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  1. Watch the C-Notes Again...

    All new bills should have a strip in them with the denomination printed on it.
  2. Watch the C-Notes Again...

    Pens aren't a guarantee for finding counterfeit bills, unless they have changed things, all a pen does is determine if the paper is legit. A good counterfeiter will take paper from lower denominations usually ones or fives and bleach the ink off then they print their counterfeits on them. Something I have noticed some places using is a light they look at the bills under.
  3. Worst Movie

    I can't seem to find any reference to that movie. I've asked several friends that are fans of the Highlander franchise and none of them have heard about it, they do refer to a "Highlander 3 - The Apology" though. I've checked and nada...
  4. Worst Movie

    One of the worst movies ever.
  5. Your GPS location on your selfies

    Its information that a lot of people either don't know about or forget about. The GPS data in a pic is what helped the FBI nab a hacker. His calling card was an image of his girlfriend's boobs. FBI surveyed the location which was his GFs home, eventually catching him.
  6. Reading is fundamental

    Not sure about others, but for me, which part of Westminster can be a major issue for me. SE Westminster should be easy, NW will probably be a royal pain. Also as far as location goes, you don't have to get your exact cross streets. Westminster area, if you were for example to be in one of the places at Pecos and US-36, say you are at Federal and US-36. Years ago I saw someone that advertised as near DTC, ended up they were over by Parker and Hampden (Aurora).
  7. Reading is fundamental

    Maybe back in the days of when there were multiple sites. I've looked at a few of the other sites that are still around besides TOB and hardly anyone posts there or if anyone does it is the travelling ladies.
  8. Stormy Daniels

    No interest, she was bleh when she was a pornstar. Agreed, when she was on the screen, nothing impressive at all, if I recall correctly, she was very mechanical. Fear of being Disappeared? She's isn't sparring with the Clinton's so her life should be relatively safe...
  9. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    Selfies are fine, but for the love of god stop with the snap chat filters/animal face/flowers, etc I know some of the ladies don't really want to show their face, but there is no need to deform your head/face to try to hide it. Photos with minimal photoshopping are perfectly fine, no need to hide every blemish. Professional pics tend to be overly photoshopped.
  10. Things I don't understand

    Badboy the young ladies you posted are examples of what could be considered tasteful ink. This guy however...
  11. Mine is Budweiser...

    Ice Tea by the gallon or Crown Royal (neat, on the rocks, or mixed with cola) for alcohol.
  12. Socks and sex

    Ladies in Socks, no. Ladies in Nylons, yes. to me a guy wearing socks is a scene from a tacky porno
  13. Agreeing to anything over the phone

    Heard it pertains to phone conversations too. But have been told by a Union Rep that in the state of Colorado it is legal to record conversations, as long as ONE participant of the conversation knows about the recording and it can be the person doing the recording.
  14. BB

    Never said anyone had to do to do so or that birth control was 100% But it has been implied that to be successful in TX you had to do so. And if that is the case, then wouldn't someone want to minimize things as much as possible, being on one or more types of Birth Control?
  15. BB

    My question is if she is working knowing that "she has to give BBFS" why isn't she on birth control such as an IUD? Something smells fishy about this story in some fashion.