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  1. Whatever happened to..........

    Jade in Thornton. I know there seem to be a LOT of "Jade's" out there but this one was a wonderful late 20's long straight dark hair medium build wonderful large breasts and seems to have disappeared. I was introduced to her by MonaMonroe a few years ago and saw her off and on for a couple years before taking a break from hobbying, but now that I am back in wanted to see if she was still around........?
  2. Why Would Anyone Use Viagra?

    Perfect post!!! As al "older guy" I absolutely agree. I use V and it works great. I also like to make sure BOTH of us enjoy.:)
  3. House sitting, outcalls

    I would be worried about hidden cameras also unless you are VERY good friends with the house owners. My answer would also be "no" unless you got the owner's permission to bring over a "date" or "girlfriend" so they wouldn't be upset if they did notice presence of female when they returned, etc.....
  4. iso Edging++

    As another alternative, get a membership to P411 and fill it out and there is a blank screen for you to put down what your desires are and when you set an appointment with a provider have her review it and let you know if she will allow....
  5. purchasing Viagra on-line

    This is HUGE information about Viagra. Thanks~!
  6. Old members you miss the most

    Absolutely, Brooke Kelley!!!!! Also, Sexy Maid, Sultry Jada, Ms. Katherine and a couple others I cannot recall their names........:)
  7. purchasing Viagra on-line

    I have had my family doc give me an Rx of Sildenafil for ED. Even says so on my label. Right about the pills being 20mg each, but as I said "per mg" it is wayyyyy less than Viagra and seems to work better!
  8. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    Take care sweetie. You were one of my first friends here and thanks so very much for everything.....
  9. purchasing Viagra on-line

    Either way it is now available here in Denver by prescription as Sildenafil at a HUGE reduction in price........:)
  10. purchasing Viagra on-line

    I am happy to report that recently a generic equivalent to Viagra has come out, seriously! I got an Rx from my Dr., and it is "Sildenafil" and comes in 20mg tablets which is less than half the price of Viagra per mg and in my experience works even better. BTW, I take it with L-Argenine and "Male Fuel (TwinLabs) and I can pound nails..........
  11. What ever happened to Chey?

    One of my faves for complete UTF experience. Since I returned here have not been able to find her or comparable in Denver or Littleton........(yes I know she was in Aurora but I moved:))
  12. My reaction is I want to be pleased ~ but I also want to be a gentleman and attentive to my companion. A negative experience I seem to run across, though, is that there are more and more providers who just want to aggressively work us over and then leave. THAT SUCKS. I desire companionship that is fulfilling what I want for the companionship for, most of all............an enjoyable time!
  13. beware he poses as a client

    I absolutely agree with this. I know the damage. This is just crazy to see happening here on TOB without consequences............. Thank God the mods caught this..............
  14. Haven't seen her around for a while. Is she still available anyone?
  15. Same old Mr. Reindeer. The outing happened first and after I was told not to discuss on this TOB I was unable to tell "the rest of the story". This circles back to the OP's point of bitching. There you go.