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  1. Ok, I timed out on my response while editing, so here it is a 2nd time: Not a problem to listen to constructive criticism but all your criticism is non-sequitur. No factual evidence of dis-crediting my supposition. Furthermore, I have spent nearly 30 years of practicing this "mumbo jumbo" and no planes or space craft have crashed because of my engineering. [snip] come back with when you have some actual refutation. Oh, and the alleged size of your wiener doesn't count. Bwaaaa ha ha ha
  2. The trick (heh) is to to understand that the letters are simply placeholders for numbers, and, what numbers you assign to one side of the equation, you must do the same to the other side of the equation. The equal sign is paramount; it has one meaning, and one meaning only: What you do to one side of the equation, you must do to the other side of the equation in order to keep the equation balanced. Example, if you decide to assign a +100 to the letter A on one side you must assign a -100 to the other; or assign a x100 on one side, you must assign a 1/100 to the other to keep the equation balanced. Good luck.
  3. When faced with this problem, I go back to basics. A 3-bit binary word using 1 or 0 binary bits is 2 to the 3rd power equals 2x2x2, or 8 possible permutations. In your example, it would be 2 to the 6 power or 64 possible permutations. The number of red and blue balls (heh) in the bag is irrelevant. Oh, and to answer the OP's question, I am fucking color blind and tune deaf. Gawd, I'd give my left nut to be able to see a rainbow in color or truly appreciate some Beethoven.
  4. Question boys and girls.....

    Perhaps give a discount on the next appt after his review is posted.
  5. I think the idea of de-criminalizing prostitution as a panacea for ills allegedly related to prostitution is as wayward an idea as the now widespread idea that all or most prostitution (legal or otherwise) begets human trafficking. I have seen studies that show the de-criminalizing prostitution actually increases violence against providers and increased human trafficking. So far, the most workable approach (for the provider at least) is the so-called Swedish model where the selling is not illegal but the buying is. In this way, the lady can go to the police without being fearful of being charged if she needs to.
  6. Name the countries

    Costa Rica Thailand Honduras Mexico USA I'd rank them but that'd be hi-jacking the thread, IMO.
  7. Answering your question with a question: Would a doctor or lawyer tell her SO that she is seeing (or has seen) his buds professionally? Same concept IMO.
  8. Add-on Services

    A beer and a shot of Beam and I turn into a happy, and more importantly for you, a very genourous fellow.
  9. Article: "Why Girls Should Never Have Anal Sex"

    I once saw an ASP who first massaged the outside of my poop chute with a lubed up finger. Felt dam good. Then she penetrated and dam, it was as you say, felt like a reverse dump and it was painful as well. I can't imagine sticking anything larger than a finger up there, yikes, no grassy ass.
  10. Songs that remind you of an escort

    Any song of Mariah Carey's & a video is icing. Years ago, I banged a citizen of Cheyenne persuasion who was a ringer for Mariah. Then years later an ASP in Costa Rica who also was a ringer for Mariah also. Good times.
  11. Share-a-hole (my latest marketing idea)

    My ATF (currently retired or UTR, IDK) used to tell me about 2 guys that would come to see her. The way she told the story was they were into her as much as into each other. She was always clean and douched every time I saw her.
  12. Escorts in Atlanta

    That's why I hobby after the purpose of my trip is done and I have a local lawyers phone number memorized. Just in case. LOL
  13. Share-a-hole (my latest marketing idea)

    Fuck "balls touching", I don't even like touching my knees or arms to another man's knee or arms on an airplane. Even when fully clothed. Yuk.
  14. Colfax Stories

    I gots hundreds of them only they are your standard hooker-john interactions with an occasional sprinkling of LE. Oh, got my $4000 Rolex stolen by a hooker one night. About 8 months later, she was complaining about selling a Rolex for only $500 to a pawnshop, I think she forgot she stole it from me to begin with LOL. Course I myself found it on the beach back when I was in college so I never said anything.
  15. Just busting a nut?

    I usually split my hobby time about 90% banging hotties and 10% with those I can relax, chit chat and have a drink with.
  16. Colfax Stories

    First day in Denver, I picked up lunch and parked under a tree next door to eat my lunch. Unmarked and marked cop cars pull up, block me in, and pull guns on me. I was in a bank parking lot and it looked suspicious to them. Got into a fight with a big black dude, he busted my lip and pulled a gun on me. I took the gun away and knocked him to the ground. As I was ready to shoot him with his own gun, a cop car drove by and common sense took over. Good times.
  17. And 10 other myths and facts about our Thing...:p
  18. Do you guys not have hobby phones that you turn off when you are not hobbying? This is what I do and ergo avoid unnecessary contacts until I'm ready for them.
  19. Strip Club Recommendations

    Speaking of dives, whatever happened to the Paper Tiger on south Santa Fe. Last time I was there was 1996 or so when a drunk stripper fell off the stage on top of me. You could get a good stink finger for about 50 bucks. Ah, good times.
  20. Can There Really Be No Consequences?

    In my case, frequent hobbying eventually became tiring and started to become a chore. Back to my once every 3 months schedule & color me happy again.
  21. Been dancing around the edges for sometime...

    Going out with a bang? So to speak.
  22. Age check poll

    Physically 50 and 250. Mentally, back in HS, and 18 and 185.
  23. Half hour visits

    Well, as a general rule, I don't book HH appts so I was essentially shooting from the hip, offering my thoughts w/o any experience. Also, I made the assumption that most ladies don't book back to back appts all day long, I assume they take breaks for personal bidness, so an extra HH could be absorbed easily into their schedule. But then, I'm usually wrong every 50 yrs or so.
  24. Half hour visits

    The ladies should consider offering HH appts with an option of extending if things click. I have, at times, booked an hour and things got so uncomfortable that I ended watching the clock more than her. On the other hand, I've had fabulous appts that I've extended. Paid for, of course.
  25. Redbook seized by FBI

    Brought to you by crime reporter Vivian Ho. "Ho", LOL. :rolleyes: