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  1. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!

    Alabama Southern Belle......she was my ATF
  2. Missed retired providers

    Southern Belle
  3. Deposits

    I will never do electronic depositis. All of my accounts are jointly owned. The hoppy is my private life and should stay that way.
  4. Anyone recently tried Adult Search?

    Just an observation but the providers often cross post to there and STG.
  5. Southern Bell

    She posted in the listing section she was moving on. I did nothing wrong. I won't post again. Please remove my post. I was saying goodbye to a wonderful lady.
  6. Southern Bell

    Oh Alabama, Good luck in your new life's chapter. You will be missed by many. Now the search for a new ATF.
  7. New sites?

    tried to go to ourhome2 and my malwarebytes stopped me in my tracks