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  1. Mexican restaurants

    In the DTC- Park Meadows area my favorites are: The Rio Grande, Hacienda Colorado and Brewery Bar. In my opinion, The Rio has the best margaritas in Denver.
  2. Deep Throat

    Thanks for sharing that one Nikki WOW!
  3. 411 On Jasmin

    This lovely lady posts 2-3 times a week on backpage. Feel free to pm me with any info. Thanks in advance.
  4. Compliments?

    Holly, Coming from you, I would take any compliment as being genuine as you are a very genuine and honest provider. I enjoy giving compliments as well as receiving them if they are warranted. Great post!
  5. Should You Shave Your Nutsack?

    I do shave down there and it has always been received well by the ladies. They have been much more willing to do their thing down there. Also, I have never encountered problem with razor burn etc. I definitely have to agree with all of Nikki's reasons!
  6. I definitely want to know what brings her pleasure. If she provides guidance and instruction all the better.
  7. Russian... How do ya like it???

    If you perform all of pfunks suggestions. I don't see how any of us would not be totally satisfied. Hey didn't tell us which variation you prefer?
  8. Tramp stamps

    As a lifelong Packer fan I am loving it Adelle!