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  1. 411 on Sarah

    What do you think is most likely in these scenarios - someone who offers fbsm using a pretty girl's pictures, or something significantly more nefarious/dangerous? I'm sure there are examples of either of these, but what do you think is more common based on your experience?
  2. Boolean search?

    I'm not getting this to work properly. For example, if I search review descriptions for "massage" (no quotes) within the past year, I get 168 results. If I search for "utf", I get 247 results. If I search for both, "massage utf", I get 0 results. I know there are reviews that contain both words though. Geeque2's 12/11/15 review of Asian Model Jennifer is an example. It seems like the search is looking for "massage utf" exactly as typed instead of searching for the words "massage" and "utf". Am I still doing it wrong? Either way, I look forward to the enhancements. Thanks.
  3. Boolean search?

    Is there a way to include Boolean logic like AND, OR, etc in the search fields? For example, if I wanted to find reviews that included the words FBSM and MSOG in the description or maybe in the consenting adult activities fields, how would I run this search?