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  1. 411 on Dianna Anderson

    I have seen Diana here in Grand Junction years ago. She is super sweet and absolutely smoking hot. Probably the most athletic fit and sexy body I have ever touched. Wish she would head back over here again. Can’t say enough good things.
  2. Renee (970)297-7777 Colorado Companion I have seen these pictures here in Grand Junction many times and this gal is gorgeous. Wondering if anyone can confirm that she is legit.
  3. Lissette Bockman or Naughty Neeky

    Thanks. Has anyone seen her??
  4. Lissette Bockman 970-234-8438 Colorado Companion 411 on Lissette Bockman or Naughty Neeky in Grand Junction
  5. 411 on Annita in GJ

  6. 411 on Annita in GJ

    Better link sorry.
  7. Anita 202-844-8548 Colorado Companion Any chance this is legit???
  8. Au Naturale is the new Brazilian! Love this article:)

    love, Love, LOVE pussy time. Her hair in my teeth is fine. It’s like grass stains in football. Means you were in the game. Nonetheless there is TOO much natural. I don’t choose to have my head shaved when I get a haircut, but I know when I start to look a little shaggy and I get a trim. I have come to adore a smooth kitty though. Just easier to get busy and stay busy. As for me, I just think the little head looks less angry when trimmed way down and we all get the benefit of just looking bigger when standing in the open field. I remember our code high school - hey you wanna “GNABF”- get naked and bump fuzz. Said it out loud around adults assuming they were clueless. I remember seeing my first shaved Kitty in college (late 70’s), kind of freaked out cause it was a few days old and it was like kissing Grandpa. So shave or trim to a nice kind fluffy length, but don’t show up with Grandpas cheeks. I’m not saying I’m out if that happens cause that’s not happening, just hard to explain the peri oral rash to the significant other.
  9. Any info on this gal kirah in Grand Junction?
  10. Reyna in Grand Junction

    Yes, there are very similar pictures for a gal named Paris running at the same time here in Junction. Different numbers though.
  11. Reyna Colorado Companion Anybody see this gal or have info?
  12. Natalie luck Colorado Companion Lots of pictures of this gal if you Google. Some show a busty bombshell with a great figure and others show a very big beautiful woman that is quite large. Does anybody know which ones of these pictures are most representative of Natalie now?
  13. Gianna 305-709-3227 Colorado Companion Any info on this gal here in Grand Junction?
  14. Genesee Marie in GJ

    Older. So much so I cannot reconcile this gal with the ad pics. Very large mommy tummy. She was nice and VERY enthusiasic.
  15. Genesee Marie in GJ

    Whoa!!!! Tap the brakes. Made arrangements to see her. Something felt off. I asked her to meet me in the parking lot. She came out. Very nice, cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic.........everything except NOT the girl in the pics. She insisted the pics are legit, but it was not for me. I left. Maybe she will make someone else happy. I felt bad, but clearly not the hot unique chick in the ad. From now on if there are not multiple good reviews here by reputable dudes then I’ll use my big head from the start.