
  17. Is Denver overated ?

    Nope - definitely not.
  18. Snowboarding!!

    I'll be different here - I really like Ski Cooper. Sometimes on week days it can seem like you have the whole place to yourself. You won't get the thrill of some other places, but the enjoyment I get there can't be beat!
  19. Looking for some advice here. I made a date at 4:00PM, and I called from the prescribed location. She answered and said she was running 10 minutes late, was that OK? I said sure and found a parking spot and waited 10 minutes, and called back. She said it would be 2 more minutes, and said I should move my car to another location. Weird, but I did it. It is now 4:21 and I get a call and she says she is almost ready - just two more minutes. I wait 7 more minutes because I'm running out of time and call and get voice mail. I leave a message apologizing that I have an appointment at 5:30 and that I'm going to have to cancel. I leave at 4:30 and get back on the interstate. I get a call at 4:33 saying it will be just 2 more minutes. I tell her I'm on the road and I'm sorry, but I couldn't wait any longer. I get reprimanded and hung up on. Was I in the wrong here? How should I handle this in the future? I'm thinking on the 2nd call I should have said I can't wait much longer...
  20. I'm an hour driver from Denver, so I think that's what upsets me the most. Getting ready, driving there and waiting. Three hours wasted
  21. Thanks guys - this makes me feel better. I'll stop sweating it
  22. Just read me

    I believe I got started in the hobby because I was never able to make an emotional connection with any of the women I dated (one of my friends insists I have aspergers). I started a few years after I moved to Colorado in 2004. I found several places on the web (this site, bears board, craigs list, backpage). My first experience was with a young lady from backpage - I now realize how lucky I got because it was a really good experience. I'm sure glad I found TOB!
  23. 411 on Lilithcelest

    Not a lot more info, but from a previous thread Lilith
  24. Any additional info on her

    Thanks gr8owl - definitely off the radar.
  25. Robyn 720-226-0603 Colorado Escort Anyone see any red flags here, not a lot of info to go on. ☎Seven 2 Zero-2 Two 6-Zero 60 Three☎ __________________________________________cached Ads cached Ad BP Denver escorts Nov 19, 2016 cached Ad BP Colorado escorts mujeres 2 de noviembre de 2016