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  1. Help w adding pics to my albums

    Thank you! I will try that
  2. I need a lil help. I haven't been on this board in a while and I'm trying to make a new album for my photos, but its only letting my load 1 picture. I've looked over and over again and for the life of me can't figure it out!!!
  3. Handguns with you

    If correct screening is done by the hobbiest....I don't see a reason for bringing it in the incall. If the location is uncomfortable to the point you have to bring it shouldn't be there anyway. I have to say....I would be kinda sketchy if a guy brought a gun in my incall. Weither you are a verified hobbiest or not.....its not ok. I would be very uncomfortable. You have guys out there that may be nice 1 time...but not so much on another time. Times are hard out here (money wise) I know this....and if a guy comes into my incall w a gun, my 1st thought, he is ganna rob me, and the session most likely will not go smoothly, just because I'll be uncomfortable. JMO