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  1. 411 on Vera Star

    She now has a review: https://theotherboard.com/users/142910 Curious if anyone else has braved it? Seems TGTBT.
  2. Anyone see Lindsey Lux yet?

    Good thoughts. Thanks! I'm not sure I have seen those photos before, have you? I google and tineye, but no luck.
  3. Lindsey Lux Colorado Massage She's been on for a little while, but no TOB reviews yet. Curious if anyone has seen her and simply haven't posted a review yet: https://theotherboard.com/users/132125 Thx!
  4. Colorado Companion Looking at reviews up in Ft Collins and noticed these two profiles: https://theotherboard.com/users/117509 https://theotherboard.com/users/131080 Both were reviewed by the same guy: https://theotherboard.com/users/116678 They both have similar pictures. For Lani, you'll need to go to her adult look page from the review to get images. But they have different stats, eg: 5'3" & 5'7".... So my paranoid crazy question is... is this simply a couple fake profiles, corroborated by a fake reviewer??? OR even crazier, is this a Ft Collins Police sting? Since BP has been down, I have been curious if Fort Collins would keep up with their stings. They've been active the last couple years, and it has gotten me paranoid. Curious what everyone else thinks...
  5. Lani 970-279-3110 Colorado Escort I noticed some new posts of hers: http://fortcollins.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/970-279-3110/50497942 Curious if anyone has seen her. She has one post from last April. She also has a TOB profile now, but not much activity. She goes by 'Lani' Her TOB link is https://theotherboard.com/users/117509
  6. 411 Natalie 720-689-8709

    Well that would be too easy.... Good point JR. I'll check and let ya know what I find out.
  7. 411 Natalie 720-689-8709

    Thanks CountryGentleman, she looks amazing. Anyone seen her since she's left BT?
  8. Natalie 720-689-8709 Colorado Body Rubs Hey, curious if anyone has seen Natalie (http://boulder.backpage.com/TherapeuticMassage/n-a-t-a-l-i-e-7206898709/49697927). She used to be at Beautiful Touch from Boulder. Curious if she has added anything to her menu beyond the FBSM.
  9. Did you ever end up seeing this one?
  10. Sexi Lexi

    Doing an image search, I see this girl advertised with the 970-616-1647 number. She is now using a 720.464.8232 number, and her latest ad is: http://colorado.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/sweet-classy-and-your-treat-only-here-through-wednesday/33235778 Juanmotai seemed to respond to meetandgreet, and meetandgreet said 'thanks for the save.' So I am assuming this is a bad one? What info is there on this girl?
  11. Am I paranoid or just stupd?

    Right on! Thanks for the love all! It feels good to know I am not going too insane! It was definitely a last second screening, while I was in the parking lot. Which caught me off guard. Out of curiosity, what is the point for the provider asking what car I drove? Thanks again for the reassurance!
  12. I promise this is the last time I bring this topic up, but I backed out last second on an appt cause I felt nervous. To start, she has been reviewed a couple times on TOB. Both very recent. So I'd guess that she should be legit, I think. We were to meet at Mulberry & I25, which seems to be the bust capitol of Fort Collins. But what put me off was 3 things: 1) She asked me for a picture of myself. 2) She asked what vehicle I drove, and that I should park in front of her room. 3) There was one guy sitting outside next to her room, and another guy who looked to be a janitor taking trash. Both men were staring me down (probably cause I was staring them down). So have you guys been asked these questions before? Was it reasonable that I got paranoid and jumped ship? Or was I just being stupid paranoid? I spoke to her on the phone and she was pretty pissed that I wouldn't send a pic, or tell her what car I drove. So I figured it wouldn't have been a great session anyway, since she was already mad at me. Kind of a turn off. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts! Happy 4th!
  13. Flurry of Fort Collins Ads

    Happymon, I tried walking around Mulberry blindfolded for 2 hours today. I didn't get any action... any tips? Et al, thank you for the heads up with the advice. As you might have guessed, I am a novice and have only been at it a handful of times. I guess I have been lucky. The reason for my post is to (A) get tips on what to look for for police busts. There have been some crackdowns in Fort Collins, and I don't want my face on the Coloradoan. & (B) see if there was anything specific happening in Fort Collins related to those original posts. Sounds like something went down that involved inkspot. I was just curious what the original post was that drew him to mulberry, and see if that might provide clues to avoid in the future for busts. Obviously the smart thing would be to only go to reviewed providers. But the horny (stupid) side of me always gets tempted with the TGTBT. And the ultra paranoid side of me thinks that even a reviewed provider could be a sting, since they themselves could have been busted and are given a deal for if they cooperate with the police (yeah I have seen way too many cop dramas). I apologize if this post is trivial, and obvious to the veterans. I figured that this was part of the reason for the forums. For veterans to help out us newbies, and to exchange information for a better time in the bed. Thanks again for the tips. Happy hunting!
  14. How do you not get busted?

    Glad you survived it inkspot!!!! If you don't mind me asking, what did you notice? Which ad were you going to? I've gone to mulberry & i25 a handful of times, and I think I've always just been lucky. I usually find someone with reviews, but I'm sure you're not safe even then.
  15. 411 on BP Angela

    Thanks Kaduk! What image search do you use?