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  1. Avoiding Entrapment

    Agreed, I've gotten very good with this! I feel sorry for the women though in the sense that I place the donation, and we get to business and they never even look at the amount. They don't know if I put down 200 or 2 dollars, unless they have a eagle eyes or a procedure I'm unaware of. I met one girl once who had a guy slide her some counterfeit money, and luckily she realized it while he was still there and handled it accordingly, but yeah... I agree never discuss money.
  2. Avoiding Entrapment

    I do feel that reviews can be helpful, but as always ymmv, not to mention who is to say the boards can be infiltrated. Like providers have been busted posting reviews for themselves, but who is to say LE cannot do the same?
  3. Asian Massage Parlors

    They can turn you away??!? That's a new one on me. I haven't even began to delve into that realm yet, but that's interesting to me. I wasn't aware money didn't spend somewhere in this business.
  4. Board newbies....

    Old money vs Noveau riche.... what is to become of the board when they are no longer around?Who is going to take over the reigns so to speak? There should be more inclusion, Money Team I appreciate you speaking up, apparently you've seen it as well.
  5. Asian Massage Parlors

    I'm located in Denver Metro, I'm not looking for details only locations! I'd still like to research them independently myself. But feel free to pm me if necessary... Thanks, BLB
  6. I understand ideally from the providers standpoint why it would be advantageous to send these text, because it solicits business from someone you've already cleared/verified once before, but ultimately the entire reason most men seek providers essentially is because of their need for discretion, and lack of residual issues stemming from the contact. I really do not think it is ever in good taste to send these text. Truth be told if they wanted to see the provider again they would locate them again, just as they had done initially. No, after the fact text are needed... ever. One of those world oldest profession "unwritten rules".
  7. Board newbies....

    I love how you alluded to the truth of this place, and I have to agree! A commonplace for "friends" of the hobby, that aren't actually friends at all. As I mentioned before I'm not new, I remember some years back when I was starting out on the pages how it seemed I was constantly getting picked on for what I expressed back then, but I was not aware of TOB etiquette at that time. My account seems new cause I was reset recently, but I've actually been familiar with quite a few of the users on this board for years, and I see some have gone, some have remained, but there doesn't seem to be very many new faces, that's slightly disappointing, but I still find comfort in seeing some of the pillars of the community still standing strong.
  8. Avoiding Entrapment

    This is exactly what I was afraid to hear, lol! All that show me your a $$, hop on one foot bark like a dog crap was absolutely meaningless... haha!
  9. Question girls.....

    Totally agree bro... hotels seems so much more sketchy, and risky. I prefer women with private in calls that are more discrete. However, I have seen some women in hotels that had it set up correctly side doors left ajar, etc. Direct access to their room, met me at the side door to walk me back to the room. Overall, hotels do still just make me nervous though.
  10. Money Talk

    I think it's interesting. I remember hearing about the change taking place, and I want to say there was another Bill that was supposed to be receiving a face lift as well, but I never bothered researching the issue further.... may need to look further into it...
  11. Where are they

    I've heard of Federal Blvd. referred to as the "blade" I believe the person who explained that to me was using pimp terminology, but it still is nothing like what you've seen on most HBO Hookers on the Point TV specials. I've sought these areas out in most major cities I've travelled to and they all seem to just be drying up, and disappearing.
  12. What are the biggest differences in the appointments set between the two sexes, is one easier vs more difficult. One frequently more pleasurable than the other? Have any providers ever had to stop a session due to a woman becoming too aggressive, etc? I've just been seeing a lot of providers advertise "men, women, couples" I know men go for what they want, but I guess I wondered, if women who see women are similar in their approach.
  13. Where are they

    I was referring mainly to east Colfax, probably closer to the area between Yosemite and Verbena, grew up running up and down Colfax in highschool, still have yet to enter the famed Saturday's. Federal can be just as bad as East Colfax though.... those girls are usually pimped, abused, seem strung out, and are over worked. Such a different environment online. At least it seems so... appearances can always be deceiving!
  14. Second Number Options

    I've been using Hushed, but find the number recycling is definitely an issue. You buy minutes/text, select a number and it expires after 5 days (downside, maybe), but there is no residual.
  15. So my biggest concern has been how do you see providers who require references, and verification without providing them personal information...? It's an impossibility. Sometimes you weigh the pros and cons, some women are beautiful and you're like "I want it, but not that bad!"
  16. I've only had one provider do this, and she frequently travels between cities and I believe it is her way of drumming up business once she hits a city where she may have had regulars some time ago, but lost touch. I think my bigger concern was always LE getting ahold of her phone with my number in it. I started using systems like HUSHED for anonymity. I think it helps... recently started considering seeing ladies who generally require verification, but the process freaks me out a bit. Maybe I will figure out a way to make it work.
  17. Where are they

    Colfax is most definitely the drug addict hangout for most working girls with those sorts of issues. I'd rather take my chances on BP, but p411 has been looking better and better as of late. Time to elevate my status.... lol
  18. new local provider... can we be friends??

  19. Mona Monroe reviews...?

    Thanks fishndude this was my post originally. Found the information I was looking for. Happy hobbying!