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  1. Tiny ____

    Thank you all! I have met a couple of the mentioned ladies and I'll have to meet a couple more! If any other favorites pop up let me know please!
  2. 411 on Olivia BP Gymnast

    Let us all know if you meet her!
  3. 411 Elyse

    Have any of you gentlemen met Elyse? I've been texting with her and she seems legit but the lack of history make me nervous! Thank you in advance! 7203580354
  4. Tiny ____

    I'm into the tiny, petite ladies right now... Looking for your favorite compact provider references.
  5. Fun sized

    I swear I saw her on the newlywed show recently! I'll look for the clip. Hahaha
  6. would like to introduce myself

  7. I can relate to a few of these.
  8. Scottsbluff provider

    Hi all, a couple years ago you helped me with a provider in scottsbluff. Curious if anybody knows of any others? I'll be headed up there in a few weeks.
  9. Anyone Seen Stacy?

    I don't know about Stacy but her mom has got it goin' on. Sorry, I couldn't resist!
  10. Aren't pictures amazing?

    Agree 100%!
  11. Aren't pictures amazing?

    Isn't it funny how some girls' pictures make them look SO amazing but in real life they are just meh..... Then other girls' are quite the opposite and you wonder why they even posted them because they don't even come close to doing them justice!!!!
  12. Victoria or Lola

    Victoria and Lola are the same girl. She had a scare and had to change it up.
  13. Victoria or Lola

    I've seen Victoria and I'm having a hard time scheduling with Lola. She denies she was V. If she's the same girl she is worth a visit. Very cute and awesome body but everything is an up sell.
  14. Dream date

    Ok all, what provider best matches the drive that this girl has? Bonus if she looks like her too!!!