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  1. "Real" forced prostitution is very rare. Remember under the Federal Acts (travel and trafficking)- consenting adults IS "Trafficking". Under the Trafficking Act if it is coerced than it is "extreme trafficking" with longer prison terms. In Arizona and most States, a boyfriend or husband who drives the escort to dates is a pimp and trafficker. As is any phone person. We have many International and U.S. cases (the current A&E "8 minutes" for example have made up stories that have been exposed that have casts to pretend to be trafficked. The victim industrial complex is bringing in many hundreds of $millions of funding which goes out to police agencies (and big payrolls of the organizations) to promote the trafficking agenda. It is big money and makes great political points to think they are "rescuing" so many helpless women who in truth do not need or want rescuing. I have the non-profit financial filing of many of these "save them" organizations. Lots of the funding is coming from the Hunt sisters (as in oil), Disney and in Phoenix Sen McCain's wife's foundation. In Phoenix, we had the twice a year "Project Rose" round ups to go arrest hundreds of workers off ads to be their pretend victims. Go to the Church hooker fair and be "saved" or go to jail for prostitution. Often this was simply by having GFE or other terms in ads which is solicitation of prostitution. In Arizona anyone who "encourages or assists" is a trafficker. All the local Phoenix boards have shut down due to the legal risks as have some of the national boards (naughty etc) since website owners who have reviews and ads may be traffickers. Maybe a roundup of 100 uncovered 1 case of a "real" victim. If LE would spent their time, police and huge court resources going after the maybe 10% of actual real coerced cases or underaged that would be great. But in private consenting adults which are most of the arrests do not need to be their pretend victims of trafficking.
  2. The correct post on the challenge to the prostitution law is in the general discussion section
  3. huh? Looks like my more detailed post has hijacked and changed. The first sentence makes no sense. NO it wasn't filed by 3 women in the motion to dismiss. The changing my post and treating is yours is simply not accurate.
  4. Update: Lawsuit Challenges Prostitution Law: ESPLER Project Inc. State of California Attorney General Notice and Motion to Dismiss A 206-page response has been made to the declaratory action to strike down the prostitution law, and motion to dismiss is what I expected. The fight is on! Most of the response is exhibits full of the crap about sex trafficking, Melissa Farley's bogus research about the harms of prostitution to women and how the prostitution laws protect women from abuse. Of course, probably 90%+ of sexwork has nothing to do with any coerced sex trafficking but is between consenting adults in private. Next Important Dates: June 8 ? Deadline for plaintiffs to respond to the motion to dismiss June 23 ? Deadline for defendants to reply August 7 ? Hearing on motion to dismiss (9:00 a.m. in Courtroom #5, 1301 Clay Street, Oakland, 2nd floor, Judge Jeffrey S. White) If the State of California wins on the motion to dismiss, it may benefit the cause since it will get the case to the 9th Circuit more quickly. Link: 206 page California AG Notice and Motion http://www.sexwork.com/CalfAGMotion.pdf This is a large 6.3mb file so may take awhile to download. Link: Complaint For Declaratory Judgement filed by Erotic Service Providers Legal Education & Research Project http://phxlist.com/forum/attachment.php?aid=685 Much more extensive information at http://www.esplerp.org
  5. Fort Collins prostitution sting catches 10

    Today is much worse than even 3 years ago. The 36 leaders of the American rescue industry shared a startlingly massive combined total budget of approximately $1.2 billion in the most recent year for which records are available (2012, in most cases). Huge grants to local LE using fake research and ideas that all prostitutes are victims and have to be saved. Just huge spending all across the U.S. going after in private consenting adults to build the numbers for the vast "rescue industry."
  6. SOWET users beware.

    It is easier to charge on the more recent Travel Act since unlike the Mann Act you don't have to actually transport or pay to transport a person for the purpose of prostitution. Basically just use the Internet to promote travel to see prostitutes.
  7. SOWET users beware.

    Trafficking can be the phone operator who helps an escort. All consenting adults. Its like the [snip} trafficking excuse - yet 90% of arrests are consenting adults. Yes a hand release in the law is the same a full service, it violates covered in every States prostitution law I've read as well as Federal. In Colorado it is covered by your 18-7-201 I assume the Fed charges are under the Travel Act like myredbook Feds charged. The internet is "interstate commerce" which gives the Feds jurisdiction.
  8. Bad back

    Wow a hot discussion of Chiro's... happened to stop by here with upcoming business trip to Denver. My experience with 3 Chiros over many decades has been excellent. Depends on what the cause is. In my case, have chronic neck tension which pulls the back and neck out of alignment. The result is headaches that is too strong for usual relief pills. Solved in 2 ways or combine both. 1) For about the last 15 years, had a really great VERY deep muscle massage therapist. Very few are deep enough in the right area. <snip> Sadly she has tumors which may be cancer (at age about 45) and is out of business. Yet to re-find someone as good. 2) Or... since the neck tension pulls out the back/neck structure have a great Chiro who simply whenever I have the headache, get fast fix to put back in place which always works and headache gone about an hour later. Now without the massage gal, the Chiro works. Massage also worked by releasing the tension that was pulling neck out of alignment. Decade or so ago I first went to his wife (they met in Chiro school) since I preferred women even if non sexual. But she wasn't strong enough for my strong neck! Turns out husband who now see <snip> comes from Canada in a smaller town I always go by from Niagara/Hamilton/Toronto to enjoy the sexual adult freedoms of Canada without the U.S. legal issues. Especially nude-reverse-release massages from beautiful women I wish I could find in Phoenix (or Denver!). Once was so bad Chiro recommended a DO who solved it by a cortisone shot - fast relief but only needed that once. Chiro fast adjustment solves ever since. I pay $26 for a quick friendly effective adjustment.
  9. "Extra" service at a strip club?

    Montreal is great if you speak French. Otherwise, Mississauga (Toronto airport city) clubs far more open than Toronto due to more restrictive bylaw (licensing). Hopefully this will not change with the new Mayor. Mayor Hazel McCallion, 93, was mayor for 36 years but decided to retire and not run this year. She has stated it is better to have sexwork in the open than underground. The nude-reverse-release adult massage places are my favorite hangouts but the strip clubs are great too. Also the clubs in Niagara Falls Canada.and sometimes Hamilton Strip in Hamilton.
  10. Legal Question

    Global police agencies FBI/Interpol etc cooperate with each other but very unlikely to be used on a prostitution even if felony case. And we know who shot the gun in this case so not like trying to track and find a killer. [snip]
  11. Legal Question

    I agree unless as I said the gal testifies against the guy. But reviews have been used to threaten escorts that they "could" find the guy, give him immunity and force him to testify under oath. Reviews can also be traced to memberships - who subscribed etc. But it is very hard to get authentication of any reviews and as far as I know have never been used - other than to get plea deals to avoid trial. Seldom to they go after customers since its only a misdemeanor and in many states a short 1-year statute of limitations. But if they really wanted to go after a guy the gal could take a very reduced charge plea deal for her testimony about a client. This really isn't the issue in the original post however, and may be easy to show he is a pimp but does that excuse the escorts actions may be a jury issue.
  12. Hobbying Before The Internet

    Yes of course I meant the web (not internet) before GUI's and before AOL, or the Prodigy boards which were one of the first "boards" vs newsgroups I was active on. There were Colorado folks on it back then ! Heath, Dell, even card readers and B80 Burroughs machines that read cards ran thru sorters for business records I used. Later the Wang 2200MVP I really liked with its HUGE like 3 foot diameter hard disk platters on drives the size of tables.
  13. Legal Question

    IN the usual case, reviews are usually hearsay as discussed unless the provider agrees to testify against the client in exchange for a favorable plea deal. In the ongoing case of 39 in Phoenix and prior case of about 100 lots of reviews from a certain large site, compiled in evidence books and used to urge felony plea deals for 1-2 years probation vs 10-20 years in prison In the Tulsa case, It would seem to be very hard to force a client of the assaulted gal to help much - yes he was a pimp - he can not say without immunity. However proving he was a pimp could be done by subpoena to where ever ads were placed. If ads had GFE or the common abbreviations in them that would prove solicitation. In Arizona solicitation is the same offense as prostitution and if done by other than the escort would be pimping - a felony in AZ. In Phoenix current case of 39 (and 100 before case - and 50 massage case also ongoing) ads were subpoena from Backpage. In the case of the 39 BP provided about 400 pages of details of every ad placed, who paid for it traced to credit card records etc. Therefore proving he was a "pimp" may be a lot easier than having to go after customers do admit to illegal activities. If they just were to testify about "state of mind" the defense attorney would ask about were they having sex - so have to take 5th - defense strategy would be to discredit any customer testimony since they were "dirty old men" seeking that terrible illegal sex so their statements were not reliable.
  14. Hobbying Before The Internet

    Before the internet I was active on the alt.sex.prostitution news group where we had packet readers slowly download text messages at 300 baud (no not k or m but just baud) using MS-DOS machines. On that newsgroup I was one of the first to coin GFE but it had a totally different meaning of a sincere intimacy "connection" without having to "fall" in love but for the moment (or hour). I also recall the Oyster... gee is it still around and if so probably as bad as BP now. I visit Denver usually once a year for a business conference (be there mid Sept) but my interests are more intimacy interactions not the usual abbreviation stuff but more like GFE originally was.