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  1. All about hair

    Red heads are the best. Love those puffy pink nipples. Got my first BJ from a lovely carrot topped lass aptly named Robin. She's still in the spank bank after 40+ years...
  2. Is it a red flag if asked to bring condoms?

    Got a similar call once on the way to seeing an un-reviewed BP gal. Her lack of preparedness worried me a bit, but after a short detour to the corner drug store, the session turned out fine.
  3. Don't forget to bring a towel

    I saw a BP provider not too long ago who for some reason made sure there were no linens in the room at all. It's not much fun cleaning up with TP. The pre-packed gym bag would have been handy...
  4. provider takes pictures of johns that did her wrong

    Agree that the pics should never have been posted. Repeating the offense by copying to this site seems wrong too...
  5. Blackhawk tonight?

    I haven't logged in over a week, and I was certainly surprised today to see a reply to my post from last May. Reading the entire thread clarifies the issue somewhat, but just to be certain, I'd like everyone to know that I did not have a date with Eve or anyone else at the Ameristar that night, and I am certainly not LE...
  6. If the hobby/profession had an anthem...could this be it?

    Brown Sugar by The Stones and Last Night by Tom Petty
  7. 411 Nevaeh

    Thanks for the info guys...think I'll steer clear.
  8. 411 Nevaeh

    I know there have been some previous 411's on this girl, but damn, she's hot. Is there anyone out there with info?
  9. Passing by the Hotel

    Instead of the dreamy reaction you describe, I never fail to get a strange and uneasy feeling when passing by a hotel that I really had no business being in...
  10. Don Jon

    Guilty as charged, but I'm guessing that there may be a fair number of other Onanists on this forum...
  11. Don Jon

    Watched this flick with the spousal unit last night. Uncomfortable to say the least...
  12. Does UTF include CIM?

    UTF does not imply CIM, but some providers allow that type of finish. Check reviews if the lack of CIM is a deal breaker, otherwise, just ask before the fun starts...
  13. The real name.

    I would never, ever, give out my real name to an ASP or to anyone else - P411 included. You just never know where that info could end up...
  14. Same Ninababy?

    It appears that I missed that discussion. I should have learned by now to search first, then post...
  15. Same Ninababy?

    I'm trying to figure out if this is the same Ninababy that has a number of reviews from 2009 through 2011. Please post or PM if you have details..