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  1. Why "freebies" are not the norm..........

    I think that is so wrong to ask for a freebie, even if it is their birthday they shouldn't even ask for a discount, they should casually mention it's their birthday and let the provider decide to offer a discount. I have meet a few providers and most of them call me back asking if i want company, but it was always business. I am fortunate enough to have met a provider who wants to hangout, I don't even think of it as freebies, we don't even consider each other as a provider or client anymore, more like f**k buddies. I think she has developed feelings for me, don't know why, I am just an average "Joe", not the most handsome guy and about 30lbs overweight, maybe it's because I am not so selfish in the bedroom. I don't know, I am just happy that with her being a provider who meets a lot of different guys, she likes being with me, sooo freaking lucky
  2. Any info on Missey

    Tried to set up an appointment and she wanted me to get a Walgreens gift card, half the donation on the card and the other half cash, just to prove I am not a cop, seemed sketchy so I didn't meet her, 303-859-5614 is the number she used