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  1. COS NURU - Jasmine

    I haven't seen Jasmine - BUT those photos look like a provider in COS/Publeo that had a bad Rep - I think her name was Bella or something like that! I was one of the ones that gave her the bad rep: two no-shows then promised to make it up to me by giving me 1.5 hours for .5 hr donation - then was in an out in 20 minutes do to a "scheduling" problem. Plus she wasn't worth the hassle anyhow.
  2. Old members you miss the most

    Jenifer of Denver Raina Dawn Angela Aspin Cheyenne - named TOB and a few more that I can picture in my mind but not remember their names.
  3. What do you prefer? Variety or loyalty?

    I prefer exclusivity ONCE I find someone I click with! With a new lady there is some getting to know you time before any action starts. With someone that you have seen many times before the action starts right away! Pros: 1. Know what each other likes. 2. Eventually after you have seen each other several times, it is more like a date. 3. Grandfathered on rate increases - normally. 4. Normally a priority on session availability. Cons: 1. More drama - as you get to know each other, you hear more of the problems and I even had to bail an exclusive out of jail one time. That is drama! 2. Can lead to them taking advantage of your "friendship" and want favors on top of the donation. 3. When it ends - no referral to see other ladies and have to start over I wouldn't recommend loyalty if you are married because then there is danger that you or her take it beyound client/provider and that could lead to some bad scenes.
  4. Whether Wind , Rain or Snow.....

    Read it again! I was sitting in the Waffle House for 12 hours because the roads were closed and I couldn't get home. And at that point in time, I doubt if anyone was seeing any clients because they might have to help them dig their car out of a snow bank or put up with them all night. All the hotels were full and they even wanted to charge people for staying in their lobby, so I decided on the Waffle House since they usually have good coffee.
  5. Whether Wind , Rain or Snow.....

    A year or two ago when we seemed to get blizzards about a week apart, I drove from COS to Denver to see a provider. It normally takes an hour, but it took 2 hours up and 12 hours back (they closed all the roads!). What sucked was that I called to verify that we were still on before starting out but then when I got there she wouldn't answer her phone - no got no showed. Sitting in a Waffle House for 12 hours waiting for the roads to open sucks when you have a set of blue balls!
  6. No show

    It sucks to be stood up. But did you do your home work? Has she NCNSd other people if so, then you should have expected it. Since a lot of time I drive to Denver from Colorado Springs to see someone, I make sure NOT to call anyone with a string of no shows.
  7. Heidi 480

    I fall on the accurate photo side of the discussion! I will walk away from a session if it is not the girl in the ad photos or if they are really out of date. Have always had at least decent sessions with women that post accurate photos. The reverse is true of the fake photo posters!
  8. Any 411 on Tia?

    I agree! She is gorgeous and with the two reviews on TNA, she seems legit. However, with the limited menu and no kissing or UTF, I doubt she will be on my to do list.
  9. 411 on Madison

    Good Move! If we all walked out when it isn't the girl in the ad, then they would eventually start posting real photos!
  10. ? TOB = just a BP referral source?

    Personally, I enjoy most of the 411s. Although some of them, should have done some of the leg work themselves, most are legitimate enquiries. I have been on this board since it was formed - even remember the person that unintentionally gave it its name - Cheyenne! Back in those days, the EB and Craigslist weren't that far apart as far as rates went and we did seem to get more self reviews, fake photos(on EB), etc. But generally once they received a review from a known hobbist, they became "legit" in the eyes of the TOB community. There has been many changes to our board since the beginning, and even EB has changed to the point that many hobbists trust it totally, although the rates have increased somewhat, screening has increased dramatically, and then came P411! Which some like and some hate! I am like most people and do not like to give out a lot of information until, I know someone and know that they will protect that information - Remember all the scares when an agency got busted? - so I tend to look on BP more than EB. As in everything, each person has to go with their comfort factor so it is preference versus right or wrong way of doing it.
  11. 411 on Colette

    In the P411 you list CBJ but in your avatar you say UTF! I am confused - AS ALWAYS!
  12. 411 on Ashely

    The third reference (for Kelly) has an ASP that I thought worked for Denver Ladies. Now I could be wrong, so take that with a grain of salt.
  13. New Mexico (Santa Fe/Albuquerque)

    While I haven't hobbied there in Albuquerque in over 5 years - there were two or three really large "massage" parlors that had 10 + girls at any one time. One night, there was an escort at the hotel bar that we were staying at. I would rate her at the 4-5 out of 10, so didn't check it out. The bartender gave us the addresses of the ?massage" parlors. But that seemed to be the only consistent game in town when I was there.
  14. 411 on Elana

    Denver - 29 Posted: Friday, January 11, 2013 1:48 PM Denver Poster's age: 29 • Location: Denver, Denver OUTCALL • Post ID: 10213649 denver Well this is the ad that he asked for more information on. It doesn't even give a phone number! But from your three examples - she varies in age from 28 -33 - so that MIGHT be a yellow flag.
  15. 411 on Elana

    Why would you waste our time asking about an ad like that? If you were serious get real!