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  1. Old members you miss the most

    Sasha Boulder is dearly missed...
  2. I have learned: ~To always confirm hours b4. ~How to login to p411 with one hand, on my mobile phone, while driving. ~That seeing a stack of fresh towels makes me happy. ~That Google Voice isn't a perfect product. ~That intimidation over stunning women is something you can permanently get over. ~When ur atf asks if you want to grab lunch after, u cancel your afternoon plans and go. ~Pierced nipples are better to look at then suck on. (Great thread geecue!)
  3. Okay spinners be prepared to take my $$$!

    And on to you geecue, may your hobby leadership continue to prevail!
  4. Just moved back from Santa Fe, NM! Wouldn't advise anyone move there if hobbying is important to you. The scene is small/limited and LE is super aggressive against us, wtf... Ended up traveling to Abq for most appointments - traveling girls were the highlight. Have a few good ASP recommendations - pm me if your interested. Long live Denver - the promise land of hobbying:D So happy this board is relevant to me again!
  5. Albuquerque

    I recently moved to Santa Fe and I agree, stick with p411 and/or datecheck. Options here are a far cry from Denver. Miss all my Denver princesses!!!
  6. What song do you listen to get pumped?

    Hell yeah, morning routine of champions!!
  7. What song do you listen to get pumped?

    All Emika's stuff!! Tho when I'm about to pull up it's usually Professional Loving: or Can't we pretend: PS: probably not for everyone, lol! And you need a good sub in your car.
  8. Sasha-Boulder

    Does anyone know if she retired or just went on one her extended vacations?
  9. Any more aging surprises?

    'Agast' Thought it was acceptable to pay to have your fantasies realized...
  10. House calls

    I've never done it for the exact same reasons. But I do like the thrill of walking thru a new door, tho...
  11. Any more aging surprises?

    I’m 42 and I think I’m in some kind of decent shape. And so far I’ve considered aging and sex to really be a shit drag combo. (Make no mistake I’m still a rockstar client, LOL!) However, a few days ago I was going at it and had this really built up excellent pop and my tailbone and a few vertebrae up all cracked simultaneously. I’ve never experienced anything like it and it really added to the O intensity!!! So my question is: are there any more positives to aging and sex? Or will fucking just make me a cripple?
  12. What do you call her?

    Guess I look at it like she's already given herself a pet/play name and I buy into it hook, line and sinker... Maybe I need more imagination...
  13. 411 Eva Castaneda

    You, me and I think everyone else! Emailed her, she's working on p411 verification.
  14. Heidi 480

    Saw her a week and a half ago. She has a lot more reviews on TER. The pic's are not of her. She's a black/Filipino mix if I had to guess. She's cute but nothing like the pic's. I noticed a profile pic on p411, that was a pic of her. BBBJ and MSOG was not part of the package and the incall was god awful...