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  1. Hot Springs

    My vote is Rainbow hot springs out side Pagosa. It's a 7 mile hike one way to get there so it's not crowded and people don't usually hike in a ton of beer cans to litter about. ots a great reward for a beautiful hike
  2. Hello, kinda new here!

    I live high in the mountains outside Durango and I take the mountains for granted. I rarely even notice them until they present a problem (like snow too deep to get to work) I don't even notice the wildlife anymore unless they piss me off like deer in the road and Bears trying to get in my truck. But as soon as I go back packing I fall in love all over again and remember why I left Denver in the first place
  3. Snowboarding!!

    I do enjoy Purgatory. It's an easy family friendly mountain that I enjoyed skiing with my kids (when they were little) it really reminds me of Monarch. One of the best family mountains in the state. But it's lacking in terrain and not a very well set up mountain in comparison to the other two. And it's too easy for my kids now so they get bored. My oldest [Snip} could ski Purgatory's hardest run with his eyes closed. So we only go there on holidays or in large groups when skiing is not the priority.

    Congratulations! I still remember the joy and relief of graduation day.
  5. Snowboarding!!

    I love Wolf Creek and Telluride. But I live in Durango so they are easy access for me. Both are great mountains snow sucks this year though.