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  1. Connection with a provider?

    I think connections is usually based on sexual chemistry. I personally do not care for completely vanilla sessions. Therefore, if she is the same we should have a great "connection", otherwise, you'll get what you get, and may or may not return after the fact. There is no certainty in anything is all I've learned since joining this site again.
  2. Yea or nay ... rings ... not that kind!

    Is there a size issue there bro? I have tried a few the jelly ones just seem to stretch to much, and the others seem to small. I find there is no happy medium.
  3. Cops, Mafia & Prostitution

    I think in seeing providers, you sometimes lose sight of the more criminal elements at play sometimes behind the scenes of the industry. One can never really be too careful!
  4. heck yes

    Looks dope... I could say I'd be concerned about the unprotected everything, and blah blah blah... but it's fantasy! Who thinks about that shiet in their fantasies. Good share bro!
  5. what are your favorite pornstars?!?

    She ain't got nuthin' on Sophie though, lol! BADABING!!!!
  6. what are your favorite pornstars?!?

    Good call, Tori Black has got crazy sexy body bro!
  7. Hmm?!?

    I just personally wished that she would have kept it 💯 with me the entire time. I've seen providers who didn't offer things I was looking for, and some who did offer things that were just on menu for me as YMMV. I'm completely fine in either case, but to have multiple encounters only to find out a few years later she never enjoyed a particular flavor to begin with... well, it makes you wonder about other encounters... I understand there are trials and tribulations to being a provider just as theRe are to working in any job, but I guess this just happened to catch me off guard
  8. Hmm?!?

    I saw a provider recently that was always a good go-to for me, whenever, I was interested in a particular activity. Session starts out great as usual, and I then inquire about said activity... something along the lines of "do you still enjoy "icecream"???" To which she replied "I'm not sure I ever really enjoyed "ice cream", but I do still occasionally eat it." I know there is a degree of acting that goes into the profession, but I guess I just always assumed that if something was not offered, or on menu then it was due to the provider's preferences, but I guess now I wonder how often do providers acquiesce to request for things they don't actually enjoy?? The phrase "I love what I do, and you will too" just doesn't have the same sentiment to me anymore, lol
  9. Dating while in the business...

  10. Hmm?!?

    Daaacz, she was definitely comfortable with me to let me in on that tip, I guess I just A.) felt wrong for enjoying something that apparently caused her discomfort, and B.) It made the rest of the encounter seem less genuine to me for knowing that.
  11. Dating while in the business...

    Honest opinion... most guys might not admit it, but a lot of dudes are intimidated by a more "experienced" woman. I've said it before, but you have to be really secure with yourself, and how low your thang swangs to understand what's necessary to enter into that relationship. Do you think you could handle that if that sort of relationship started to develop?
  12. Stay Safe Ladies

    No doubt...
  13. what are your favorite pornstars?!?

    liking... ,😍😍😍😄
  14. Hmm?!?

    Let's say the best provider you ever saw was entirely faking it, and then there is a second provider maybe she doesn't get you as hot, and bothered as provider 1, but she is genuine, and you have a great connection, and understanding with her. If you had a choice to see one or the other again for free which would you choose, and why?
  15. Hmm?!?

    Barbi, I guess it was my assumption that if a provider did not enjoy something they simply would not offer/allow it. This however was an instance where the provider was offering something she didn't enjoy. I had seen her previously and enjoyed the service with her before, but this one particular time she just happen to let me know it wasn't her choice of activities at all. Made me feel kinda bad for taking part in the activities perviously. Does that better explain my position?
  16. Stay Safe Ladies

    Jos, is it possible he is just trying to self verify himself, without actually having to see you? Could also be LE I guess trying to date check themselves as well, but yeah, Probaby some guy trying to okay his visit with another provider and he has no references.
  17. what are your favorite pornstars?!?

    Sophie Dee, Kelly Divine, Virgo Peridot, Kitten and Vanessa Bleu, Lisa Sparxxx, Leilani Lei, and last but certainly not least Penny Barber
  18. Dating while in the business...

    Somebody kept it very funk fresh.... that's what I wanted to know. Thank you for sharing beautiful!
  19. Just wanted to say hello.

    Hello luv...
  20. Dating while in the business...

    Dang, so what happens when young man tries to send flowers to your office? What career field is your 9-5 in?
  21. Dating while in the business...

    No ma'am.... what flavor is your "cake" by the way?
  22. Sex or Guns?

    Give me liberty, or give me UTF!!!!
  23. Porn Stars from Colorado

    Good call!!!
  24. When Providers advertise within the forums.....

    Just wanted to state I have spent a pretty penny with the girl dancing in the mirror all by herself. She acts like she doesn't want, and or need your attention, but essentially that's exactly what she wants to get to those pockets, and I fold like a bad hand with a 50 dollar buy in! Lol
  25. When Providers advertise within the forums.....

    Bro, it would seem to me that you and Jez are suggesting that it's absurd how certain board members go all Gaga over new introductions and lose their shit whenever new mamaries hit the scene... Jez, does that about sum it up? I've seen it happen a few times. I find it funny! I say hi, and keep it pushing! Gotta learn to pick your jaw up off the floor and roll your tongue back in sometimes. Something like when you visit the gentlemans club and there is that one girl dancing in the mirror (by herself), not doing anything actively in trying to solicit attention, but it still has the same effect anyway.