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  1. Missing denver!

    Hello my fellow Denver friends! Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Elitevr530_
  2. Hi Denver :)

    Thanks guys!! I'm really enjoying!!
  3. Hi Denver :)

    Hey guys! , northern CA! Denver for personal matters looking forward to chatting!
  4. New to TOB and noticed ....

    Awesome! Thanks guys
  5. This seems to be the only forum form of discussion for Florida? I'm from ca and travel to Denver often for personal pleasure and like to provide on my spare time... but today while exploring the site I noticed there's a forum for Florida! Can anyone give me some other good sites for posting in Miami area? Xoxo VonnaRose530
  6. Kind of confused ....

    Nvm got it figured out !!
  7. Kind of confused ....

    Hey guys!! I'm VonnaRose530 !! im from California and will be in Denver next week! Kind of confused how to make an ad 😐 I use CA sites like night shift and erotic review! Can someone one help me!! Thanks
  8. New to this place:)

    Hey Denver!! hope everyone is doing well!! Just thought I'd stop in to say hello and how thrilled I am to be spending my summers in Denver! Xoxo Vonnarose530
  9. Hey guys!! New to Denver :)

    Hey guys! My name is Vonnarose530!! ill be spending my summers in Denver! This is really the only other place to post in Denver other then bp I'm assuming well I'm excited to meet you guys!! [Snip} xoxo vonnarose530