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  1. Age aint nothin' but a number... or is it?

    A couple years is okay. In my case too many could be a deal breaker. I'm in my mid 30's, and like to see providers within a few years of my age. As much as I like an early 20's body my experience is it's just too akward. Nothing in common conversation wise, and they are usually immature. So if a lady is 29, but posing as a 22 yr old I wouldn't even contact them unless its obvious.
  2. Right! I'm trying my best...
  3. Denver I'm bored... What to do ?!?

    Let's see there's brewery's, and..... [snip}, 16th Street Mall, Rockies game, Red Rocks. That's about it really. If you like sushi, Sushi Den is really good.
  4. That's one of them. There's not much info to be found other than a few posts on San Diego BP. You'd think one of them is bound to have a TER review.
  5. It does seem TGTBT! The numbers are from different places, but they pretty much all posted on CA backpage the days before posting here. Some of their ads have been removed already. Never the less: http://fortcollins.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/all-natural-upsc-uty-sexy-perfect-21/15247295 http://fortcollins.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/exotic-upscale-blonde-provider-visiting-the-area-_-26/15255142 http://fortcollins.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/hottie-alert-22/15245574 http://fortcollins.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/the-perfect-treat-gd-g-h-gh-100special-habits-25/15146329
  6. The last few days there's about 10 different ladies from CA posting on FC BP. Either they all rode in on a bus together, or something fishy is going on. They are all pretty hot too.
  7. Why does everyone love daty?

    I would hope she had a shower before I saw her, or at the very least used a disinfecting wipe after the last guy. It's pretty easy to tell if the girls hygiene is on par for DATY or if it isn't.