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  1. Newbie

    Welcome to the Board!!
  2. Insight

    EroticMonkey near as I could tell, pulled from TER AdultLook looks like it pulled from BP Bedpage attempts to be a piss poor clone of BP and trying to search for Denver, you get ads from across the country. Never heard of the others before.
  3. Can we lower cost of living while we are at it? Since wages have been stagnate forever...
  4. Hello everyone .

    Welcome to the Board!!
  5. What we need is...

    Not everyone that comes from BP or has used BP is riff raff though. Many of the ladies here have posted on BP in the past. Many of the gents here have been to BP or have even started there.
  6. Insight

    You'll be surprised at what can put a person over the edge. For some people this is total and complete loss of income. There are people out there that are unable or slow to adapt to change.
  7. Just Wanted To Say Hello

    Welcome to the board!
  8. New To TOB In Denver

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  9. New to TOB

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  10. New to the Other Board

    Welcome to the board!
  11. Newbie to TOB!

    Welcome to the board!
  12. Newbie to TOB

    Welcome to the board!
  13. Info on Piper!

    Try PMing the guys that reviewed her if you haven't done so already.
  14. Therapy and Mobility

    Will have to give that a try if I remember, I used to be able to reach over and put my palms on the floor.