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  1. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    Vodka, but I need a mixer, not straight. Guess I am a whimp
  2. Something Different

    Thanks for the laugh!! Very accurate!!
  3. off the clock time and extended dates

    You can't reason with unreasonable
  4. Wahhhh...This is Me!!!!

    If you feel guilty or feel you shouldn't be doing it, then maybe, don't do it sweetie
  5. I think I can say this ...

    MSOG means more than once and there no defined number - just more than once
  6. "Owns Toys"

    If you look at the OP's posting history, the majority of the posts revolve around strap ons. His posts scream Timewaster!!
  7. Age

    18 - 80
  8. Deposits

    I can see a deposit request for a longer appointment or an overnight. I can't see it working with one hour appointments. JMO
  9. 14ers with my dogs

    I climbed six 14er's last Summer. Bierstadt, Quandry, Grays, Torres, Democrat, and Lincoln. On every Mountain, I encountered dogs :-). I climb the easier ones though. I agree about waiting 2-4 weeks before climbing. You want to Summit and come back down by noon, to avoid the lightening in the afternoons. That makes start time very early morning. The rocks frequently have frost on them even in July. If you want to start now, get microspikes :-)
  10. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Honestly, it isn't any clients business how much business a provider does in a day, week, or month :-)
  11. The Nice Guy

    I meant he, not her. Oops
  12. The Nice Guy

    You forgot to add that the reviewer decided to stay because her was already at the appointment LOL
  13. Happy Mothers' Day

    Thank you
  14. ISO Provider wanting to be Pampered

    Pick me, Pick me!!!! Sarcasm Font off...
  15. Meet Me at the Hotel Lobby? Not the kid.

    That will happen if there is too much traffic to a room in a hotel.