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  1. That Dirty Ol' Web Guy...

    Beverly mentioned that she is retired and 2big commented on that, i think he did stay on topic.
  2. This is interesting, The effect of the last minute cancellation is equal to a ncns for the client. He left work, and wasn't notified of the cancellation until the last moment. Courtesy goes a long way in this business, while it was nice that the lady let him know, the notice was way to late. Shit happens, true, but that doesn't help the client. He had no other options after the cancellation to see one of the fine ladies that post on eb. The op in my opinion should read the email, decide if the excuse for the cancellation is a reasonable one and go from there. If reasonable then he can decide to reschedule with the lady if he chooses, and if it seems like a bs excuse he can decide to never see that lady. Nobody likes a last moment cancellation and nobody likes a ncns.
  3. p411

    Presently there is no law that says you must use p411 or any other screening agency. That is up to you. Many ladies like the p411 system so it may be a good idea for you to go that route. There are still alot of ladies that do not require p411 so you can see them . I am not a p411 member and i have no plans to join. I don't hobby enough to need it and when i do hobby i see a lady that screens in a different way. I do know that some ladies offer enough of a p411 discount on a session that if you hobbied enough you will make it all back. Happy hobbying
  4. Got Fake Money! :/

    To avoid paying with cake cash i only pay for my funtime with change. Yes every bit of the donation is paid with loose change. Quarters,dimes,nickels,pennies and the odd dollar coin. Sure the large bag of change is a hassle to lug around but it beats giving counterfit money.
  5. NO,NO, and NO. The only reason to use someone elses pictures is to protect your identity. When that happens the lady may protect her own identity but she puts someone else at risk for being called a prostitute/hooker/escort when she may have no connection to escorting. Use your own pictures, blur your face, photoshop out tats, whatever but do not steal someone elses pictures.
  6. i always bring the ladies to orgasm, i'm that good. No, really i am.
  7. Quiet restaurant booths

    How about writng to penthouse, Dear penthouse, you won't believe this but i took a lovely lady to dinner and i got to play with her under the table.......
  8. Tight?

    the obvious solution is to squeeze a little harder with your pleasure hand, cheaper than an escort and you don't need two references...
  9. I suspect that the cops do care and will make whatever busts that they choose to and when they choose to do it. whether or not it is worthwhile for them to do anything about the crime of prostitution, could be a different story.
  10. Women in jeans and a t-shirt are sexy. I prefer the lady to be wearing whatever she wants, that way she is more comfortable.
  11. Sorry to hear of your pain. Nair works for me, no pain. Gentlemen, please use these hair removal products ell in advance before seeing the lady of your choice. They all smell bad, and you need to be sure that you are fresh as a daisy.... Also, wash your butt, make sure it is squeeky clean.
  12. I miss Fae

    Many many fine women have come and gone from here. Sometimes they reappear and other times they don't.
  13. Eating Cum

    No problem with a kiss, but sure i would not like it spit into my mouth
  14. Who's Up Early?

    trent, relax, nobody slammed you in this post. If you are so thin skinned that these respopnes raised your hackles maybe posting here isn't a good idea for you. Both pfunk and inkspot answered with good answers.
  15. Donations

    Gee whiz, maybe it's STOCK SHOW season..... happy hobbying.