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  1. Security

    I wan't to clear something up, if I wan't clear. I'm not criticizing her security or her precautions. I am all for them. No one should feel uncomfortable in these situations, kinda ruins the vibe, eh? I get where she was coming from, but I didn't like being treated like I was some creeper. There is all ready a lot of stigma attached to this hobby. I guess I was just kind of put off by the tone and perceived treatment. And to be honest I think, with a few days in hindsight, I was probably more embarrassed that I messed up twice on such a stupid thing to mess up on. I do agree that sometimes the flow of info can seem one sided, but that thought has to be tempered with the fact that these women have their faces out there and we don't.
  2. Security

    So I've been having an odd experience today, trying to communicate with a provider. Let me start by saying I respect privacy and safety in the utmost. I'm not so much whining, as trying to fully understand. A provider is in town that I missed the last time she was here. I saw an opportunity to try to set up a time to see her and sent her an email. Unwittingly I sent it from a email address that isn't the same as on my p411. I honestly never even thought about it. All of my email addies are very similar (probably not the greatest idea for security, fixing that now) so it is very easy to confuse them, plus no one else has ever had an issue if I emailed from a different account. So I receive a rather terse reply saying that I need to send an email from the same as on p411, and that I'm coming across as suspicious. This is after trading texts and sending a PM on on p411 as well just giving aheads up that I sent an email (I guess I believe in redundancy in the communication front). Okay, I think, no problem. I set up my p411 a few years ago and honestly didn't think to check what email I used when I set it up. So send a new email from what I think is the correct addy. I get another reply saying that this is also the wrong email, and that I'm really not looking good. Another strike and I'm out. Like I said I completely understand the need for safety. However in my mind I haven't done anything to be suspicious about. Sure the emails isn't whats on p411, but how else would I be able to send her a pm on p411 if I wasn't me? Isn't that the point of the damn site? It verifies you, not to mention I'm not some damn newbie. I have a dozen okays from reputable women on there. I guess I'm just curious if this is a common occurrence? In my years of hobby-ing I haven't been held to this much suspicion since I was a newbie.
  3. "Extra" service at a strip club?

    On a whole I agree with most of the guys here. For the most part, providers are far less hassle, less money in the long run, and if you're smart and see reputable ladies, you know you are in for a good time. However, I know from personal experience, that strip club fun is possible. There are key differences to provider fun and strip club fun thought. First, I think generally, guys see a provider for one reason, really. Some guys will say they enjoy the company, or conversation, or feeling wanted or whatever (those are legit reasons, however in the end, sex is the primary motivation). Lets face it, most guys could find companionship for far cheaper, if sex wasn't a motivation, but sex is always a motivation. 1) Now, strip club fun is far more about the experience. To have a shot at scoring with any woman, let alone strippers, you have to get to know them. Be a gentleman, be kind, be funny, listen, have real conversations with them. It is the rare guy that is so hot/rich that can just throw around money and bang whomever. I consider myself to be a fairly attractive guy, when I smile at woman they smile back, however I'm not some Abercrombie model. I have found that treating strippers like real woman, with worth and value, instead of like a commodity (which they are being told every second they are working by the very environment they work at) is the key to having a chance. So be nice, don't get handsy (only touch when invited), be respectful, BE A GENTLEMAN! 2) Now many guys have said you have to throw around a lot of money. This is both true and false. Its the way you throw around what money you have that makes the difference. We all know drinks are over priced at clubs, but the fact is drinking is, quite frankly, one of the perks for the dancers. Most of us would love to be able to have a beer or whatever every now and then at work. So buy drinks! Buy drinks for your favorite dancers friends! Buy drinks for the wait staff, and bar tenders, and door guys! Be fun, be the party! I am not advocating drinking to excess, I believe and hope that we are all adults here, so act like it. Being memorable is important. These ladies see so many faces everyday, it has to be a blur very quickly. So stand out (in a good way, not in a I-got-so-drunk-I-pissed-myself-and-everyone-thinks-I'm-an-asshole way), be fun and exciting. 3) Tipping. Tipping is, universally, appreciated. These ladies don't get paid hourly, and they aren't there just to get drunk. Now, at the club I go, most of the ladies know I never get private dances and never sit at the table, but I always have 3 or 4 ladies hanging with me. How is this possible? I should also point out I am not rich, by any means, nor do I try to pass as such. However I do make it a point of tipping what I can, to every lady. Some guys have a favorite or are regulars, so if thats you then don't feel bad about focusing on one lady, however know that showing a little love to other ladies builds a positive reputation. And don't feel like you need to be slipping ones, dancers have stacks of ones, and some have told me it gets annoying to get judgemental looks when paying for things, so toss a few twenties around and your golden. At the same time seeming really generous. Sometimes its fun to have a little fun with tipping, I'll 60 or 80 in ones and the ladies with 'make it rain' so to speak. So, tip what you can, when you can! 4) What I get out of this. I'm sure you're saying to yourself, "this sounds like a lot of work and a lot of money". Yes and no. For me, this isn't about 'work or money', and having a lot of it or not. Its more about time and effort. When I go to the club its like a party, I go to have fun, with half naked (sometimes just naked) woman. I go to hang out with fun, exciting, usually wild ladies. When I have some free time, and don't want to have a few beers alone. The ladies know that, essentially I'm harmless, which is a good thing. I won't grope them or be crude. I won't treat them like meat or a product. I am always a gentleman. And as a consequence they open up and have fun with me. I've experienced most of the acronyms in the club, and at the least a make out session. Every time. I am not bragging, or saying its easy, or that every guy will experience this. It pays to be nice, and liked, and to not be an asshole. I think the only reason the bouncers and staff haven't ever given me or the ladies a hard time is because they like me.
  4. Best PSE in Denver?

    I'd second Zoey. Also Laci French. Talk about energy.
  5. 411 Jenna Shea

    I thought it looked suspicious too. Not sure why I was semi-hoping that maybe it was her. Nothing quite like a whooty Anyway, thanks for confirming my thoughts.
  6. 411 Jenna Shea So the pictures are of Jenna Shea, I'm just wondering if anyone has TOFTT and found out if this is actually her?
  7. Tanned Ladies

    Okay, kind of a random question, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of any ladies that are super tan. I've always had a thing for tan lines, and this summer has been great sun wise, so has anyone seen a lady that is super sun kissed? Trust me I look at the pics like everyone else, but often they aren't updated all the time. Feel free to PM me as well
  8. WTF

    Is this ????
  9. Video Clips on BP

    Right I've noticed them too. They are kinda cool, its kind of harder to fake one of those, way easier to steal pics.
  10. Any info on her I'm pretty sure shes real, but you never know. Does anyone have any info on her?
  11. BP Girl Jessica Lynn

    And shes on p411. Its weird her pics are "verified" on there too.
  12. Opinon

    Bit- They seem so similar. I want to see them, but didn't want to get burned.
  13. Opinon

    So I've seen these two ladies on p411 (, and ) and it blows me away how similar they are. I kinda think they are the same woman. What do you think?
  14. 411 Jasmine I've searched her pics and #, and got a ad from Omaha. Not sure if real, or fake, but I'm curious if anyone has any info. Thanks
  15. BP Fun I'm not sure posting as being sexist is a good thing?