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    My name is Savannah! I'm very energetic and bubbley! I'm 5'5 118lbs 32D blonde hair blue eyes!
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    VISITING Denver(DTC)
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    dancing & having FUN!!

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  1. I have 2 things to say!!!!!

    For one.... How is it the middle of May and it's still freeeeeezziiiiiing and snowing?!?!? U guys must have had the worst winter ever this year!!!!! But for 2.... I guess I haven't been out here for awhile because some of the sites are very different.... I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say which one I'm talking about?? But t.n.a I soooo different I'm not sure if I'm even using it right!!!! Any advice guys or ladies?!?! Thank you!!!! And stay warm xoxo
  2. Happy to be back.. But WAY tooooo cold!!!!

    Hey guys!!!!!! How is everyone doing?! What on earth is going on with this freeeeeeziiiing cold weather?!?!?! It's DEF the coldest trip ive ever taken here!!!!? But at least it'll prepare me for when I go visit my family in mass for Xmas.... Where is everyone spending their holidays this year?!?! I'm sooo excited for Xmas!!!!! I have Christmas fever and nothing can bring my spirits down!!!!! Lol
  3. Summertime in Denver

    Thanks guys!!! Ill def have to check those places out!!! I'm so excited to actually get to do some exploring outside this trip!!!
  4. Summertime in Denver

    So every time I come to Denver it's usually in the winter time when it's cold and snowy so I don't spend much time outside... Well this time I'm finally here while the weather is warmer!!!!! So my question for all of you is what fun places are there to go to to hang out outside?!?! Are there some nice parks or trails you would recommend?!?!
  5. Would you bang her?

    I'd bang her.... Her lips look very luscious
  6. Shannon Stone

    Another stone?? must be my long list sister lol
  7. visiting Denver

    Hey girl... I'm just visiting here too.... I lovvvve it here!!!!!! I'm sure u will too
  8. thank you denver

    I will be heading to MA <snip> to visit family for the holidays and wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful gentleman that have made my trip out here a great one! I always enjoy my time here in Denver... it gets even more beautiful here every time I return!!! Unfortunately I'll be waiting for the cold to pass until the next time I come visit... I hope everybody has a great turkey day and happy holiday's... xoxox Savannah
  9. Twilight

    whos excited for the last twilight?!?! i LOVE twilight!!! i cant wait