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  1. Favorite in Session?

    I like listening to norm Chomsky will we’re getting busy
  2. Bbbj and p massage

    Trying to seevis anyone provided bbbj accompanied with a healthy prostate massage
  3. How many times do you see a provider

    I can count only 5-6 I've seen, 3 of which I keep in steady rotation of 10-20 times each. Their personalities connect with me and I actually enjoy their presence, that's rare these days so when I find an individual who doesn't trigger my anxiety I try to see them routinely. Don't get me wrong, there's no intimacy or deeper feelings being suppressed. It's like finding a tavern that pours the perfect martini, you don't spoil your palette with over indulgence but rather you know that the perfect martini is out there and when you feel like treating yourself you know how to get it.
  4. When a newbie client is shady.....

    I always try to setup with PM, I tend to get anxiety when talking in the phone and been told i come off odd but when I meet in person I'm confident and chill, so I avoid the phone call. Most providers I've met have been chill too.
  5. Infor on jade?

    I had a blast with Missy a couple times. always picked up I wish she would come back from wherever she went...{snip}