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  1. What's Next

    Think about what you're saying... No female "Civilian" would ever endorse the "Hobby" in an election, it would render the power of her pussy over the men in her life useless.
  2. 411 on Cassie

    Yep, She also goes be Tabitha and def does post with Scarlett #720-448-2896 try this. http://yamzy.com/country.us/city.denver/id.50c34a1b334e6.view
  3. 411 on Cassie

    Pretty sure she posts on bp with Scarlet the brunette, late 40's, up north...
  4. 411 lucious bubblebutt

    Did you notice the pimp that appears in the related post of hers entitled "Lil one?"
  5. Thanks Destiny, all I wanted is a boner for Christmas!
  6. So, that's what Brad Pitt is talking about in the Chanel No. 5 commercial.
  7. Jihad on P411?

    You should get in touch with Alanna Spice as she may have some leads regarding the involvement Illuminati and the cyber attack...
  8. Did Rose (aka Sexy Rose) Retire?

    She has had posts on EB within the last few days...
  9. Your Bucket List Lay

    Agreed, Christina Hendricks of Mad Men!